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wrong answers to pokemon questions

The ones we saw before went extinct very quickly after a Pokérus pandemic wiped them out. Wait that's actually not the worst theory

Are thunder moves effective against ground element-type Pokémon?
A 7th Poké Ball with a Pokémon inside would be too heavy to carry on your person.

Why does Lance have Dragonite well below Level 55, when Dragonair usually evolves into Dragonite?
They're jealous of how adorable Muk is, so they don't let it in for fear of it overshadowing the other cute Pokémon there.

What's the difference between a Legendary Pokémon and a Mythical Pokémon?
Mudkip is one of those Mythicals that apparently don't exist, I think. Or maybe it's a glitchmon like MissingNo.? I liek MissingNo., so I guess I liek Mudkipz too.
It swallowed an Everstone when you weren't looking.

What's under the truck at the port in Vermilion City?
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