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Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

In my red version when ever i get to Gary/blue during the elite fourmy only pokemon (usually my starter) left would have 1 hit point left.
when i lost to Red 8 times in a ROW in my Heart Gold game. my Pokemon's levels were in the 90's. i was furious.
Trying to breed for a male Paras with 31 IV in Special Attack and Speed, so I can use one to breed Larvesta with those two IVs. After at least half a dozen eggs, I finally got a Paras with both those IVs...

except that it's Female!

Fuuuu.... Looks like she'll be Wonder Trade fodder once I get Pokémon Bank...

Edit: Hmmm, got an outstanding male! What? just 31 IVs in Special Att. and no perfect IV Speed? *headdesk*
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I found a level 20 shiny wingull in diamond. My first shiny ever. I send out my level 30 mr.mime and used psywave to weaken it. Biggest mistake of my life. Period.
Blaine flinch hacking me 4 times in a row. I legit thought his Magmortar had flinched haxed it's way into beating all three of my remaining guys (world tournament) at red HP. Luckilly the 5th left didn't flinch, left with like 1 hp and I killed with the next hit. I raged throughout the whole thing.
I've been breeding Charmander all day today and I finally managed to get two 5IV ones.

They have horrible natures :'(
Trying to get a DW Golett with Outstanding stats. Oh dear Primus, what a nightmare that has become. Everything I get is cellar dwelling when it comes to IVs or I'll get one with only one or two good stats. Currently, I've claimed a relatively superior Adamant one with fantastic Attack and Defense and a Lonely Golett with perfect Attack. I can't get anything better than this?! Fuuuuu~!!
While going out route 121 in Emerald, I find myself a Latias, unprepared. That pokemang roams around, and c'mon, i can't beat up Latias with a single lv. 41 houndoom just to catch it
I dont even have any Master balls, and THAT WAS MY ONLY CHANCE OF GETTING LATIAASSSS
Which moments in game make you rage. It was down to Red's Charizard and my Salamence. I use Outrage, Charizard is down in the red. Charizard uses Dragon Pulse, Critical hit. Salamence goes down. \

My reaction in below spoiler.

By bahamut1593 at 2010-08-31

OK I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING HERE, the exact same thing happened to me, with the charizard. I was facing red with my last pokemon for the millionth time. I hit his charizard, and knocked his health down to below half, and I said to myself, ok, as long has he doesn't Crit me I will win! Then he crits me. FUUUUUUUUUUUU...

That's crazy that me and you had the same moment.

Oh and my first shiny was my least favorite pokemon, Bidoof. :(
Tell me about it. Trying to catch Latios nearly drove me insane, as I had used my Master Ball on Groudon. Ugh, what an idiotic choice. My hubby finally pitied me and gave me a couple of his extras.

It's because of that stupid blue jet bird that I hoard Master Balls. I blame it all on you, Latios! :mad:
Yup! I try my hardest to avoid using my Master Ball nowadays. All because of Latios, lol. The worst part when when I was battling it, I brought it to the point where he began using struggle. I caught him right before he made himself faint from recoil. :p

When I was having difficulty with Latios and Latias, I had trouble just finding them since they weren't in the Pokedex yet to even check their location. I kept two Master Balls (one per game) in case I ever found them.

My FUUUUU moments with them happened when twice in Ruby I ran into them and completely forgot to throw the Master Ball and ended up attacking instead. -_-;
Eventually I used a tip for finding them easily on a certain route, and used that to finally use the Master Balls to catch them.
In Soulsilver:

> Catches Wobbuffet with Shadow Tag so that Raikou and Entei can't flee from battle
> Forgets they have Roar
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I accidentally traded away my useless Braixen while it was holding the Mind Plate over Wonder trade. Oops! I only hope Pokemon Bank lets you transfer items as well...
I accidentally traded away my useless Braixen while it was holding the Mind Plate over Wonder trade. Oops! I only hope Pokemon Bank lets you transfer items as well...

It doesn't let you transfer items.

But then again, who needs a Psychic Arceus...when you can have a FAIRY type!
A friend of mine ran into a shiny Azurill in Black 2, but had ran out of pokeballs and then ran into a shiny Panpour in Y and K.O.'d it with a critical attack. :(
I was younger. I was absolutely stupid.
While playing Fire Red and got to the point where it was time to catch Mew. I had looked forward to this because I had seen Mew in pictures and Movies and that thing was ADORABLE.
So the battle music plays and Mew's shadow is visible. Then the light shines and Mew is BLUE. I got mad, I wanted my adorable, pink Mew that I had looked forward to and I get a blue one!?
I turned it off (I saved before the battle) and turned it back on and caught my pink Mew.
Of course when I finally realized that the Mew was in fact shiny and very rare I got even more angry and ripped the head off of my sisters barbie dolls.
When rock slide only hits 1 wingull in a wingull horde and the rest of the horde confuses my pokemon with supersonic.
When I was doing a Seviper / Zangoose+4 horde, I was one attack away from Seviper being catchable, but instead of hitting Zangoose I selected the Seviper by mistake and lost that chance. :-(
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Back when I started my first Gen IV journey on Diamond, I was playing on a used copy. Little did I know you couldn't overwrite previous files like in previous gens. Needless to say, I lost a lot of progress.
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