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your pokemon generation cut off date?

I certainly wouldn't say that I have a "cut off," but I'll say this. I definitely have much more of a soft spot in my heart for the first 251. To me, they just have an air or being more "authentic" if that makes sense to anybody. I think it could also be because Gold was the first game I ever played, so it could just be plan ol' nostalgia.
Although I did stop playing pokemon for a while after Gen3, it was never a cut-off. I returned playing Gen4 and onwards and I still enjoy it.
When Gen IV came out, I was one of the people who tried really hard to hate everything. It was stressing, simply because I've always loved Pokemon, and after a year or so I realized that it would be much easier to just keep an open mind and allow what was new to intermix with the old. Case closed, and Platinum is one of my favorite games now.

So for Gen V, I took a different approach. I made myself say "that's cool!" with each new Pokemon debut... and it was so much fun. I happen to love fan-unfavorites like Trubbish/Garbodor and the Vanil- line. Why? Well, for one, they hearken back to original Pokemon designs while retaining the modern feel of their generational peers. Also, they're Pokemon, and deserving as much of my nerd-love as the next Pokemon in the 'dex.

...Except Emolga. How I hate Emolga.
I stopped playing originally after Gen II, and hoped Gen IV would be the last. (because Arceus would make a fitting final Pokemon) I freaked out in a bad way when I first heard of Gen V.

But after looking into it, Gen V inspired me to fully jump back into the franchise and is now tied for my favorite generation. I also expect to see Pokemon for decades to come.
This one is kinda hard. All in all I would have to say Gen V, but that seems pretty bias, due to it being the only generation I haven't played.
Generation III may have been a bit of a disappointment to me, since it was the first generation I wasn't completely in love with, yet I was a bit unfair to it, since it had quite a lot of potential, and brough the Pokémon games a lot further.
Unlike many others, I had not problems with Gen IV at all, and I still think DPPt were some of the best Pokémon games to date, bringing an original and exciting storyline, which I haven't seen in that many of the other main games :I

Soo, Gen V must've been my "cut-off"
I've been a fan of Pokemon since it arrived on American shores, and have found things to like throughout the series, even at least one to add to my favorites. Yes, Zapdos is my favorite of all, but dragonite, charizard, blastoise, venusaur, lugia, metagross, torterra and klinklang rank close.
I don't have a cut-off generation. I have been a loyal fan since its inception. When I do have one, it'll be the very last generation of the series. I just doubt it'll ever happen. :)
I agree with @Kelleo, I didn't enjoy gen III that much for some reason. I honestly don't know what it is, but that wasn't my cut off either. I love gen IV and V. To be honest IV and V are my favorites. I wouldn't care if they kept going up to 1000+ Pokemon. I know some people would disagree, but to me it would be awesome, not to mention it makes sense. I mean, Pokemon are kind of like the animals of the Pokemon world, and in the real world there aren't just a few hundred species. It would make sense for them to keep going. I mean not make thousands, but I honestly don't want them to stop anytime soon.

I'd say that Generation 4 had the last Pokemon that actually made sense, and could be defined as something. Gen V just screams, "we're out of ideas!"
I don't think they are out of ideas. There are bad ones in each gen, and I loved a lot of their ideas in gen V. I love the Vanilite line, but everyone else seems to think its dumb and they that have no good ideas left. I think a lot of the designs were great, there are very few I don't like though. *cough* Garbodor *cough* haha

You know that makes me think about all the time when people spoke about how Pokemon were just suddenly showing up, this make might sense it might not. Maybe this is a sort of new world, like BC in our world or something. Where people thought the world was flat or didn't know there were other countries or knew much about them, much less the native animals.

So all the new Pokemon are just new Pokemon being found now, why some people like Oak doesn't seem to recognize them is a bit weird (Although people refer to his quote in that Dragonite episode, people I am sure Oak didn't there were 150 Pokemon, I am pretty sure he said over 150 meaning he knew there were more, just didn't say much else of it). So as the years go on with Pokemon, the Pokemon and regions just discovered...

Yeah I dunno if that made sense at all. Halfway through I wasn't sure myself.

And for the topic I doubt it. Every Gen there's always something, even if I don't like Scraggy or Conkledurr or think Vanilite is that great of a design. There's always something that is my favorite or I like, just to name a few:
Gen 1: Raichu, Articuno Haunter, Pidgeot Ivysaur, Flareon, Eevee etc
Gen 2: Chikorita, Umbreon, Ho-Oh
Gen III: Torchic, Blaziken, Swellow, Seviper, Kyogre, Gardevoir Latias, Latios, Linoone
Gen 4: Torterra, Empolen, Giratina, Staraptor, Gallade, Gliscor, Electivre
Gen 5: Galvantula, Serperior, Hyderegion, Briavary

And many more, and there are some that have grown on me, even some from Gen I have now. Due to writing stories, RPs with characters who controlled them, or playing games and having them in my party or even the clicking site Pokefarm and giving them a name and description, those such as Cacturne, Scizor, Magmortar, Muk, Haxorus. And I can somehow see that ice cream Pokemon growing on me too.

And it will probably keep going on for a long time'
Gen 5 so far has been my least favorite but it is still a great game so................I have no gen cut off date :p
I liked all the generations and will probably like the next, so I wouldn't say that I have a "cut off" generation. I have disliked aspects of a certain generation's Pokemon, or general play-through and features, but have liked them all overall, so I don't think that counts.
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