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wick's arts

fine if dena wont put sordward in masters ill do it myself (not rly sure how much i can class edits as art but it took me a while to make so. im putting it here)
Omg that looks really good : D and wait you make edits? Holy crap yesssssss
time to catch up on some art i havent posted here since i've been tasking myself with drawing everyday of 2024 and so far i've been pretty successful in sticking to it! first 2 r stuff from late 2023 i forgot to post but shh


aand this time we have shielbert edited over my sordward pokemas edit but i was too lazy to do the text for this one
srd masters.png
over the past couple days i started an art challenge for myself where i have google generate a random number in accordance w how many pokemon there are in the pokedex and spin a wheel to choose a theme based on seasonals and previous special costume events from masters (and the sygna suit option is on there too), and i've been designing sordward and shielbert alt concept based on them. some of them r a stretch for how they're linked to the seasonal LOL, but it makes sense for it to be that way considering the pokemon and the theme arent always going to align when its randomized

phantom thief shiel swanna.png
halloween shiel snivy.png
sygna shiel+bronzong.png
spring sordward and klefki.png
detective sord + taillow.png
summer shiel + grookey.png

i'll probably have another big update tonight or tomorrow considering 5/7 of these were done yesterday with the other 2 being the night before when i first started on this idea
Oh my god I'm in love with these! I'd love to make full fledged concepts of these one day... (with your permission of course)
well, another one of these. i only got one done yesterday since i was busy irl (and will likely be the case today bc i have a doctors appointment) but i feel like this is one people will generally like a lot LOL

valentines shiel + bellossom.png
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