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Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

Trying to find a Tauros to trade on GTS. Yeah, every one of them you will find are requesting hacks. I had to run around on my SoulSilver cart to find one and that took a bit. Then there was raising it to level 30....

At least the Golurk was still there when I was done.
When I was looking for a Riolu in Floccesy Ranch, it took 2 hours and when I finally found it, it wasn't the gender I was looking for...But caught him anyways.
When I'm running in grass trying to find a Pokemon, and I can't find it.... but the Pokemon with the lowest percentage of showing up is the only one I'm running into....

It happens every day x_x
tried catching a lapras a few days ago in B2 every time i found one it opened up with perish song >.> (didnt had a fast pokemon with a sleep move)
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In my Emerald nuzlocke, Three of my pokemon died from a Critical Hit that came from a wild Linoone. I now am destined to rip any linoone I see to shreds.
In my Emerald nuzlocke, Three of my pokemon died from a Critical Hit that came from a wild Linoone. I now am destined to rip any linoone I see to shreds.
Ugh, that would be me and the Bidoof, namely the ones that kept breaking my Radar chains in Pearl. Trust me, you'll be seething over this for the next several months...if not years.

Cheren's Stoutland in the Driftveil Tourny in the PWT. Why, why, WHY does that thing keep getting crit hits against my Golurk?! Seriously, I confuse the stupid mutt with DynamicPunch each time--it should take itself out and not me! :mad:
Playing PMB Blue Rescue Team for no reason:
In Solar Cave:
*Opens a locked door* He look treasure, **** its surrounded by water noooooooooooo!
Later on: A HM! Also surrounded by water fuuuuuuuuuuu!

Then my only escape orb got sticky, and I was in the Buried Relic (99 floors!). At least I didn't lose the music box.
My first play through on Red. I unexpectedly ran into Zapdos. Not really knowing what it was I challenged it, without saving. I unfortunately didn't have enough pokeballs to catch it, so I wound up KO'ing it, thinking it'd come back or something. I was wrong, and he was gone forever. A few months later when I got Blue, I made sure not to make the same mistake.
About a week ago I decided to take a shot at Shiny hunting in Pokémon Black. After about 3 days of non-stop running outside the Giant Chasm, I eventually ran into a shiny Solrock. And of course it manage to Explode before I could catch it -___-
When a wild/trainer's pokemon constantly uses sand attack/growl to the point that your pokemon can't do anything.
When I accidentally K.O. a shiny Magby with my Oshawott's water gun, when I had meant to use tackle.

Aaaaaand.... when my level 62 Chandelure gets beat up by a Clefairy in the Black Tower, after a flawless winning streak.
Transform, and rollout.

The most annoying move in the whole game.
Suddenly, I want to hack a Ditto that knows those moves and name it Optimus. Maybe I'm just weird. XD

So I'm grinding out some BP at the PWT; I'm doing the Driftveil Tourney since it's the only one that I know I can beat. I've whipped the AI 29 times and I'm going for number 30...but it isn't meant to be. I go up against Clay in the last round, who I've whipped more times than I can count. Only this time he starts out getting a critical hit on me, outspeeds me at every turn and wipes my team with multiple crit hits. I was barely able to take a thing off any of his team.

When my last team member fainted, I hit the home button on my 3DS. I figured if the AI could cheat, then I could be justified in doing the same.
Playing pokemon diamond for soooooo ling with tons of cool pokemon, then losing the game card
That exact same thing happened to me! Even had event Pokémon and everything! The worst part is my friend was having me Pal Park their Pokémon for them that included two Ho-oh, Lugia, Jirachi, plus a Darkrai I was borrowing.
So, my Pokemon had a long, hard battle with Lance in Leafgreen. I think, "oh, this is the end, the sweet end! I can finally beat this game and go to Johto omg yayyyy!!"
Now watch me loose. D: Ugh I hate Blueeee...
When you think you're going to win a match in a gym battle (the final and most powerful Pokémon) but then you suddenly realize that the gym leader goes for a hyper potion/full restore.
Just search for GTS battle video 59-62183-55133 and watch how unlucky I can be.

(I'm the one who lost that battle; the video uploader was who defeated me)
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