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Who do you ship Ash with?

Who do you ship Ash with?

  • Ash/Misty

    Votes: 63 40.1%
  • Ash/May

    Votes: 28 17.8%
  • Ash/Dawn

    Votes: 20 12.7%
  • Ash/Paul

    Votes: 8 5.1%
  • Ash./Gary

    Votes: 16 10.2%
  • Ash/Lance

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 21 13.4%

  • Total voters
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I ship him with Misty, mainly. I mean, DUH. It's the cutest and it's much more obvious than any other Ash ship.

But I also ship him with Barry. And Gary. And Paul. And Drew. And Brock.
If you want to know who I ship Ash with, perhaps you May guess. *rimshot*
I use to ship Pokéshipping, but i'm in now an Advanceshipper..
Obvious answer is obivous.:XD: but i do have a soft spot for morpheas and abilityshipping (in that order)
... *points to av and claim in sig*

And in case those change, I only really like him with Lucario in movie 8. D: I used to ship him a lot...but not anymore. XD
Love Pearlshipping. One of the main reasons I follow the DP series is their extensive chemistry and relationship. Sadly, I do like Satoshi with other girls, but I'm having trouble with Hikari with other guys. However, this coupling is my strongest favorite while the rest of the previous Satoshi + "main girl" I suddenly lose interest during the middle of the series while I'm still liking Pearl now and DP's almost ending soon.
Ash and Misty [Pokeshipping]
will never going to change..
-voting for it..

but I also support some other shipping of Ash in or out of the poll choices above^^
Eh... pearl if I have to choose. I highly doubt he'll be in a realtionship with a girl any time soon. It'll be too much of a drag on the plot.
Comashipper and Pearlshipper mainly.

But I ship Ash with: Angie, Volkner and May.

I ship Ash with Pikachu on friendship basis only. No other stuff.
MorpheusShipping for me, nothing more. I've never shipped Ash with anybody since I was a little kid (Misty x Ash back then), but Ash x Angie hit me so hard. I loved them from the first episode of Pokémon Summer Academy, especially I loved the way Angie brought all Ash's old sides back to us like Ash's recklessness :3.
Comashipper and Pearlshipper mainly.

But I ship Ash with: Angie, Volkner and May.

I ship Ash with Pikachu on friendship basis only. No other stuff.

For Ash I usually only pair him with Misty, Anabel, Riley, Yuuji, Volkner and Flint. Depending on my mood, LancexAsh.

Btw what IS the name of VolknerxAsh and VolknerxAshxFlint pairings?
I pair him with Misty, Arceus, Latias, Pikachu, Gary Oak, May, Dawn, and Nurse Joy, all in the same bed!
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Awe what a shame, Ash/Lance has no love. I thought for sure some would vote for it =/
Palletshipping = my OTP. Although I don't mind Comashipping or Pearlshipping.
pearlshipping obviously; love that pairing to death(and it's canon in my mind)
I also like pikashipping because of their strong friendship
Eh I don't mind any of the main Ash ships, no real preference. I dunno, I just don't ship him with anyone since it's never going to be canon.
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