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wick's arts

got my new tablet from my girlfriend so now im working w a screen tablet, here's a few doodles while i practice!
save me sordwar....png

another one! i dont talk abt this ship much but my friend dubbed it "sherbertshipping" (as in, sherbet the powder candy, with the spelling here being a pun bc. bert.) way back in early 2022 and even if that name isn't recognized by many people i kinda started shipping it for name alone at that moment LOL happy almost 2 year anniversary to me shipping this pairing
I love how many different ships you have for these two… Your love of them is contagious!!
someone once said that it seems like i spin a wheel and ship them with whoever and since that day i've considered actually doing that bc for shielbert i could probably get something out of that LOL thank you
happy white day! i drew out a quick comic to celebrate the occasion (also jic i'll state that it's read L->R because i have a habit of
mostly reading and writing R->L stuff myself so i get confused a lot if i dont know something is meant to be read L->R lol :bulbaLol:)

today was the nzsn (piers x sonia) onedraw on twt! it's my first time participating in something like this so the art and esp the background r rly rough even though i went over the 1 hour mark by 15 minutes as it is (honestly, i could've taken longer if i hadn't had to go out today)

the theme i chose to draw for was easter!

nzsn onedraw easter-min.png
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