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Your favorite Grass type

I love grass types <3
I guess that Torterra would be my favourite grass type considering that it's also my favourite Pokémon :)
But I also really like Whimsicott (because it's cute), Abomasnow, Tropius, and Meganium!
I've never been into Grass-types very much, but one of them has got a place on my list of favourite Pokémon: I'm talking about Vileplume. The reason? I'm mad about the rafflesia flower. Love it.
Out of all the grass type pokemon out there I'd say Serperior is my favorite, mostly because it's the only pure grass starter that helped balance my team. I also like Abomasnow; it was really useful when I first fought against Cynthia and with it's snow warning ability I was able to sweep through most battles.
I've never been into Grass-types very much, but one of them has got a place on my list of favourite Pokémon: I'm talking about Vileplume. The reason? I'm mad about the rafflesia flower. Love it.

Funny enough, Vileplume's french name is Rafflesia =p

I'd go for Serperior for my favourite Grass-type. Such majesty and the fact it's inspired from Louis XIV, the Sun King... So french... :D
My favorite of all time is Jalorda. Sorry I don't keep up with English names anymore, I only watch the anime in Japanese with subs (or raw). I just can't stand the dubs from 4kids or TCPI. Although I am looking forward to the Keldeo movie dub because of Vic Mignogna.
This was a difficult choice since Grass is one of my favourite types, but mine would have to be Roserade. I love the masquerade ball getup, it's just such a elegant and creative design, a huge improvement all round over Roselia. The dex entries about the thorny whips hidden under the roses neat too, Roserade is pretty much a mahou shoujo superhero in Pokemon form which is awesome in itself.

I'm also very fond of Serperior, Simisage, Sceptile and Victreebel.
Usually when I see Pokemon of a new generation for the first time, I either think they're interesting, "just ok", or disappointing. I warm up to all of them eventually, but they take varying amounts of time.

When Pokemonexperto was making update leaks on black and white before they came out, I didn't think there was much truth to them.

And then Melkor leaked Whimsicott, which I came to love IMMEDIATELY upon seeing it. It was the most adorable and huggable thing i had ever seen out of any Pokemon or even any creature, real or fictional, PERIOD. I wished SO much that it would be real, with the skeptic in me tearing away at that hope from the other side of my mind. "it's not confirmed. It probably won't be real. You're going to spend the rest of your time loving a fakemon." It was so painful.

And then black and white released and confirmed it a real Pokemon, and I lived happily ever after. The end! :)
One word: Bellossom.

I normally can't stand grass types, but ever since the pre-release photos of Jhoto Pokémon were released many moons ago, I've been in love. I'm struggling to think of any grass type that comes close.

...Nope. I've got nothing.
I think my favorite grass type is quite obvious, so I decided to say my second favorite grass type, which is a tie between Shaymin and Shiftry.
With the exception of the starters, I'm not a real big fan of grass types. Starter pokemon are an exception, since they are generally pretty good. My favorite grass type starter is Venusaur, with Torterra coming in a close second. Without starters, Lilligant hands-down. It was easily the strongest member of my team in White.
Serperior. I didn't have a strong opinion about it or any of its unevolved forms at first, but as time has gone on, it's grown on me more and more.

Although it could use with a few extra moves, I love its regal design, high speed and defences. Not sure if it's intentional or not, but I also like how using Coil and Leech Seed together gives it a similar attack strategy to a real boa constrictor; If the opponent is a physical attacker and gets hit by Leech Seed, the situation will only get more grim for every turn Serperior uses Coil to boost its physical stats and accuracy, much like how a boa constrictor squeezes harder with every breath taken in.

The Pokedex entries about its personality only make me love it even more.
Grass is one of my favorite types and it has my favorite status move, Leech Seed. So yeah, this was tough. It was down to Celebi, Sawsbuck and Serperior but I think Celebi wins over the other two for it's cuteness and moves.
Serperior is my favorite Grass Type; they have an awesome design and are fairly good to use, in my opinion. Before Gen V it was Torterra, who is a general badass.
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Treecko who is also my favorite starter and Pokemon as well. I just love how cool he looks and he's been my favorite for years.
Mine is probably Shaymin, just because I love hedgehogs and shaymin is frickin adorable. I also really like Leafeon and Breloom, theyre close behind Shaymin.
i have two favorite grass type pokemon, Bellossom and Shaymin. just because they are so adorable.
on the other hand i'm not the biggest fan of grass type pokemon, i much perfer fire types and psychic types.
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