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Would you rather catch...

Last guy forgot to give some new options so here

Gardevoir or Gallade
Oooh......this one's a toughie, since I really like both of them, but if I had to choose, I'd pick.......Gardevoir. I don't know, maybe it's the Gen 3 bias I have, maybe it's something else, but I like Gardevoir so much, I just had to pick her.

Galvantula or Araquanid?
Easily Regidrago. I don't like any if the genies, and I still don't understand why Enamorus even exists

Kingambit or Bisharp
Kingambit. I get that people find its existence superfluous since Bisharp felt 'final' as an evolutionary stage on its own, but Kingambit's absurdities like its over-the-top 'running' animations just give it a memorable enough identity to me. I used to mildly dislike Bisharp itself back then and even now it's still a Pokemon that I just harbor apathy towards.

Cacturne or Shiftry
Kakuna is too offensive for my tastes, so i'll take the metapod

Roaring Moon or Iron Valiant?
Goodra, without a doubt. I'm just......not really that much of a fan of Kommo-o, despite my fondness towards reptilian and (obviously,) draconic Pokemon. Meanwhile Goodra's been one of my favorite Dragon types ever since Ash's first appeared in the anime.

Walrein or Dewgong?
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