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Review XY073: Battle at the Fashion Show! Tatsubay VS Shushupu!!


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Mar 27, 2011
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Episode page here

So even Shota don't know Dragon can't affect Fairy Types.

I guess it makes sense as he is from Hoenn, like Ash is from Kanto. Which Fairy Type just ain't a thing. (until ORAS apparently)

Its sounds a little bit of nitpicking but I would say that battle between Satoshi and Shota is more like a rotation battle than double battle. Rarely two Pokemon attacks at the same time at all. I am glad that Ash won though.

As I say in one of the previous threads, Shota didn't mention getting the Badge from Citroid at all, and he lost horribly against Mache (eventhough this sounds more like a show match than anything, since the format is 1v1. I really questions his ability to get into the league.

I kinda saw it coming. The two creepy looking woman are actually going to drag Serena and Eureka into the Fashion Show. I am not even surprised by that. I love Satoshi and Citron's reaction but I missed Shota's comment on their performance. I hope someone can tell me what he said.

And Satoshi is going to prepare for the Gym Battle. Although he doesn't know about the Trick Room (not quite sure, but I am sure its either this or Wonder Room) as shown in preview, I would say the previous Corcoro summary about Satoshi not preparing is officially proven to be wrong.

Overall this episode is fantastic. Satoshi being competent, Shota being determined, Serena being awkward, Citron being the exposition guy (this one is not so positive though), and Eureka being Eureka (which is the best thing about her, all she has to do is be herself, and she is awesome!). And the threat Satshi felt from Mache is a very good touch. Kinda sad Mache didn't show her Trick Room here, or Satoshi get to plan over it. 8/10
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I do like this episode since it's a buildup of the upcoming match between Ash and Valerie.

I also do like how Shouta is introduced here. He only has one badge, so he's still a rookie. I do like how he doesn't seem frustrated with his losses and always writes down notes for the future.

Since the Gym was closed down for the fashion show event, I like how Ash let Serena go see Valerie's design. He definitely matured a lot since in the past, he would act immature and not let the female companion go do what she wants. He even said, "I'm glad that Serena and Bonnie are happy," to Shouta and Clemont when they were sitting on the bench as Serena and Bonnie were looking at the clothes. Since there was an Umbreon design constantly shown, I wonder if that's a sign that Serena's future Eevee will be an Umbreon?

The battle between Ash and Shouta was handled well. It shows that Shouta, although a rookie, is still capable of handling matches despite his inexperience. It also shows how much Ash progressed during his travels. Also, I love how they emphasized how hard Bagon's head is with Hawlucha wincing in pain after he used Karate Chop. Despite the type disadvantage, I love how Frogadier curbstomped Treecko and became victorious.

Valerie's introduction is nicely handled as well. I love how she is shown talking to her pokemon using their language. The Valerie vs. Shouta match, although a one-sided victory, was actually handled well. It shows that despite Shouta being inexperienced and not knowing Dragon-types are weak to Fairy-types (I think the writers made Ash knock out Shouta's Treecko in order for Shouta to only battle with his only available Pokemon. He wrote it down and then Shouta used non-dragon type moves against Spritzee. I love the animation for Dazzling Gleam (Although that was like...my least favorite attack in the XY games).

I'm anticipating next week's match between Ash and Valerie.

I'll give this one an 8/10 as well.
So Valerie has 4 Pokemon, the same ones from her game, plus Spritzee, and yet the gym battle is still a 2 on 2. Why?
What was Serena's dress supposed to be - everyone else was paired well with their Pokemon (that Azumarill was brilliant) - yet it looked like she was just wearing a random one. Was that explained?

It's interesting more generally that she was so nervous about doing that - given the size of the crowd at the performance she did previously, which also had her in an unfamiliar outfit.

I certainly like the idea that Ash was able to see a Gym leader battle prior to battling and then go and do some training at the end of the episode. I'd obviously prefer that there's multiple episodes between those events, and having his Pokemon learn some moves that are strong against Fairy types, but this is better than some of the other Gym leader introductions.

Shouta seems like a nice character, though XY hasn't been too good at how they have presented recurring characters - we're quite a long way in and Trevor has still only appeared once - so it seems odd to introduce another character at this point, though I suppose there's the ORAS promotion angle, but that's a bit late. Hopefully they ramp up the amount of appearances for all of them.
So Valerie has 4 Pokemon, the same ones from her game, plus Spritzee, and yet the gym battle is still a 2 on 2. Why?

We don't know, the episode hasn't aired yet. ^^;

I was asking speculatively because I'm pretty sure they aren't going to explain why the battle is 2 vs 2 when she has 4 Pokemon. Since I don't recall ANY gym leader explaining why their battle is # vs # and we as the audience just had to deal with it.
I enjoyed this episode.

First of all the Furisode Girls looked awesome. I loved that they had all of them from the games appear. I may not be to big on Shota's design, but his voice defintiely makes up for it. He sounds adorable:) I loved Bonnie's Dedenne and Pikachu background she had when she did the proposal. Also nice to see another proposal, since it's been a while since she did one. (At least I don't remember one recently)

Ash and Shota's battle was okay. I was surprised to see cool, bad-ass Hawlucha tearing up after smashing Bagon's rock hard head:p Frogadier was epic as usual cutting up Treecko's bullet seed before knocking him out. And it was great to see Shota battling with 2 of my favorite Pokemon (now just please evolve Bagon into the perfection that is Salamence and it'll be even better:).

Wow, Valerie sure is...interesting. Talking to her Pokemon...like her Pokemon. (I think that's what she was doing based on her interaction with Dedenne.) Yeah... I love how Bonnie proposed to Valerie when Clemont wasn't even there. Moving on to the fashion show, those Pokemon themed kiminos were so awesome and stylish:) Serena and Bonnie looked adorable.

Valerie's battle with Shota was too short for my liking, though I guess there's not much he could have done anyway so whatever. I love how Shota is constantly taking notes during battles. And wow, that was a pretty epic moment of Valerie walking past Ash. I love how Ash and his Pokes gobbled down their food that fast so they could go and train, followed by Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont to watch them.

Overall this one was really nice. 8/10.
Omg Valerie slayed me. I loved seeing all her Fairy-types as well, plus Dedenne interacting with them. Shota vs. Valerie ended with Bagon's loss just as expected, but it was still neat.
I think the best part of this episode was Ash's reaction face when he saw Serena on the runway modeling.

My man Ash didn't stop staring until Shota snapped him out of it when he started talking. Lol.
Okay, this episode was adorable. I loved Mache here. I almost want Satoshi to loose next episode just so we can see more of her. I especually loved it when she started talking Dedenne. Also Shouta is adorable, especially his reactions to Eureka and Serena in their furisode. ^-^ I know XY in general is adorable but this episode was so cute. Shouta has such a cute voice.
Neat episode. I loved how all the Furisode girls appeared, and the dress designs look nice. I especially liked Eureka's Chingling dress - it looked so cute!!

I can't wait to see Ash vs Mache!
I finally watched with subs and I lol'd at what Clemont said about Ash after he defeated Shota:
"He has a battle style that treats type disadvantages like they don't exist" so true, no wonder Ash sends out Pokemon with a type disadvantage confidently out into a match.
Sometimes he doesn't

But to be serious I liked this episode, and I loved Valerie, and her Pokemon communication. We got another Meowth here.

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