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Your favorite pairing of all time?

Man, I also forgot how much I loved Steven/Wallace.


As of finishing Moon, I'm really starting to like Protag/Lillie, or even just the protag with Hau, Lillie, and Gladion forming a little baby polyblob around them.
At the moment Ash x Dawn.
Although Lillie`s cuter than Dawn so depending on how her relationship with Ash develops that could change...
I ship villains the most passionately, especially the Poke-bosses! My favorites (in no particular order) are as follows:

*AbsoluteControlShipping (Cyrus & Giovanni)
*HardenShipping (Archie & Maxie)
*AntiGravityShipping (Colress & Ghetsis)
*PerfectWorldShipping (Lysandre & Sycamore)
*DarkParadiseShipping (Guzma & Kukui)
Pokemon - Green and Blue.png

Image by: @penguinclover
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It used to be just LuckyShipping (Manga Red x Manga Green) for me, but now I've developed an affinity for Selene x Lillie (I forgot the ship name) and GrassShipping (Marnie x Gloria)
My all-time favorite, surely surprising nobody at this point, is Palletshipping. For a very long time now, in fact... yes, I even stuck around through all those years when it basically started to seem like it was done for, lol. They'll always be the best, hands down.

Though if you asked me the same question a decade ago, back then it was pretty fairly tied for first with Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, and its pseudo-counterpart from the games, NamelessShipping.
Learning my way around this site even though I've had an account for years.

Well it's been 12 years and my OTP is still RolandShipping (Grimsley/Shauntal) :') I didn't muster the courage to make art for them again until two years ago. Which is wild because I found my old comics of them from when I first liked them, and I still can't read through without cringing (and that's okay! it was a snapshot of me at the time). So I'm really giving it my all to make the story I've always wanted to read. I've seen, like, everything and I have to clarify I am a wholesome fan :bulbaLove: And probably one of their longest fans :oops:

They're my top two favorite Pokémon characters, so I've taken all the crumbs offered over the years through the manga and Pokémon Masters. They've pulled me out of every art block I've ever been in the past decade and seeing new art of them makes me so incredibly happy it's unreal... Sometimes I feel too old for this but my partner really likes how they (and by extension, fandom) can motivate me to create. And truly, I wouldn't have pursued my passions/career if it weren't for them.
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Plainhiveshipping (Whitney x Bugsy)

I've been shipping this for over a decade now. It's a ship I just about have had to build up all on my own. I've met a few other people who ship it along the way, but these two really just.

They make me feel so happy, you know.

They inspire so much creativity out of me, they give me so much hope, they really make the world seem more colorful. And it's funny because I feel like most people don't even think about these two would really even interact, but there's just this wonderful beauty to the relationship that I play out in my mind. And what touches me the most is that my friends seem to really like the ship too, and also the other people I've exposed the ship too seem to like it a lot.

I've been writing and drawing so much more in this year despite my busy work schedule that I really do owe to these two.

Soon I'll post a thread here with my various writes and perhaps even art I've commissioned lately. It's a very rare pairing but gosh, they just... They make me so intensely happy. I really do love them so much.
I don't have a favorite per se, but I do have one I've never changed my mind upon : Silver x Lyra. I like to think that Silver is the kind of guy who acts all tough and be annoyed when Lyra teases him in public, but is the sweetest with her when they're alone.
Uh, I guess I like RoseQuartzShipping a lot? It’s a dead ship and I’m sure you’ve heard me go on about this one. I just really like this ship and I wish it was more popular, and I also get excited when I meet someone who likes the ship ^^
There’s a few other ships I like, all listed on my profile-
My current OTP is Celesticashipping (Volo x Cogita). It's nice to finally ship something that could logically be canon lol. Combine this with a time traveling Cynthia (before she became the champion) you can come up with all sorts of crazy stories. (I wonder if the person who named this ship understands that Celestica is just a censored Shinto term though...)

When I was younger my OTP was Ferriswheelshipping. I still like it but back in the day it was my favorite thing ever lol. I think this ship could also be canon especially considering how N wanted to find Hilda and tell her "how he really feels" in BW2. Suspicious wording there, N.
When I was younger my OTP was Ferriswheelshipping. I still like it but back in the day it was my favorite thing ever lol. I think this ship could also be canon especially considering how N wanted to find Hilda and tell her "how he really feels" in BW2. Suspicious wording there, N.
Omg that’s one of my OTPs now (maybe I could be your past self… joking but it’s still one of my OTPs now)
Edit: And we have the same favorite Kalos starter and region
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