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Your Shipping List

Re: What are your favorite shippings???



Mah OTP is 8018 (Yamamoto x Hibari) [Another fandom x3]
Re: What are your favorite shippings???

Luckshipping (BrockxLucy)
Luckyshipping (RedxLeaf?)
Waterflowershipping (DrewxMisty)
And whatever MayxPaul is
Re: What are your favorite shippings???

.:SHIPS:. (updated)
In order of how much I like each

Pokeshipping - Ash x Misty - My OTP for life X3
Contestshipping - May x Drew - Second best to Poke!
Soulsilvershipping - Lyra x Silver
Rocketshipping - Jessie x James
Wishfulshipping - Dent x Iris
HeatTagshipping - Dawn x Conway
Manaphy x Mijumaru - no questions asked....
Penguinshipping - Dawn x Kenny
N x White(ferriswheelshipping?)
Luckshipping - Brock x Lucy
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Re: What are your favorite shippings???

Advanceshipping(as if that wasn't obvious from my name;)- Ash has saved May's life multiple times, I do believe they have the most love themed episodes out of anyone ash has traveled with, they are THE most compatabile, and and theres the whole "they swam with luvdisc" thing. THAT is the strong hint of any ship, IMO.

Morpheusshipping- don't really like this one as much as Advanceshipping, and it is the only rival to advanceshipping i ship. I just see it as advanceshipping, micro size, since, again, Ash and Angie are very compatible, and ash saved her life too.

Hoennshipping- This one is more like just above neutral for me. I haven't played the games enough to really notice anything. But whatevs (and before you say this is a rival to advanceshipping, i consider game May and anime May to be 2 completly different people.

Specialshipping- I haven't read the manga, but one of my friends on here is getting me into it (I blame Amber(is here might change to something with yellow?)
16.harley/drew(couldn't resist. harley is probaly gay and i suspect that drew is bisexual)
17.jesse/james(i hate them but i can only see them paired up with each other)
Um. . . Wow, I wonder if anyone supports some of the minor things I support. XD

My OTP is Pokeshipping.
Then Contestshipping.
Then Handymanshipping.
Then Appealshipping. (Yes, that one IS a yuri ship.)

There are some others here and there that I mostly use for the sake of my fan-fics but the ones above are also the ones I'd run around looking for clues and fan-things about.
Well, I like
Advanceshipping (just look at my username)
Questshipping (JimmyXMarina)

and maybe a little alto/mare shipping (AshxLatias/Bianca)
Oh, yeah, Questshipping! Jimmy and Marina were cute together! Though I wish we'd seen some more about the two of them. . .

I guess I can add that to my list of ships too. ^^
My favorite Shippings:

Man, hardly anyone on the last couple of pages put why they liked their ships. :b

A few of mine~

HeatTag (Conway/Dawn): I think it's ridiculously adorable how the perfectly logical super nerd fell so hard for the coordinator. xD It's at least one-sided canon on Conway's side, which is better than most ships you get in Pokemon.
Contest (Drew/May): I find the roses to be Drew's way of telling May that he does care about her. They've got an intensely cute rivalry complete with blushing and denial... :b Oh and the sunset scene... squee~
Quest (Jimmy/Marina): Not only did Jimmy blush way too much, but his Typhlosion clearly shipped them and he was way too excited to get her phone number at the end of Legend of Thunder. ;D

Manga (plot spoilers ahoy):
Frantic (Ruby/Sapphire): You can't get a whole lot more canon than a mutual confession. :b Too bad Ruby's being a wuss and playing the "convenient time travel amnesia" card.
MangaQuest (Gold/Crystal): "Did I see a pretty damsel in distress?" xD I love how they bicker... all the time. And the potato scene was fabulous.
Special (Red/Yellow): It's gotta be at least one-sided on Yellow's part, since she is clearly very smitten with Red. And the scene where they're turned to stone and Red is holding Yellow in his arms is very touching.
Almia (Kellyn/Kate): Because technically the only canon these two show up in together is the Batonnage manga, I gotta put it here. xD I think it's great how Kellyn was so excited to meet Kate and show her his collections... until he found out she had smudged his newspaper (and then he washed her hands for her!). They have great bickering interactions, and Crawford remarks that they're quite a pair. x3 (I totally just love bickering interactions, can't you tell?)

Ranger (Lunick/Solana): Not only do they have the cute scene in the manga where Lunick is holding Solana after they save the Manaphy egg, but everyone and their mom remarks about how cute a couple they are (or at least refer to them as a couple) in the game. And they never deny it. Not to mention the major ship tease that is the Groudon mission... with their HOT AND PASSIONATE vacation time... just the two of them... sanctioned by the Union. ;)
Oblivia (Ben/Summer): Maybe I'm just a sucker for pairing up opposite gender player characters. .-. There was a scene in a post game mission where Nema remarks that the two are going on a "date" to which Summer/Ben sweats, stammers something, and rushes off. And I want to believe that the two partied it up at the Rainbow Festival, but alas, there is no proof of this. (I want a manga for Guardian Signs, darn it!)
I'll try to be funny and organize them into tiers.

S Tier:
Pokeshipping (Ash X Misty)
Morpheusshipping (Ash X Angie)
Gohan X Videl (DBZ)
Goku X Krillin (DB/DBZ)
Jaden X Alexis (Yu-gi-oh GX)

A Tier:
Yugi X Tea (Yu-gi-oh)
Sonic X Sally Acorn (Archie Sonic comics)
Contestshipping (Drew X May)
Abilityshipping (Ash X Anabel)
Sonic X Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog VG series)
Eldershipping (Delia X Oak)
Comashipping (Ash X Paul)
Negaishipping (Ash X Iris)
Penguinshipping (Dawn X Kenny)

B Tier:
Handymanshipping (Tracey X Daisy)
Ikarishipping (Dawn X Paul)
Twinleafshipping (Dawn X Barry)
Advanceshipping (Ash X May)
Goku X Vegeta (DBZ)
Festivalshipping (Harley X Solidad)
Admirationshipping (Drew X Brianna)

C tier:
Palletshipping (Ash X Gary)
Professor Oak X Agatha
Rocketshipping (Jessie X James)
Max X Vivi Winstrate

Everything B tier and below is non-viable.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they were just asking for the Pokemon related ones. ^^'
Ferriswheelshipping (OTP)

Those are the ones I like best, but there's so many more I ship.. :p
:B Gais. People!names with your 'ship!names, yeah? Friendly reminder for all of you. 'Cuz we're not all me, who knows what each of those all mean. For the benefit of your fellows: people!names.
Rank A:
Fairhairedshipping (Barry/Cynthia)(Decent possibilities, especially since you almost never see your rival, also it saves the player character from getting molested)
ChampChomp/Signatureshipping (Garchomp/Cynthia) (This 'ship earned me all my friends here)

There are more, but I don't care to put them up atm
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(I'm a newbie to shipping so forgive me if I say something really dumb)

In no particular order:
JohtoFestaShipping (Khoury x Lyra) - Pretty much canon on Lyra's side and I think Khoury could learn to like her back.
MorpheusShipping (Ash x Angie) - Not a hardcore fan but I like how their personalities were so similar it made the two clash at first.
NegaiShipping (Ash x Iris) - To a small extent. If I had to pick a Ash x main girl ship it'd be this one. But I'll wait and see as more of Best Wishes comes along.
ComaShipping (Ash x Paul) - For teh lulz.
ColdCoffeeShipping (Paul x Barry) - Same as above. Barry's fanboying is hilarious.
CavalierShipping (Gary x Dawn) - I also like how Dawn fangirls over Gary.
Last but not least, I'll just list three names: Dawn, Zoey, Candice. Pick any two of them and I ship it. :p

Again, in no particular order:
ValetShipping (Darach x Caitlin) - Heck, I don't even own Platinum or HG/SS but for some reason I love this.
Pretty much every player character pairing (Red x Leaf, etc.) but FortuneShipping (Lucas x Dawn) especially.
IronWillShipping (Riley x Dawn) - I just love pairing up Dawn lol.
FerrisWheelShipping (N x Touko) - Seen some cute fanart.
OriginShipping (Steven x Wallace) - More for the lulz but I've seen some really good fanart.
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Okay, might as well put the Pokemon Shippings up at least.

HeatTagshipping (Dawn x Conway)
Comashipping (Ash x Paul)
Palletshipping (Ash x Gary)
ColdCoffeeshipping (Paul x Barry)
Collideshipping (Ash x Barry)
Bouldershipping (Ash x Brock)
SapphirePearlshipping (Dawn x May)
Curtainshipping (Reggie x Maylene)
Ikarishipping (Paul x Dawn)
FireRedshipping (Ash x Zoey)
Abilityshipping (Ash x Anabel)
Evashipping (Paul x Reggie)
OrangeShipping (Misty x Tracey)
Advanceshipping (Ash x May)
LameBrainshipping (Conway x Barry)
Veilstoneshipping (Paul x Conway)
TeenCareshipping (Brock x Holly)
Morpheusshipping (Ash x Angie)
Hollowshipping (Brock x Paul)
WhiteTruthshipping (Paul x Cynthia)
Petalburgshipping (May x Max)
Contestshipping (May x Drew)
Tensionshipping (Harley x Drew)
Snowpointshipping (Candice x Zoey)
Appealshipping (Dawn x Zoey)
Rocketshipping→Queershipping (Jessie x James)
Leagueshipping (Ash x Richie)
Chestshipping (Misty x Lorelei/Prima)
Brocketshipping (Brock x James)
Bitchshipping (Misty x Jessie)
Needleshipping (James x Harley)
ThirdWheelshipping (Brock x Tracey)
CarbonCopyshipping (Paul x Silver)
Hypershipping (Barry x Bianca)
CafeMochashipping (Cilan → Ash variant)
Sommeliershipping (Cilan x Burgundy)
SourGrapesShipping (Georgia x Burgundy)
Englandshipping (Bianca x Georgia)
Sanyoushipping (Cilan x Chili x Cress)

Manga (Special)
Chosenshipping (Blue♀ x Silver)
FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
OriginalShipping (Red x Green)
MagmaJewelshipping (Ruby x Courtney/Marge)
Gracefulshipping (Wallace x Winona)
Absurdistshipping (Diamond x Pearl)
Volcanoshipping (Flannery x Harlan/Tabitha)
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And perhaps some others I forgot to mention right now.
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