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Your favorite pairing of all time?


So yes, Sun and Moon changed something inside my brain forever. Insert 500000th honeymoon joke here. I see this awkward looking man in a red cap and his weird smug man in ridiculously bright green capris that and go huh... who are these guys? And what happened is I got super invested in their lore that happened before SuMo, and the overall lore of the Pokemon world partially thanks to the fact that they fascinated me THAT much with their shenanigans. Then I learn that Red is commonly seen as autistic. Yes, headcanon territory maybe for now, but it WAS comforting to see this nonverbal boy be so loved by Green (Know that every time when I say Green I mean the guy) and just overall have a romance that autistic characters rarely ever get to have. Then Pokemon Masters happens, further making Green even more head over heels for Red. GOD. I could write an entire award-winning novel here, but I'll just direct you to my Neocities for a full shrine about them.

So that's been my main thing for over five years. That and Leaf's many adventures in my headcanons, where she has plenty of interactions with Kris, May and Misty. Far less popular ships bc you know how it is with fandom always ignoring F/F and never wanting to do anything with female characters, but give them consideration. Pretty much every generation has at least one ship I like but eeeehhhh the list gets so long I can't remember all of it lmao
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