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wrong answers to pokemon questions

They always use super effect moves which obliterate the competition! It's quite simple, super effect equals good. I have no idea why competitive players haven't caught on yet. Lance would top the leaderboards with his barrier Dragonite. (if it was legal)

What was Karen's famous speech after you beat her?
Erika doesn't have ai modification 1 for some reason, but has the goated modification 3. So after she poisons the Venusaur, she doesn't realise Venusaur is already poisoned so she just spams it. This is why Lorelei is the best trainer in the game as she has all three AI modifications. Cool stuff!

Why won't my Machoke evolve? I keep leveling it up but nothings happening!
It needs to have low Friendship in order to evolve. Seems counter to the games' design philosophy, but hey, what do I know.

Why does Buneary have 0 base Friendship when you catch it?
So return does more damage. The tm is useless otherwise.

What is this pokemon?


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Its designers wanted to make it a Fairy type, but the rest of the dev team thought it was too soon to introduce another new type.

Why is the Jigglypuff line still part Normal?
For kicks and giggles(I don't know the real answer, so I had no way of making sure I wasn't right, so I decided to just use a phrase my mom uses, because that was very unlikely to be the real reason.)

Why is Lucario a steel type?
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