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Who do you ship Dawn with?


  • PaulxDawn (Ikarishipping)

    Votes: 44 13.8%
  • AshxDawn (Pearlshipping)

    Votes: 74 23.3%
  • KennyxDawn (Penguinshipping)

    Votes: 51 16.0%
  • BarryxDawn (Twinleafshipping)

    Votes: 27 8.5%
  • ZoeyxDawn (Appealshipping)

    Votes: 35 11.0%
  • MayxDawn (SapphirePearlshipping)

    Votes: 13 4.1%
  • Other or none (If other, which one?)

    Votes: 74 23.3%

  • Total voters
Eh, I like Fortuneshipping (Lucas x Dawn) and Girlpowershipping (Cynthia x Dawn). Not the biggest Pearlshipper, but If the fic is good, and the characters aren't to OOC, then I'll enjoy it.
Every vote in the other category is HeatTagShipping, most likely. PearlShipping FTW!
Every vote in the other category is HeatTagShipping, most likely. PearlShipping FTW!

Yeah, pretty much 'cause I forgot one important option T.T

Anyway let's pretend "other" is Heattag. :DD And other shippings
Sith Droideka said:
Emperor Palpatine.

Speaking about Pokemon-only characters I say... Barry. And Conway. And Lucas.

To be fair, I like this version of Dawn more than the versions from anime or games. So, Barry/Jun.
Well presumably she'd ship in blind pack cases with a variety of other major characters, at least three of those instances being Ash.
Paul, Barry, Kenny, Conway... I can't ship Dawn with just one person as these four guys are good choices for Dawn. Buuut let's say Penguinshipping. This was my first Dawn ship I started to support. They're childhood friends, Kenny has given a nickname for Dawn, they used to argument kinda lot... what else do I need to say xP
No one for me sorry dawn fans =P
I ship her with Barry. They're cute together, their interactions are surprinsingly funny and they're both upbeat and happy people.
In the anime, with Conway and Zoey. In-game, I pair her with both Lucas and Barry.
Anime: Zoey, Candice, Lyra, Urusla (for the lulz)
Game: Cyrus (...SHE TOPS.)

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