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Your favorite pairing of all time?

Eruditeshipping (Will x Thorton) is my OTP in Pokemon. But there are few OTPs in other fandoms that I rank above this one.

My favorite pairing of all time, in all fandoms is Melt x Lezard from Star Ocean 3. <3
In the anime, it's AdvancedShipping or PearlShipping. ;A; they're both super adorable, and relied on more than just petty arguments and the like to be compatible, unlike another pairing...

If I had to decide...ah, AdvanceShipping wins over PearlShipping. The Jirachi and Lucario movies really make me smile.

In the games...hmm, very hard choice...I'll list one from each main game. 8D; Beware, a couple of them might weird you out.
RBY: Blue/Red
GSC: Gold/Kris
RSE: Steven/Wallace
DPPt: Cyrus/Lucas
BW: N/Touya

Now, for other places...
Anime OTP (currently, anyway...): Fumu/Kirby of Kirby of the Stars.
Nintendo OTP: Marth/MM Link of SSBM.
i find it hard to choose otps but all-time fave OTP is the crossover Ash/Wendy darling. my non-crossover pokemon otp would be Lyra/Jimmy.

here's other fandom OTP's
Ben Tennyson/Raven
Beast boy/Terra
Jimmy neutron/Sailor Mercury
I have 2 in this fandom! Pokeshipping and ToxicBoltShipping!

I grew up with Pokeshipping! I always like the idea of Satoshi and Kasumi together as a couple!

ToxicBoltShipping is awesome and always be AWESOME!
My actual favorite Relationship Writing Fumble pairing of all time is non-Pokémon, so I'll just skip to the Pokémon ships.

Anime: Palletshipping (ShigeruxSatoshi) (Nostalgia. Baby's first yaoi and seriously taken pairing, after all.)
Manga: PreciousMetalshipping (GoldxSilver) (Because Foe Yay.)
Game: Isshushipping (TouyaxN) (Because hot. And Ho/Foe Yay. And slight sadness too.)

Isshushipping's my favorite, though.

And yes, everything I like is yaoi. Don't judge. =(
My favorite pairing of all time will always be CONTESTSHIPPING! It got me back into Pokemon and it's so adorable. The way they act towards each other and you can't forget about the roses. ;) It will always be my OTP. :D
My OTP is AdvanceShipping. Ash and May are so great together. They have so many cute hints scattered throughout AG and even in DP. Not to mention that their student/mentor relationship is cute as hell. It's hard not to see chemistry between them.

Then my game!OTP is FerrisWheelShipping, N/Touko, but I won't get into that.
HeatTagShipping, although it was RocketShipping for the longest time. XD

Although my non-Pokemon OTP is Belarus x Russia (Hetalia).
Pearlshipping, Questshipping, Orangeshipping and the underlooked Shoppingshipping. The rest of the couplings I either also support (although less) or are mutual.

i loved it ever since i was a little kid and i still do to this day. i also like krazyshipping and pokeshipping!

the reason i love rocketshipping so much is because jessie and james have stuck together for soooo long. i mean seriously they have been together(as partners) since season 1. It is probabley the longest running ship ever (after pokeshipping, which kinnda fell to pieces after misty left, :bawl:)

rocketshipping = :love:

(oops, sorry Luna Hivern)
Cavalier is my favorite but PokeSilver is like a close second.

Cavalier is my OTP and I think Gary and Dawn are like meant to be. Dawn fangirling over Gary and his poems is what made me love this shipping.
PokeSilver is just so cute. Lyra obviously was crushing on Ash and they just look so cute together.

So yeah, it's between PokeSilver and Cavalier.
Mine is Pikashipping. It's the big daddy of all shippings cause pokemon is mainly concentrated on friendship, battles and adventure.
Nothing tops the friendship of Ash and Pikachu.
Romantically Cavaliershipping is my favorite, Advanceshipping is close second.
MorpheusShipping, no doubt. :kiss:

Like their dynamics, and the clear crush Angie got on Ash.
Nowadays, mine would be Advance. I've seen *few* others that were anywhere as completely set up as that one when it comes to having all three of chemistry, duration, *and* hints all at once, and most of those one-time appearances. If and when the writers were to pull the trigger on any main-character ship, this would be the one with the most going for it.
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