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Your favorite pairing of all time?

My Pokemon OTP is Ferriswheelshipping, N x White/Touko. <3
They're just so adorable together <3
I will always be an Advanceshipper; after all, it is the only ship I support seriously and the one which brought me into the shipping community.
Ketchupshipping. No other couple has been shown french-kissing in the anime. It's totally canon.

On a more serious note, Diamondshipping (Giovanni x Delia) for the anime, and a tie between Silverspawnshipping (Gio x Ariana) and Toxicboltshipping (Surge x Koga) for the games.

Other than Cooper x Audrey ( from Twin Peaks) these are the only pairs I won't budge on.
My Pokemon OTP is Ferriswheelshipping, N x White/Touko. <3
They're just so adorable together <3
This. Everything about it appeals to me- the story, the characters designs complimenting each other nicely, the cute fan art and a little fan fiction... It might be too early to call it, but I have definitely loved it harder than any other Pokemon pairing I support initially.
Rocketshipping.It's very adorable.I loved this pairing and I still do.The interactions are very sweet. :)
What's really interesting in this thread asking people to list 1 ship is how multishippy most people are (some would call it fickle ;-)).
I'm also genuinely curious as to how people can latch so firmly onto ships with so little overtly going for them?...

Shipping is a Very Serious Business so it takes a lot for me to really ship something (and not just say "aww that's cute" but not really caring in my heart). Only Rocketshipping (of any Pokemon or non-Pokemon ship) has lit and nurtured a flame for me for so many years. I guess it has everything - a past, a present and a future.
Not to mention (almost) weekly TV air-time :)
What more could any shipper need?
I always love shaolinshipping. Though it a very rare ship. It's remind me of Ore Monogatari (out my love story). How Marshal is big, strong and get judge a lot by other pokemon fans how odd his design looks (his eyebrows of course) While Caitlin is small, cool and loved by her fans.

Too bad Marshal wasn't in the anime. (I want to see how awesome he is!)
Let's see... I've got a lot of shippings that I ship, mainly obscure ones... But if I had to choose from one of them, it'd be Fox & Krystal from Star Fox. The thread never stated it had to originate from Pokémon, so there you go. :O

EDIT : Oh, and I'm not counting crossover shippings by the way, in which case it'd be Beastman from F-Zero and Commander Mars from Pokémon instead.
It's like, my number one favorite in Pokemon. The first thing I had done when I has discovered Pokemon FanFiction was to search if there are any for Palletshipping.

I have a crazy level of emotional attachment for this pairing, which can literally only be rivaled by a certain HP pairing.

Although I love Amourshipping too. And I do lots of multishipping.

But if I have to choose only one then obviously it would be the two cute babies from Pallet Town. ^^
A poly ship of Misty/May/Dawn with the possibility of Iris being a part of the relationship...
You know, the one you ship with the fire of a million suns that's your OTP forever.

Mine is Matsuba/Minaki. It's pretty known that they're already really good friends so it's practically canon in my mind.
My Favorite Shippings are:
A. Amourshipping
B. AltoShipping
C. LuckShipping
D. OrangeShipping
E. Alolashipping
F. BurningLeafShipping
G. Brendan X May(Game)
H. ContestShipping
I. Hilda X Nate(Whatever the Shipping name for THEM is)
J. Hilbert X Rosa(Whatever their Shipping name is)
K. Calem X Shauna(was their Shipping name Fireworkshipping!?!?!?)
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