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Who else dislikes the new cries of the old Pokémon?

I like how most of them changed, but I honestly dont like how Pikachu's changed. It just feels... out of place...
I don't like them at all. I wouldn't mind too much if the tweaks were minor, but a lot of them just sound garbled and not memorable at all. I know a lot of the cries by heart, so not being able to recognize them is upsetting.
I guess it isn't that big of a change. However, I'd rather they'd left them all as is. Though they weren't the greatest sounding cries with some being borderline ear rape, I found them hilarious, especially when compared to newer gens. It'd be like, "This one sounds like an actual animal and this one sounds like dial up tones." As with Pikachu and Bidoof's cries being anime-ified, while I think they're adorable, I don't agree with them getting special treatment. All the Pokes should be the same, cries or their names. And I don't want them calling out their own names because that's anime canon.
Are you kidding? I think that this feature is one of the most essential things that Pokemon games have needed to do for quite some time. It's really jarring to scroll through your party when half of them sound like animals and the other half sound like 8-bit garbage. It was a really bad disconnect that I'm glad they brought up to date.

I'm kind of with you on Pikachu, though. I don't think the new one's bad, but I'd rather it didn't say its name.
I actually really like Pikachu's anime cry, but I really wish they incorporated it into other pokemon to make it more fair. The mega evolutions, however, are totally unfair. I like how it gave Mawile and Ampharos more attention, but it made pokemon that already had a lot of attention (I'm looking at YOU, Garchomp) and just making them even more overused. The change in cries, however, caught me off-guard. I like how Rhyhorn and Charizard don't have the same exact cry anymore, but other than that, they just sound weird to me.
I prefer the classic cries but the new ones are mostly decent. If there's an improvement it's that I don't have to hear Electabuzz's high pitched ear torture of a cry.
And then there's Pikachu. I hope it's turned back to normal in whatever is released next. I dot find it funny that the voice actor is mentioned randomly in the credits though.
I like the change very much. Some of the first-generation cries were cringe-worthy. And even though some stayed almost the same, they are at least bearable.

I don't really mind that Pikachu has its own special cry. He's the mascot after all, and in a way does deserve "special" treatment (which is more of an easter egg, really).
Don't like the Pika cry? Thunderstone. Don't like the Bidoof cry? Lv 15. HM slaving Bibarel is Bidoof's main real use anyway.

I don't have a 3DS and i've been looking on youtube but can't find any audio samples of updated cries. Anyone know where/if there are videos (or more importantly, audio files) for the updates? (I realise this probably won't happen until Pokemon bank becomes fully functional and ALL the prev mon have been recorded & catalogued, but still, doesn't hurt to ask.)
The simplest way for me to check Bidoof's cry is to fire up Pokédex 3D Pro, go to Bidoof's entry, and hit the cry button, but from my understanding, Bidoof's cry in the games since Gen IV has always sounded kind of like its name, but at the same time not enough to where it's actually saying its name. And honestly, I don't care what direction they go, since for most Pokémon I know the anime cries for, I use those in my head (Charizard just roars, and none of the legendaries that didn't speak using telepathy did not say their names beyond Mew and Shaymin (of course, there was the one Shaymin from Giratina and the Sky Warrior who used telepathy to speak, but it's own actual voice was it saying its name) never said their names (there may be more legendaries that I'm forgetting who do say their names, but that's another discussion, and honestly, I'm surprised that Dialga and Palkia, who have very distinct cries in the anime, don't use those ones in the games, since they do sound like they belong in the games)).
I liked this cry update for the most part. By 4th Gen, the older cries were really jarring compared to the newer ones, and 5th Gen didn't help matters. Admittedly, not many of them changed too much (Most of the time those that didn't need it anyway), and some changed unnecessarily, but overall I like how every cry is in the same wavelength (No pun intended) now.

My main complaint is that a lot of them still sound 8-bit like with a few extra sounds, so there's still some clash. Some Pokémon had bad luck, mainly those who had the same cry in previous Gens (Charizard/Rhyhorn is the main example). However, the worst thing is Pikachu's Anime voice cry. Beyond the obvious bias, it just feels horribly out of place with every other cry. Either keep everything as they are, or make everything voices. That they did that for only one Pokémon out of 718, even if it's the mascot... it's not really the best move.

Still, even with these flaws, I still like most of the updated cries.
I think the cries in X&Y are terrible. I love the games itself. But I think GF could have done so much better with them.
I am happy other people noticed how bad the cries are now.

EDIT: The 5th Gen cries were better.
I do find it awkward that Pikachu is the only one out of all 700+ Pokemon to have its Anime cry.. Oh well. I don't really pay attention to cries anyway. I honestly don't even know half of them. Lol
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