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Who do you ship Dawn with?


  • PaulxDawn (Ikarishipping)

    Votes: 44 13.8%
  • AshxDawn (Pearlshipping)

    Votes: 74 23.3%
  • KennyxDawn (Penguinshipping)

    Votes: 51 16.0%
  • BarryxDawn (Twinleafshipping)

    Votes: 27 8.5%
  • ZoeyxDawn (Appealshipping)

    Votes: 35 11.0%
  • MayxDawn (SapphirePearlshipping)

    Votes: 13 4.1%
  • Other or none (If other, which one?)

    Votes: 74 23.3%

  • Total voters
I ship Dawn with Ash. Though I respect all other ships with Dawn or Ash, I feel they really have chemistry. :)
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No offence to Ikarishippers but I realllllllllllllly hate paul cause of what he did to chimchar and how mean he is.But Ikarishipping is kinda cool but I like penguinshipping
I like Ash to Ship wth Dawn they look cute together

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I wish I could pick more than one >.>

My favorite is Ikari, though, but I also like Twinleaf, Pearl, and Cavalier :3
I've been a Twinleafshipper ever since Dawn first met Barry so I picked Dawn with Barry since they are so cute together and had some great shipping moments in the show.
I like Fortuneshipping the most. Ofcourse it being based on Lucas' game personality. I like the idea of a shy Lucas likeing the more outgoing Dawn and this helping him grow as a character. And in return she gets a very respecful and supportive guy.

Other than that, Appeal, HeatTag and Twinleaf.

I can't just cant get my head around Pearl, Ikari and Penguin. =/
I like Barry and Dawn. They are my two favorite characters in the whole anime (along with Brock and Roark), but also I find them cuter together than most other pairings I've heard about, including Drew/May, which I also ship.

I don't ship Ash with anyone, btw. He just seems way too oblivious to love.
IkariShipping is my favorite!
But I also love BelleShipping...wish I could vote twice...:/
GirlPowerShipping is my Pokémon OTP. That means I ship her with Shirona.
AppealShipping is sort of cute too, but I'm not a fan of the anime, so I don't really ship it or anything.
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