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Would you SERIOUSLY live in the pokéverse if you could?

Pkm Trainer Lou

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Aug 30, 2016
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Not trying to overthink such a simple franchise, but this is something that goes through my head everytime I see someone saying they would like to live in the Pokémon world.

Consider this: it's a world with very powerful animals, they have capabilities that allow them to bend nature at will, not only that but some of them are actually quite dangerous like Drifloon that steals children, Honedge that can suck the life energy out of whoever might touch its hilt and Grimer that is harmful to the soil and reproduces like crazy. Also, you can't leave a town without a pkm or else you might get attacked by a wild one when (not if) you step in tall grass, so much so that in many games there's someone blocking the passage for your own safety. Almost everything there is made thinking on pokémon and/or their trainers, with that in mind, TV, work, services and many products are very limited and have their main focus on the aforementioned targets, for example, there's no human hospitals (only in the cartoon), schools tend to focus on battles instead of math and language and many other examples. Last on the list (for the purposes of this post) are the evil teams that are always on the loose, with some of them actually planning on destroying the WORLD, all of this while the only ones capable of stopping them are kids with ages raging from 10 to 16 years old.

My point being, your life would be pretty harsh if you weren't a trainer or happened to not like pkm.
I doubt my life would be any better regardless of what world I am in.
Only if I could be a Pokemon. Then I could defend myself against all of those dangers. Or at least, I'd integrate myself into a pack of other Pokemon and we'd all protect each other. That sounds pretty awesome, having a bunch of fellow Pokemon friends. Also, yeah, trainers might try to catch me. But I wouldn't mind. If we were all powerful enough, we could fend them off. We'd probably go somewhere away from the humans.

Otherwise, no thank you. I'm already a human now. I'd rather not add any crazy excitement to my life and be jealous of all the awesome badass Pokemon with their powers. Plus, I've already created my own universe. I'd rather go live there.
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Probably not, I'd get killed by an angry Beedrill or something plus you make money by battling Pokemon I guess, I wouldn't wanna leave the house!
Probably not, I'd get killed by an angry Beedrill or something plus you make money by battling Pokemon I guess, I wouldn't wanna leave the house!
ikr, i also think i would get killed by something sooner or later and to live by something analogous to cockfighting? i know the mons can take it, but damn...
A world where I can leave the house and have a powerful creature there to protect me, and the ability to travel and make friends with more powerful creatures?

Yes. Yes please. I'd probably set up a campsite somewhere and just live there for the most part. It'd be nice to finally feel safe because I know my pokemon can protect me easily.
Haha, no. I learned a long time ago not to mistake a fun world to visit in a game, film, show or book with a fun one to live in.
Besides, I wouldn't be able to become a trainer "for real" anymore than I could really carry out the sorts of routine mass atrocities sci-fi strategy games often require.
ikr, i also think i would get killed by something sooner or later and to live by something analogous to cockfighting? i know the mons can take it, but damn...

You're just happily having a battle with your brother when your Charizard accidentally burns you to death with a Flamethrower.

I'd love to be there! First I'd pick a Pikachu as my starter, wear rubber clothes, and go out into the tall grass to find a few weak Pokemon to begin with.
Then I'll train them to a decent enough level to face the dangers around, and then go on my journey.

And how good it would be to bring a Raichu and Charizard to school...?

Pokemon battling would be a school sport, and the only one I would be good at. I'll take part in the School championships with my best Pokemon, and earn a lot of money etc. etc....
Either the OP is over-exaggerating the dangerousness of Pokemon, or maybe it is just me being too indifferent about the possible risks and hazards of existence of Pokemon.

For me, I would definitely hoping to live in the Pokemon World. Even I don't make myself into a pokemon trainer nor participate in any job related to pokemon to any extent, at the very least I'm sure it will be much better than the shitty Real-World life I currently living now, because of how the society structured in Pokemon World.
Oh, I'd love to live in the Pokemon world. Having my Scyther, Garchomp, Yanmega, Noivern and Lycanroc as my companions, I'd probably pursue a career as a professional trainer or something.

Plus I'd read about the mythological Sinnoh creation legendaries and dedicate my life to finding them, hohoh.
Probably not as a human, because although it would be fun, like you said, Pokemon are super dangerous, and all that chaous happening in the world around you would be crazy. yes, there are benefits. The Pokemon world is thriving with life, especially regions like Hoenn. Meanwhile we live in a world that is loosing more and more trees everyday.

Now, I would love to be in a Pokemon world as a Pokemon. Though Emolga is not one of my favorites, I think it would be great to be one. Emolga are rather small, and can fly, so hiding from trainers, or other Pokemon, would be a lot easier.
You're just happily having a battle with your brother when your Charizard accidentally burns you to death with a Flamethrower.

or, you know, traveling from a place to another but, uhhh oh oh, a haunter uses a confuse ray and then you get lost in the woods forever or something
Eh if it goes by Pokémon world logic (I swear to God people and Pokémon seem to have something like Aura from RWBY since they can survive an inferno or a tidal wave with ease) then yeah it'd probably be really fun!
To be a bit blunt, if living in the Pokemon World is as implied by OP being such a dangerous affair where it is survival game every single day, then there just won't be any human left at the end of the day, human would had long extincted at the stage of primitive apes before anyone had a chance to evolve to the current modern days human being. There is also always a doubtful question from me where is it some kind of obligatory law that every single human being must become pokemon trainer at some point of their life time and journey out to the wild for the mere sake of "becoming strong" regardless of any possible disapproval from the respective person by their free will?

Living in the Pokemon World is a complete different matter of becoming a pokemon trainer. The game and anime don't show any non-pokemon aspects of their world, because it is not the focus of the show, but I'm definitely 100% sure that there still contains a lot of non-pokemon aspects within its world, such as normal schools and normal human hospitals and normal groceries for human-consumption. Not showing it on-screen =/= non-existing. Or else, how those human beings live in the Pokemon World, and build a modern civilization so similar to our Real-Life?

I'm quite a lazy person, I don't like to go outdoor. So I don't think I'll had any drastic change of my life style even I somehow manage to moved to any cities in the Pokemon World. But, I'm sure life will be a lot better, because everyone in the Pokemon World are so friendly and open-minded, moreover everyone cherish the nature and wildlife, so there is very limited problem of pollutions and conflict between human and wild nature. The world shall be a lot more beautiful when everyone had such high sense of self-disciplines and appreciation of favors.
Possible risk and hazards from the supernatural ability of the pokemons? Why do you want to ruin yourself and everyone's life around you by deliberately messing with such beings when you had full knowledge of their dangerous power? If pokemons are really such a hazardous being, I'll just keep myself away from them, that's all. But even so, I'll still want to live in the Pokemon World, because it is the overall level of ease and kindness of the human beings makes me appreciate this fictional world.
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