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Would you rather..? Pokémon Edition!

ah oops sorry get them confused sometimes, my bad.
Uhh, catch of my least favorite Pokemon, one of them has to at least have a cool shiny right?

Would you rather have a really powerful caterpie, or a really weak mewtwo?
I can't think of any of these I swear, sorry again.
this might be a more This or That thread type thing, Orchid might mention it again but uhh, I'd go with Darkrai, I like his design and concept.
Would you rather spend the night in the Old Chateau, or the Strange House?
Giratina, as while its Altered Forme is rather off-putting, the Origin one is sleek and cool-looking, and I love the Distortion World.
Latios or Latias?
Gym Leader. Feels like it'd be less of a big responsibility than being on the E4; I assume as a Leader you probably have a bit more freedom to do what you want.

If you were a Trainer, would you rather specialize in Pokémon of your favorite type, or use a variety of types on your team?
Johto, it may be small, but it is my third favourite region.
Would you rather battle against Elesa or Volkner?
Elesa. At least I know I can bring a Sandile without risking it taking a water-type move from an Octillery !

Would you rather ride on a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike ?
Mach Bike, it is so helpful for hatching Eggs.
Would you rather compete in Pokeathlon or Contest Spectaculars?
as much as i love contest spectaculars within the realm of the games, i could never, EVER perform in them irl. the pokeathlon is also very fun and frankly much less stressful, so that.

would you rather lose a nuzlocke right when you're about to beat the game's final boss, or accidentally knock out a shiny pokemon while trying to catch it?
Both would be very frustrating... But knocking out a shiny would be an accident, losing a Nuzlocke would be "my fault" for paying badly. So knocking out a shiny and honestly... I would not mind that much actually!! Sure, I'd be angry but... what to do with a shiny? Having one in a game only adds more emotional damage when whatever happens to the save file or something... Knocking out one would also make for kind of a good gaming story (and a less stupid one than my story about how I got one of my Pokémon infected with pokérus and then DIDN'T SAVE why----)

If you lived in the Pokémon world and were a trainer, would you rather give your Pokémon nicknames or leave them nameless?
I love Magikarp :bulbaLove: so having a whole team of them would be nice!! But I wouldn't mind full Feebas team either!

Would you rather be a resident of Pallet Town or New Bark Town?
Gym challenge, as I've never liked the concept of Island challenge much.
Would you rather raise a team of Water-types or Fire-types?
Fire types. Needing to have the fire department and wilderness services on speed-dial is a feature! Also, I don't like rain in real life.

Would you rather raise large Pokemon while living in a small space, or raise small Pokemon while living in a large space? This is a question of extremes, so I mean species like Wailord, Onix, and Alolan Exeggcutor for large Pokemon and species like Sinistea and Flabebe for small Pokemon.
Small Pokemon while living in a large space.

Would you rather have the life of Delia Ketchum or Team Rocket's Meowth?
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