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Your Shipping List

Princess of Lumas

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Jun 30, 2010
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  1. She/Her
Rules from the last thread said:
I made this thread to see what ships everyone supports and why. And I'm sure that the rest of you are curious of each other's too.

So basically, you have to list your favorite ships but there are rules:

- Please list at least 3 to 4 ships, we don't want your posts to be spammy.

-(NEW) If you are listing your ships by names like Ikarishipping or Shackleshipping, PLEASE include who that couple is. If someone has to Google the answer, you're doing it wrong.

-When you are telling why you like or support the ship, please put 2 sentences minimum. Again, we don't want your posts to be spammy.

-Please tell us actual reasons on why you like or support the ship. Saying "I like it because they look cute/good/whatever doesn't cut it. Sure you can put it in, just list other reasons too.

-Keep your lists organized. I don't want:

I like PokeShipping *explains*. I also like IchiRuki from Bleach *explains*. Oh yeah, I also like PreciousMetalShipping *explains*.​

-I would prefer that you use spoilers, like this:



-And use one spoiler per anime, show, manga, etc. Also, as long as its organized, its fine (always use spoilers for long lists)

-No Bashing! Bashing will not be tolerated.

Other than that, have fun.

Here's mine. A semi-shortened list:

Pearlshipping(AshxDawn)-The two have so much in common and they look cute together. Still waiting for more evidence, since the current Pearlshipping page on Bulbapedia is biased.

Contestshipping(DrewxMay)-It is so close to canon. They pretty much bought me into watching Advanced Generation too. And they look super-ultra awesome together. (actually he would look even cooler with dawn...but that's not my point)

Cavaliershipping(GaryxDawn)-After getting bored with all the one-sided stuff from Penguinshipping on Kenny's side, Cavalier really turned me on. Dawn really seems to like Gary and it's cute since Gary's like, um, ok, how should i respond to her and such. Such a great ship, really wish they had more episodes together.

Againstshipping(PaulxZoey)-The two rivals would be perfect for each other. Good at battling, plus they are rivals of Ash and Dawn. The bit of evidence at Snowpoint City makes it all the more interesting. I wish they had more eps together, but oh well, its fine as it is.

Questshipping(JimmyxMarina)-Hate this ship. Hate the way they act around each other. Marina isn't good enough for Jimmy. But wtf its REAL, pretty much canon, so i support the ship. (my policy is to support all ships that are practically canon/almost real even if i don't like the pairing)

Dewshipping(LatiosxBianca)-The evidence is overwhelming in the short shots we had of them, don't wanna know what happens when Ash leaves...:XD:

Kitchenmaidshipping-(BrockxAutumn)-Awwww.....and Autumn really liked Brock. Too bad Brock didn't care as much. But considering he did mentor her (a little bit) does show he at least CARES for her...doesn't he?

Altoshipping(AshxLatias)-Seriously, Latias TOTALLY flirts with Ash the entire movie. Grabbing him by his chest, kissing him, etc. I think Latias truely loved Ash, but Ash is too innocent probably to understand she has feelings for him and thinks she simply wants to be friends like Pikachu (sadly). Its a goddamn cute ship too...

Fireredshipping(AshxZoey)-I really love the way they look together. Ya, that's like the only reason. Seriosuly wish it was real-it'd probably be like a mature pokeshipping :lol:

Comashipping-Yes i like the ship since they look totally smexy with each other (at least Paul does...Ash needs some pubrety and a less innocent face...)

Shoppingshipping(BrockxMay)-Another ship based on how they look together... and when Brock took May shopping cuz he simpley *cares* for her, but that's alright right?!

LightRockshipping(BrockxDawn)-Yeah yeah another cute ship. Im obsessed with it.

Stockingshipping(LyraxDawn)-C'mon Lyra totally flirts with Dawn. And it's cute. And Lyra's awesome.

Pokeshipping(AshxMisty)-I don't really like the way they look together, but they way they act together is cute. And even I had to admit this ship in my heart, even me a diehard pearlshipper cuz I'd feel guilty since it's so obvious, and nearly canon.

There. Ended my list. Where the $$$$$?


Hoennshipping-GWAD its so obvious, when i first played it i felt like i was playing a Ren'ai game!

Yeah yeah, there it is. Read it if you want to. Not stopping you!
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Re: Your Shippings List

As a newcomer to Pokemon ships... hm, I'll try this, what the heck. I need to read more PokeSpe; I'm sure I'll 'ship a lot from there, but for now this is all gameverse. In rough order of preference...

Gold/Silver/Lyra (They're way too derpy and the Power of Friendship would be utter win and... just. OT3. Mainly because I don't like choosing between the very similar G/S and S/L, and this way there are two main characters to gang up on him!)
Morty/Falkner (...I don't even know, okay? Some mix of their personalities and the traditions I perceive from them just clicks.)
Silver/Lyra (Tsundere go? 8D Jerkass characters are fun, and I adore Silver, even if Lyra isn't given any definite personality; I love his development in HG/SS.)
Gold/Silver (exact same thing as above, lol - MC/Rival, Gen II style! For some reason, this is differentiated from the above in my mind in vague ways, but even I don't know what they are. o.o)
Red/Lyra (Though I'm not entirely sure what I see in this (aside from having read one wonderful fanfic), I definitely like it. Red is just... Red, and there's such intense loneliness in not just his isolation on Mt. Silver but also Lyra's final journey to defeat him where no one can see; like the above two, I could go for Red/Gold too I guess, but I saw a great fanfic for this.)
Red/Green (the male one) (oh is that more rivalshipping? What can I say, I'm predictable. I just love Green's attitude, and Red's portrayal in fandom makes this a lovely combo, haha.)
Lance/Clair (This is another 'I really don't know haha' 'ship. Well um. They're amusing, basically, generally because Clair is such a brat and Lance is so absurdly confident and 'LOOK AT ME I'M AWESOME'. Dragon clan incest ftw, I guess.)
Whitney/Jasmine (DITZSHIPPING (I'm sure it's actually called something else but whatever). I almost don't really 'ship this so much as I friend-ship it, but in any case, I love the idea of Whitney dragging Jasmine around and being a stark contrast to Ms. Shy Steel-type. Which brings me to...)
Erika/Jasmine (Same thing as above, except... Erika. I do adore that conversation when you get Erika's number in HG/SS~)

EDIT: durr, actual logic for 'shipping what is this madness
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Re: Your Shippings List

Pokeshipping - I don't know how to explain it. It's just so adorable and it WAS really meant to be, though not so much anymore...
Contestshipping - Also a cute couple. I like obvious couples with lot of blushing and cute moments ^^'
Palletshipping - Though I'm a Pokeshipper, I can't help but find it adorable <3
Rocketshipping - Pretty obvious couple again, so yeah...

I dunno but I have no idea who to ship Dawn with XD Too many choices!
Re: Your Shippings List


Advanceshipping: My OTP. The mentor-student relationship is adorable. I like to see Ash as May's Knight in shining armour. They have a lot of similarities.

Hoennshipping: Again, very adorable. At one point in Emerald, if you're playing as May, Brendan calls and says he saw a huge green Pokemon(Rayquaza) flying high in the sky. He then says he wishes you(the player) was there to see it with him. That was very cute.

Whatever May x Wally is called: Similar to the mentor-student relationship like in Advanceshipping. This time, Wally is the student and May is the mentor.

Colosseumshipping: Knight in shining armour like AS but this time, Rui outright says it making this atleast one sided canon. Wes is the most badass Pokemon protagonist.

Brendan x Leaf: Crack pairing. It doesn't need a reason.
Re: Your Shippings List

Eh? Does it have to be in spoiler tags? LOL.

Pearlshipping-I just think they look right with each other, so many adorable moments, its just too much not to ship it.

Comashipping-I love the love/hate thing, there arguing and Paul is way obssesed with Ash LOL. Some times so is Ash, so greay Yaoi pairing.

Naiveshipping-I like to think James is really chasing after Ash for him not Pikachu LOl.

Respectshipping-They look great togetherXD

LancexAsh shipping {Not sure the name} but I like it-Notice how Lance always only seems to notice Ash when around him? LOL. Brock in the AG episode was right there but he's hey Ash? LOL.

AshxLatias shipping movie 5-Adorable, just find them so cute together.

Abilityshipping-Another pairing I just love, I think Anabel matches Ash great.

Boldershipping-I do semi ship this at times, I wondered why Brock stayed with Ash as long as he did, kind of odd.

AshxChikorita-I love how she has a crush on Ash.

I ship a lot of Ash ships except Pokeshipping and Palletshipping {That's GaryxAsh right? For some reason I don't like them. I respect every one who does though}
Sucks that my old one was closed. XD But its good to start anew.

These are just my anime ships, btw:
AdvanceShipping - My OTP. It's one of the cutest ships out there and Ash and May's relationship is so unique. Especially compared to the other two Ash ships and a lot of other pairings for that matter. The whole student/mentor thing was adorable and it caused Ash and May to grow closer throughout the series. The hints are too adorable for me too resist. Even the subtle ones. With that, Ash saves her a lot (Grass Hysteria and movie 9, anyone?) and I like to think of him as May's knight in shining armor. ;3

HeatTagShipping - My other OTP along with AS. I'm a sucker for nerdy guy and cute girl pairings, and that's just what it is. And I love the stalker-esque dynamic going on. It was something new on Pokemon and I liked it and the ship only got better throughout DP. Conway started appearing more to the point he became one of Ash's league competitors and they literally hyped HeatTag in the first part of the Sinnoh league. Plus, its one-sided at least. That's more than I can say for most ships in Pokemon.

OrangeShipping - Misty/Tracey, one of the cutest ships out there. It got a lot of ship tease during the hosos. And with Daisy's fantasy, I fell for this pairing. Personally, I believe this pairing has a lot of potential, especially being off-the current-series characters.

RocketShipping - Not a major supporter, but do I really need to explain this?

AdmirationShipping (Brianna x Drew for those of you who don't know) - What can I say. I believe Brianna deserves Drew. Their cute. And I'm totally not shipping this to get Drew out of the way.

JohtoFestaShipping - Khoury and Lyra's interactions were like no other's. The dynamic really made me love this ship. Plus, this left as almost canon didn't it?

NegaiShipping - Iris and Ash look cute together...That's really all I can say at the moment.
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Ash/Dawn (Pearlshipping) - Says a lot coming from me, a person who hardly likes het pairings. Even though she and Ash are doing very different things, I felt they were a lot closer than he and Misty ever were, in my perpesctive. :>

Ash/May (Advancedshipping) - OMG. These two were amazing. *biased May fan* Seeing them split the contest ribbon in half really did it for me.

Ash/Gary (Palletshipping) - First pokemon shipping EVER. And now I am 21 and still love it. ;3

Brock/Reggie (uh... what's this called? I ship it. D8) - They are both bog brothers and breeders. So I kinda can't help but... want to ship them, a little.

Harley/May (Cookieshipping)- At first, I thought this pairing was a joke. But... I began to like it. Harley can be the Metrosexual boyfriend that everyone thinks is still gay or something. hehehe... |D;;;

Zoey/Dawn (Appealshipping) - Yuri is always nice. ;)

- Morty/Falkner (Honorshipping) = my Johto OTP. 8D;. I can't see Falkner with anyone else. I can see Morty being able to brush off Falkner's tsundere-ness and understanding him when no one else can. Just add ex-sacredshipping in the picture and you might get a bit of drama. Heh. ;)

- Gold/Silver or Ethan/Rival (PreciousMetalshipping) - I shipped it in Pokemon Special/Adventures like a lot of people. And then being the PC in HG/SS made me support it even more. I personally felt Lyra was better suited for the role of supporting character/child with grandparents that run the daycare.

- Morty/Gold or Morty/Ethan(GoldenAurashipping) - Hard to find, yet I'm still proud to support this. ): ...I think it is because Gold is my fandom bicycle and I ship him with almost everyone. 8D;;;

- Red/Gold or Red/Ethan (MtSilvershipping, I believe its called? Or HeartGoldshipping?) - See above.

- Whatever the shipping Ethan/Lyra is called. It is too cute. I love childhood friends. D8

- Barry/Lucas (Clingyshipping) = Sinnoh OTP. Good god. Barry/Dawn is so easy to find. Barry/Ash is easier to find. Poor Lucas gets no love. He gets love from me and Barry. ):

- Cynthia/Dawn (GirlPowershipping) - Mmm. I don't like to ship Cynthia with anyone, but this one I like~.

- Flint/Volkner (Ignitionshipping) - These two pick the homies over ho's, if you know what I mean. Ffff. Ok. Well. Volkner's tsundere sealed it for me. ;)

- Aaron/Maylene (whatever this shipping is called, I like it. >:..). The fanfic 'Sweet Caroline' on the kink meme made me ship it.

- Volkner/Lucas (Stokeshipping, I think it's called?) - Agh. The fanarts on pixiv made me a shipper. Too cute. ;3;

- Riley/Lucas (LuxAurashipping) - I think Lucas is my other fandom bycicle. Lol.

- Wallace/Steven (Originshipping) - Fanarts sure made it look beautiful. Well. Wallace being the 8th gym leader and Steven being the champion, I think there can be some interesting chemistry there. ;)

- Eusine/Lyra (Is it... Crystalshipping, by anhy chance?)
Eusine/Crystal - Shipped this since the manga. And still ship it even if 'Kris' is now Lyra.
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I posted something similar in another thread, but I might as well start anew. (relatively in order of preference, except for maybe the last few ones XP)

ComaShipping: (ASH x Paul...this order is important) OTP. I adore rival ships, in nearly every fandom, I'm bound to support at least one. The tension between them is incredible, I'm on my toes every time they meet. And I can imagine them in many cracky cute situations XD. Paul's personality is just asking for it in my opinion; In my crazy head canon, he's a kudere~ I love how he stalks Ash and pretends that he doesn't care, when obviously, both are pretty obsessed with beating each other.

RocketShipping: (Jessie x James) This honestly used to be my absolute favorite pairing of all time until coma seeped into my life XD. Jessie and James look absolutely adorable with each other. They have a fairly developed past with each other and it's incredible how much they've gone through. Not to think like a R*cketshipper or anything, but I do like to think that Jessie's just a girl waiting for her knight in shining armor to show up :3 even if it's flamin' hot And, anyways, what makes this a bit more appealing than coma in some ways is that it actually had viable canon hints ^^;

PalletShipping: (Gary x Ash) I was never a huge supporter of this, but it's still cute. Rival ship again, but this time, there's a longer past involved...and perhaps it's a bit more...gentler than coma ^^;.

ContestShipping: (May x Drew) RIBARU~ (I'm not just limited to yaoi, come on! XD) Drew is just really fabulous and I love how he annoys May in the most elegant manner possible while still making it look sweet XD. May would be the man in this relationship.

ColdCoffeeshipping: (Paul x Barry) Hahahah, this one's just really funny XD. Rabid Fanboy + Stoic Jerkass = Profit :D

PreciousMetalshipping: (Gold x Silver) So. Freaking. Cute. Silver CRIED when Gold was risking his life. Gold held his hand when he was turned to stone (AWW, they actually care for each other ;'D). They're rivals, Silver's tsundere, and Gold is Awesome...yeah.

FranticShipping: (Ruby x Sapphire) OMG!! Technically, this is pretty canon, though I'm glad they left it one sided in the end. Ruby is fabulously oblivious to the wild and adventurous Sapphire. There's really a lot to love about this pairing XD

FeelingShipping: (Green [boy] x Yellow)I daaawed at the training arc. Green is totally like an aloof big bro to Yellow XD.

JadeShipping: (Blue [girl] x Yellow) LOL, Yuri? Blue seems to understand Yellow quite a bit and seems to almost admire her for her naivety. They're BBFs XP

IgnitionShipping: (Flint x Volkner) I suppose this can count for the anime too, but seriously. I love their little back story, how they used to be rivals, how they became friends after working together to fight off a poacher, Volkner's inferiority complex against Flint and Flint's constant effort to cheer him up XD

OringinalShipping: (Red x Blue) It's like palletshipping with less shota, lol. The fanart for them are hilarious and hot.

Hm, I swear I had more XD anyways, I'm glad that I see a few comashippers up there
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Pokeshiping: OTP. I was born the year the show started, and I grew up as their relationship did. So I felt it was ment to be. When I had my first crush, I was mad that we were nothing like Ash and Misty, sinc they were my role-models in love. LOL

Contestshipping: Some part of me saw May and Drew in his first ep. and shouted "YES!!"

Ikarishipping Don't ask, 'cause I don't know

Will post more later
Yeah. I don't ship a lot in the anime.
B-2xHis butt
Same thing as Anime.
Urr, let me just list a few since I ship too much in the games.
Twinleaf(games only)
No order
My list is short so I won't use spoilers, lol.

Anime: Ash/Gary, Ash/Misty, Ash/Dawn
Games: Blue/Leaf, Ethan/Silver, N/Black(the boy), cheren/bel, Cheren/White, Prof. Araragi/Makomo
Manga: Green/Blue, Gold/Silver, Platinum/Dia
For those who didn't read the rules of the last thread, please read the first post now.

I'm going to stress the importance of having some kind of indicator if you're using the 'shipping names, whether it's:

Neglectshipping: I love Misty with Brendan~


Neglectshipping (Brendan/Misty): Can't get enough of these two!

Whichever way works, but please make it clear who you wish was hooked up with who.

Also stressing that you NEED sentences explaining why you like the couple. If your reasons are repeats, we don't care. Throw 'em on the barbé. Spammy. That, and it's polite and doesn't hurt you.

If you haven't and you've posted already, please go back and edit. Even if you write in two entries now, two entries tomorrow, seven over the weekend, just please get to it, for those of you not aware that you should be doing this anyway. :B
OOH boy...

OutCry [May/Paul]
You see, May could actually hold her own against a battle, or an argument against Paul. She actually has buttons to press, before, you know. Explosion time. If he forgets her name...I don't think she'll..Crack. Honestly, I can see Paul actually respecting her, even it's just a little. Hey, he might also find her Pokemon...Worthy? I mean, he probably thinks all Coordinators have cute, weak Pokemon. May could easily prove him wrong about that.

To sum it all up:

I see her as someone who could warm Paul up, without being over bubbly, girly and optimistic, aka: annoying about it. She seems like she can hold against Paul with out any form of violence. For that, Paul might respect her, he might also find her amusing.respect.

Stranger [May/Silver] May has a motherly feel about her ^-^ Silver might need that :3
FirstDivide [May/N] ..It's sexy. Need I say more?
Advice [May/Cheren] ...^
Advance [May/Ash] Oh god...ADV is so..Realistic. They get along well, sure they have their fights, but all relationships have them. And even if they do fight, they'll make up quickly. They also give off the 'belonging' aura, and the 'Knight in shining armour' feel. Which I adore. Their interactions are so addoorrabble <33
HoennChampion [May/Steven Stone] Supah sexy..
Calendar [May/Barry] It'll be HILARIOUS
Image [May/Misty] They just look so cute together
SapphirePearl [May/Dawn] I love how Dawn fangirls over May :3
AdvanceAura [May/Sir Aaron] ..It's..Really cute..
Anytime [May/Cynthia] The name says it all. 'Anytime'
Cinnamon [May/Volkner] I also find this adorable :3
AdvanceFire [May/Red] Red's silence is endearing <3 The possible interactions he may have with her, is beautiful
Kit Kat [May/Mars] Don't ask. I don't know why I love it either
Polarity [May/Ursula] ^
VernalKing [May/Evil Ash] It's Ash. But more possessive. I love <3
My list isn't going to be too long so I doubt it'll need spoilers.

- Rocket (Musashi/Kojiro) - My OTP, they're a perfect match, and a fun pairing both in the canon and fandom.
- Orange (Kasumi/Kenji) - I think I mostly like this for rebellious reasons, but they're still a cute couple anyway.
- Contest (Haruka/Shuu) - I used to think it was nearly canon, but my mind has been changed lately. Still, a cute pairing with blushing and roses.
- Red (Musashi/Satoshi) - I don't really pair Satoshi to anyone, but I like this crackship because I adore both of the characters.
- Appeal (Hikari/Nozomi) - The girly girl and the tomboy. Do I need to say more?
- Whatever is Musashi/everyone... >_>; She's easy to pair.
Let's go, I guess. I'll even type the alternate names of characters to be nice this time!

I've kind of become a multishipper now and adore- or at least tolerate- most pairings. These are just my very, very favorite ones. I may or may not make another section for "runner-up" pairings that I like but not as much as these later, but I fear it'll be too long.

(Note- I'm currently in the process of entirely rewriting the post- consider this post under construction still)
Warning- Long:
BurningLeaf (Red x Leaf): Specifically, their original designs from the first generation, though they are cute together in their remake designs too. I just think these two look cute together. I remember seeing a comic for some sort of craft book where these two were interacting, and they seemed cute together. Red was more hotheaded and risky, and Leaf was more sensible, but sweet.

Conflict (Blue [Green] x Leaf): In this case, I mean the remakes in particular. I like how Blue has a little more interaction with the player in the remakes, and he seems like a cool guy in HG/SS especially. I kind of view his teasing here more as good-natured ribbing than outright bullying like in the original, and I played as Leaf, so it just sort of clicked.

Hanada (Red x Misty [Kasumi]): Especially FR/LG Red. This one was mainly fan art that got me into it. I can't really explain right now, but something about it just seems to work, especially if we're talking stoic!Red as opposed to hotheaded!Red. Something about a mature, quiet guy and a tsundere girl seems cute.

LittleBrotherNoLikeShipping (Brock [Takeshi] x Daisy[Nanami]): Assuming Brock in-game has a similar personality to in the anime, they just seem like a good match. Daisy is kind, caring, and mature- just the kind of girl I can see Brock with.

Expert (Professor Oak [Dr. Okido] x Agatha [Kikudo]): She seems to know a little bit about him, and they just seem like they'd be interesting together since they're two fairly powerful trainers. She says he used to be handsome- I could see him battling her to prove he hasn't lost his touch.

(Lt. Surge [Matis] x B/W Mom): I read a theory on TV Tropes about the possibility of Lt. Surge being Hilbert/Hilda's father, and it just seems to work. I could see him rubbing off a bit on Hilbert/Hilda, and it'd explain why he's not there in B/W- he's at work (although, Hilbert/Hilda's dad could just be dead/divorced, too- but theories are more fun!).

Psychic (Will [Itsuki] x Sabrina[Natsume]): It's hard to explain, but I just think they'd be interesting, especially since Sabrina is a little more confident-seeming in the Johto games. Also, they're both psychics.

Control (Bruno [Siba] x Lorelei [Kanna]): I have this weird habit of pairing up the first two members of the Elite Four when I'm not pairing them with anyone else. They both seem fairly cool and collected, I guess.

WikiError (Lance [Wataru] x Cynthia [Shirona]): They just remind me of each other so much. Both help (somehwat) with taking down the villainous team, both sort of have that same "epic" feel to them, and both appear in Generation IV (in the same game if you have Arceus). Both of them just give off such a similar vibe it's hard to ignore.

(Bill [Masaki] x Brigette [Azusa]): They seem like they'd be a cute, mature couple. I could see them working on PC problems together a becoming some sort of technologically-savvy duo.

Via (Celio [Nishiki] x Lanette [Mayumi]): Between Lanette's pack rat tendencies and Celio just giving off a "dork" vibe for reasons I can't explain, they just have so much potential for adorable awkwardness. They both look up to Bill too, I assume, since Lanette was a co-founder of the PC.
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Unlike the other list (my outdated SPPf one), I'm only listing ones I feel strongly about right now. Because holy hell, I saw my whole list on a .txt file I have, and I can't be fucked to justify ALL of them. *lazy* Especially when my reasons are "lol idk" for most of them.

Zoroark x Mewtwo (WorldsEndshipping)- My current OTP. I went nuts when I saw that picture on Pixiv, even though it was probably a joke. XD There are so many ways I can imagine it since I'm going by the movie versions of them.

Lucario x Lopunny (EgyptianFurshipping)- The first pairing with no human characters I really got into. You can't go wrong with the main anthro Pokes in the Sinnoh region.

Zoroark x Lucaro (Antitheticshipping)- The second one I got into, since the day after Zoroark was revealed. I was SO surprised when I found out it had a following on Pixiv and now in the english fandom. XD Lucario would probably beat Zoroark in a fight, but I see the latter as being dominant in the relationship anyway. o-0;;

Squirtle x Almond (Brothershipping)- My Magical Pokemon Journey OTP. Mostly because it's so funny. XD I know Squirtle says he sees Almond as a brother, but it comes off as something else to me. >__>

Dusknoir x Grovyle x Celebi (no name ;__;)- My Pokemon Mystery Dungeon OT3. I accidentally came across the ending to Explorers of Sky on Youtube, and I thought it was so cute and sad. When I tried to make a pairing out of this trio, I got sad over one being left out, so I threw them all together. I'm now playing this series for them. <3

Dario x Damian (Assholeshipping/Brokebackshipping)- It used to be called that first name for a reason. XD They're the two meanest characters in the earlier seasons and I love them for it. Easily my favorite CotD pair.

Ash x Lucario (Waveshipping/Chocolateshipping??)- I didn't even THINK of it until I saw an AMV that happened to show the scenes they have. They had a lot of tension and conflict up until the end *sniff*

May x Kelly (Minamoshipping)- Blah blah, we all know how long I supported it, I mention it every time. I still think they go good together even though Kelly was only in a few episodes and almost everyone else went with Contest/Advanceshipping. XD

Dawn x Zoey (Appealshipping)- I was kind of rooting for it since the beginning of DP, only not seriously for reasons that might start a flamewar. It's still a top favorite DP pairing, if not THE one.

Candice x Zoey (Snowpointshipping)- My hype for the above went down for awhile because of this, though. It was so obvious when I saw that episode. <3 XD

Primeape x Vaporeon (CapeBrinkshipping)- ...I bred two of mine in an old game years ago when I was desperate for an Eevee once. I ended up restarting it later on, but this idea lives on!
tho I only ship anime so

Advanceshipping Ash&May ~ It's cute, what can I say. And movie nine.
Contestshipping Drew&May ~ Roses. Sunsets. Blushes. I like romantic stuff.
Polarshipping Ursula&May ~ I love both Ursula and May. So yeah.
Calendarshipping Barry&May ~ Pretty much same as for Polarshipping. I love both characters. <3
Minamoshipping Kelly&May ~ I dunno. Really, I don't.
Orangeshipping Misty&Tracey ~ I really can't explain. It has cute hints, and Tracey always stalksVisits Misty. :3
Egoshipping Misty&Gary ~ Becuz Misty and Gary together would be awesome.
Masumishipping Misty&Max ~ Is it legal to say that its cute? :D
Twinleafshipping Dawn&Barry ~ I really don't know why. I guess it's just cute.
Penguinshipping Dawn&Kenny ~ Kenny likes Dawn. 'nuff said.
Heattagshipping Dawn&Conway ~ Conway obviously likes Dawn. WHY IS DAWN GETTING ALL THE BOYS
Sapphirepearlshipping Dawn&May ~ Idk. I just love them. <3
Appealshipping Dawn&Zoey ~ :D Girly girl x tomboy-ish girl.
Pandorashipping Dawn&Saturn ~ Because it's hot. And so is Saturn.
Ikarishipping Dawn&Paul ~ Opposites attract. irl they dont
Coldcoffeeshipping Paul&Barry ~ It has Barry in it. And Paul. lD
Chessshipping Iris&Black ~ It's cute. :I
Iris&Dento ~ Wild girl x Waiter boy 8D

psht I didn't ship most of these like few days ago.
now I do. D:<
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