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Your Shipping List

I only like one shipping which is MangaquestShipping (GoldxCrystal) from the Pokemon special manga.

Ships for me updated

Negaishipping-Chemistry, just love them together.

CafeMochashipping-What's not to love?

Imaginationshipping-Ash and Bel is another pairing I love together, I hope she returns, she just matches his personalityXD

LuffyxHancock One Piece-Can I post none Pokeshipping? I love how Hancock will do any thing for Luffy. She even become a WarLord for him and than gave it up when he was in trouble.

LuffyxMermaid Princess-So far I've been really liking there interactions together in the manga. I can already tell she's gonna fall for him in the end, so that's a plus.

LuffyxCamie-It was cute and I hope Camie returns in this saga too, she is a mermaid for crying out loud. In the anime she did blush about Luffy.
Advanceshipping - My OTP. The second I thought about ships, my mind went straight to them. They are just cute and awesome together.
Egoshipping - I have always felt like Misty and Gary would make a great match. I know there isn't really anything between them but hey..
Pokeshipping, Brunetteshipping, Imageshipping and Palletshipping - I have this thing where my four favourite characters must hook up with each other. So whilst I don't ship them nearly as much as the first two, I would be happy with these.

Hoennshipping - When Ash isn't around, Brendan can feel free to sweep May off her feet. :p

I'm slowly going through Adventures at the moment, so they come later. :)
Let's see...

SoftButchHardButch - Zoey and J. I named this one, mostly because it hadn't occurred to anybody before. I can't really explain it, other than the fact that I adore both characters. I suppose it partly comes from the extreme contrast between the two, and the fact that they're both kind of butch (Zoey more so than J, at least apperance-wise and dress-wise).

Helper - Professor Ivy and her sex slaves assistants. My original pet ship, and one that I'm still very fond of. I'm of the (unpopular) opinion that this is effectively canon. See, I immediately got the lesbian vibe off Ivy when we saw her, and Brock's subsequent return, complete with something that occurred during his time with Ivy that must never be spoken of, seemed to confirm what I thought all along.

DayDream - Meowth and Giovanni. Entirely one-sided and most likely platonic, but there's really no doubt in my mind that Meowth is in love with the Boss. I might be imagining this, but I seem to recall Maddie Blaustein said that she actually played Meowth this way, and there can be few people who understood the character better than her.

AloeVera - Lenora and Hawes. How could you not love these two? This is the relationship that gives hope to dorky scientists everywhere.
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Comashipping (AshxPaul) - I recently got into this and it's now my number one pairing in the anime. Ash and Paul's dynamic is so interesting. I love the way Paul gets all defensive when other people talk to him about Ash (like when Reggie mentioned Ash dropping by, or when Brock confronted Paul about Ash and Chimchar), and I love how, no matter how much Paul pisses Ash off, Ash still treats him with respect and always greets him cheerfully.

Ikarishipping (DawnxPaul) - Though there weren't many hints in canon about them being interested in each other, I can def see something happening between the two in the future.

Those are the two I'm most focused on now, but I also like Palletshipping (AshxGary), Egoshipping (MistyxGary) and Brocketshipping, specifically JamesxBrock.

I hope this all made some semblance of sense, I'm only about a third coherent atm.
Pokeshipping- Misty X Ash
Contestshipping- Drew X May
Irakishipping- Paul X Dawn
Shootsdownshipping- Zoey X Kenny
Twinleafshipping- Dawn X Barry
Caveliershipping- Dawn X Gary
And one i made up. ReshiZekroshipping- My oc Melody X Ash. :3
Please explain why you like them.

Pokeshipping- Misty X Ash
Because its cute. They were the orignial pairing, before May and Dawn. Plus Misty is cute for Ash.

Contestshipping- Drew X May
Well, there are ALOT of hints in the show. And Drew and May were MEANT for eachtother.

Irakishipping- Paul X Dawn
Ok so not that many hints in the show, but they go together. Chemicals react, right?

Shootsdownshipping- Zoey X Kenny
No reason, merely that i HAVE to pair Kenny with someone other than Dawn.

Twinleafshipping- Dawn X Barry
The cuteness of this is irresistable. Is that reason enough?

Caveliershipping- Dawn X Gary
SO MANY HINTS. Plus Gary and Dawn were almost MEANT for eacthother.
:disgust: Just don't get me started on ANY of shippings.
I like FerrisWheelShipping [I think thats the girl character from Black/White and N]

I like this one because during the game you could see that she and him have had a good bond to be best friends. And they could've shard a kiss on top of the ferris wheel and at the castle he talked to the main character about what he was thinking about and his life and how much he has changed after becoming king and decides to follow his dreams, then says good bye I could just see the girl getting a little teary eyed while watching him fly away on his Zekrom/Reshiram [depending on which game you played]
Ash and May!
cuz they have many similarities ! and they are cute together :D
Conway x Dawn - HeatTagShipping - cute stalking is cute
Jessie x James - RocketShipping - my first shipping ever ♥
Cilan x Iris - WishfulShipping - I just think it's cute
Ash x Angie -MorpheusShipping
Drew x May - ContestShipping - got a lot of evidence and cuteness going for it
Tracey x Misty -OrangeShipping - such a tragically underappreciated pairing *sobsobsob*
Paul x Barry - ColdCoffeeShipping - Barry totally has a mancrush on Paul and you know it
Reggie x Maylene - CurtainShipping - I don't know why I love this so much but it's just cute
Brock x Holly - TeenCareShipping - Holly was the first girl who reciprocated Brock's feelings who just so happened to be in an episode I actually watched
Zoey x Candice - SnowpointShipping - it's just cute
Harley x Solidad - FestivalShipping - I really don't know why
Butch x Cassidy - NeoShipping - Love Power, indeed.
Trip x Ursula - SnarkyShipping - because I can
Nando x Cheryl - OctoberShipping - pretty random
Jimmy x Marina -QuestShipping - canonity FTW! |:D
Khoury x Lyra - JohtoFestaShipping - there is evidence but I swear I'm the only one who cares
Tonio x Alice - AccordShipping - it's cute, it's canon, it's...cooltacular? |:<
Dario x Lara Laramie - RodeoShipping - another one of those ones with no real reason
Mondo x Duplica - DittoShipping - just because I can
Sir Aaron x Queen Rin - CastleShipping - In order for there to be descendants, babies need to be made. Logic, people.
Giovanni x Delia - DiamondShipping - Giovanni is Ash's dad! *shot*
Prof. Oak x Delia - ElderShipping - in the present, that is
Ash x Gary - PalletShipping - Runner-up to MorpheusShipping.
Zero x Infi - NumberShipping - Because I can
Eusine x Morty - SacredShipping - yeah that
Murph x Kate - JustEndTheSongShipping - for the lulz
Cheren x Bianca - DualRivalShipping - Asthetics or something
Bidoof x Sunflora (PMD2) - DiaryShipping - because there's some evidence or something
Eusine x Kris - CrystalShipping - Because I 'ship my character with my favorite random hot guy. So there.
Steven x May - HoennChampionShipping
- See above.
Riley x Dawn - IronWillShipping - see above
Silver x Lyra - SoulSilverShipping - see above
N x Hilda - FerrisWheelShipping - see above
Lucian x Cynthia - SnazzyShipping - asthetic reasons or something
Morty x Phoebe - GhoulShipping - two ghost-type trainers who dress like water-type specialists. Or, well, Morty used to, but whatevs.
Burgh x Elesa - JuxtapozShipping - no particular reason
Brock x Misty - GymShipping - again, no particular reason
Barry x Dawn - TwinleafShipping - runner-up to IronWill
Prof. Oak x Agatha - ExpertShipping - past tense
Will x Karen - MasakudoShipping - just because. Probly something to do with the manga.
Roark x Jasmine - MiningShipping - because I can. >:/
Saturn x Mars - ConjunctionShipping - dear lord I really don't have ready explanations for any of these, do I? OTL
Lt. Surge x Fantina - NationalistShipping - ...
Volker x Flint - IgnitionShipping - THERE! Evidence, that's why.
Bill x Daisy Oak - TeaShipping- for some reason

Eusine x Kris - CrystalShipping
- Evidence! |:D
Wallace x Winona - GracefulShipping - evidence!
Sapphire x Ruby - FranticShipping - evidence!
Red x Yellow - SpecialShipping - okay, that's getting to sound like an excuse now.
Diamond and Pearl Adventure!:
Jun x Mitsumi - because...he has a crush on her, and I'm a compulsive shipper

shipname = nevermet
shipname = a particular favorite

Actually, my reason for ALL of this is that I'm a compulsive shipper. Can I go now?
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These are the shippings that I genuinely liked for a while (and not just a few months and forget about it. aka, soulsilvershipping. XD)

Twinleafshipping (BarryxDawn): Honestly, I love them together in every DP adaption there is. owo;; lawl
ColdCoffeeshipping (BarryxPaul): Barry's fanboyness over Paul makes me d'aw <33 Paul, open your eyes on that cute blond fanboying over yoooou. D:
Collideshipping (AshxBarry): I like it a bit more than Coldcoffee
HeatTagshipping (ConwayxDawn)

Twinleafshipping (BarryxDawn): My OTP. And seriously, it is my ONE true pairing. Also the only rivalxheroine pairing I give a crap about. The others don't got NOTHING compared to these two for me. XD
Challengeshipping (PalmerxBarry): Don't matter if its incest, they're fictional. lol The cute fanart and fanfics of these two make me like it. I R ASHAMED... not rly, no... owo
Isshushipping (NxBlack): OMG! Yes, I love this shipping to bits!! My reason why? ...IDK! lol
Rebelshipping (BlackxBianca): I don't like pairing Black with White or Bianca with Cheren (like the rest of the world xD ) and some scenes in the game make me like it a bit. - w -;; It is very cute, yep *thumbs up*

For manga (PokeSpe-wise), its just one shipping - Haughtyshipping, so it doesn't need a spoiler tag. ):<
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Here a list of my shippings that I support.

~Twinleafshipping(BarryxDawn)-When I first started watching DP I thought these two where so cute together
~Wishfulshipping(CilanxIris)-I like how Iris and Cilan usually have a debate or something dealing with Spiritual and Science; and Iris likes Cilans food is cute.
~Egoshipping(MistyxGary)-I wanted to be different but once I started seeing clips of these two together I thought they were cute.
~Advanceshipping(AshxMay)-I forgot why I liked this couple but they had great moments
~Contestshipping(MayxDrew)-Ever since I watched one episode of this couple I started liking them together even if I like Advanceshipping
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In my list, I'm not going to put real justifications for nevermets or COTDxMain character ships because then my post goes over limit. Hah.


Main Character x Main character

OTP: Advanceshipping - SatoshixHaruka

tl;dr as to why this is my OTP hehe.
This ship has been my OTP for Pokemon for the looongest time. During the OS I always acknowledged the existence of Pokeshipping, but I was largely apathetic to it; it didn't strike any chords with me; I always thought Satoshi was way, way, way too immature for Kasumi. I shipped her with Kenji when he came along :p. Then AG game along, and Satoshi grew up a bit, and Kasumi had been replaced. As soon as I saw promo pics of Haruka, I liked her right away. Even moreso than I liked Kasumi. Watching AG0001 sealed the deal for me - I started liking the pairing right away.

This will always be my favorite SatoshixMain Girl pairing, like, forever. I know the anime PUSHED contestshipping, but I prefer the interactions with Satoshi and Haruka. It was clear from day one that the two most important guys in Haruka's life (well, three) will always be Satoshi, Shuu, and Masato, but I always much preferred Haruka's interactions with Satoshi. It's very nuanced. I will go out there and say that her character development would have NEVER happened if it weren't for her chance encounter with Satoshi; she is the only main girl whose story (to me, anyway) would have never existed without meeting Satoshi, traveling with him, learning from him.

The fact that she has adapted his battle style says quite a bit. The reason why I do not prefer contestshipping is because of Shuu. I like Shuu, I really do, and even though I'm an avid advanceshipper I've never, ever considered Shuu to be a cheating bastard that only wants something from Haruka like those other anti-Contestshippers. That's just wrong. I acknowledge that Shuu is a motivator in Haruka's development, but that he's much too focused in his work. The fact that they have conflicting goals spells the possibility of them having conflicts within their relationship, I think. I've always imagined Shuu as quite celibate in that respect, haha. This is one of the only RivalxRival pairing I flat-out do not support. I don't like his flashiness or his pretty boy-ness; and I much prefer the subtlety of advanceshipping.

Back to advanceshipping. Haruka places so much importance on Satoshi. She prefers him to her FATHER. It's clear in the canon that she places so much belief and confidence in him that it gives her strength. Haruka is presented as this girl who is sweet, cheerful, and optimistic... with pretty much zero confidence in herself and her abilities. From day one Satoshi believes in her; and he becomes this pillar in her life that motivates her to realize HER strengths. And it's now and only now that Shuu begins to show attraction to her - after she proves herself formidable and worthy. But for Satoshi it's never been her worthiness that causes him to be so dedicated to her; I personally think he enjoys playing the hero - her hero, really. The Umi no Ouji Manaphy! was so captivating to me - the advanceshippy scenes really, really took my breath away. They were just a culmination of all their interactions in the entire series, together, in a life-or-death situation. Satoshi knows the grim reality of death - having hovered on the brink of it many times before. He takes on the responsibility of protecting EVERYONE, knowing that the ending might come out badly for all of them. By badly, that means everybody drowns. And yet he doesn't give up. And Haruka knows, too, but she's scared out of her wits; she's tired too, but instead she gives herself up to Satoshi. Puts all of her trust, courage, and energy and channels it toward him - which snaps him out of unconsciousnessness and lets him find the energy to swim like, 20 feet.

I especially also love the scene in DP076, when Satoshi and Haruka pull out their ribbon halves again. This scene, too, is so nuanced. Haruka asks "Kore matteru?" After pulling out hers - asking innocently whether or not he still has his half that they shared. And Satoshi responds, "Aah, mochiron." "Yeah, of course." And he casually pulls it out of his pocket. Their memento that they share together is so important to him that he doesn't just keep it in his backpack, but that he treasures enough to remember to carry it with him at all times. The depth to that scene is even further enhanced when Haruka says that when the times get rough for her, the comfort she needs is to pull out the ribbon and think of Satoshi's encouragement. That he saves so much belief, just for her. Uhhhh, and the contestshippers say that advanceshipping doesn't have any hints! :p

I acknowledge both ships; it's just a question of which I prefer. OBVIOUSLY, YMMV. And also OBVIOUSLY, I prefer advance :p

I promise my other explanations won't be as verbose XD

I also ship...

CafeMochaShipping - DentxSatoshi
Dwah, this ship is turning into my BW OTP - and has already transcended Palletshipping as my second favorite Satoshi ship, HAHA.

I consider this ship to be one-sided on Dent's side for the moment (and would be surely two-sided if Dent goes really seme on Satoshi), and I LOVED it from the second I saw the fanart for it. Seriously, CafeMocha has some awesome fanart. cafemochashipping.tumblr.com if you would like to see it.

I also <3 it because Dent's interactions with Satoshi are nothing short of cute. "I'm going wherever you're going, Satoshi." D'awww. I think this ship is particularly interesting because of where Dent falls on the scale of idealism to realism/cynicism. He's not a cynic by any means; but he just prefers to do things the SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME scientific way; and he strikes me as the type that has to justify everything he sees and says. The fact that he idealizes Satoshi makes it veeerrrryy obvious that Dent breaks all of his rules of the universe when it comes to Satoshi. Maybe it's because Dent doesn't know he's in love with Satoshi yet.

Negaishipping - SatoshixIris
Their banter is so adorable! I can imagine their relationship being really playful and just squee. Plus I like how Iris isn't afraid to call Satoshi out on his shit. I can imagine their dates being like... Stargazing or something. Adorbs. They have really cute chemistry.

Orangeshipping - KasumixKenji
Rooting for The Nice Guy, here. And the fact that I think Kenji would actually... give Kasumi all the patience, love, and maturity that Kasumi needs. Plus he gave her a Pokemon egg to replace her other lost headpet.

Bouldershipping - SatoshixTakeshi
They just didn't want to let go, :p

Imageshipping - KasumixHaruka
Screw guys, Kasumi and Haruka will obviously show you their awesome. Putting them together just EXUDES sexiness. And who else didn't feel it during the Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon special?!

MasumiShipping - KasumixMasato
Masato was definitely into Kasumi; they bonded and it was adorable, plus it fits Kasumi's bill of liking younger guys :p

Gymshipping - KasumixTakeshi
All the more viable now that Takeshi is back at the Nibi Gym! Their friendship is so sweet.

SapphirePearl - HarukaxHikari
They're the exact same height!!! This ship is just fun.

Wishfulshipping - DentxIris
Now, I really don't like this ship that much - they interact alright, but this ship is so below Negaishipping and ColdCoffee for me that I'm really meh about it. But the fanfiction I read about it is nicely written, so this gets an honorable mention.

The chemistry of this main three has struck me way harder than any other main three has before... That I think if two hooked up the hypotenuse would be really, really sad. So I just like sticking them all together. :p

Rocketshipping - MusashixKojirou
Now, I'm not the hugest fans of the rockets. But it's so obvious that Musashi and Kojirou pretty much LIVE for each other. The episodes dedicated to them in DP made me squeal.

Questshipping - MarinaxKenta
I rewatch the legend of thunder JUST for their scenes. SO. FREAKING. CUTE. and it's obvious kenta's loved marina all his life!

Main Character/Rival x Rival - Be prepared for lots of Hikari ships now, haha.
Palletshipping - ShigeruxSatoshi
NOSTALGIA FACTOR, plus this ship is way too hot to ignore. I'm a diehard oldrivalshipper, so I thought it was interesting that I really, really like palletshipping. It must be the childhood friends thing? And the fact that Shigeru is really freaking sexy? The RedxGreen-ness of this ship is also awesome. There's some kickass fanart for it.

Comashipping - SatoshixShinji
I think, in a way, Shinji LIKES pushing Satoshi's buttons. and would totally pwn him in romance. The tension is AMAZING.

Coldcoffeeshipping - ShinjixJun
Totally cute seeing how Jun is such a fanboy.

Collideshipping - JunxSatoshi
"I'M GOING TO FINE YOU IF YOU DON'T MAKE LOVE TO ME!" Yeah. The fantasies that go into supporting this pairing.

Veilstoneshipping - KouheixShinji
shinneth did it

Penguinshipping - HikarixKengo
Kengo BORED ME TO TEARS as a character, but I started rooting for him quite a bit when he challenged Satoshi to a battle to win Hikari's heart. I feel like he's been in love with her all of his life, and, just, aww, what if the cute girl got with the not-so-spectacular everyman? Go Kengo! Win your girl :p

Ikarishipping - HikarixShinji
Now, I considered this ship to be utter crack for a while, but I've grown to REALLY like it, because I've actually read decent fanfiction on the subject. Hikari is such a genki girl that I don't think Shinji would ever faze her; and her charm would eventually break him down.

Twinleafshipping - HikarixJun
Was/Is my favorite DP ship for a while. I think it's just so cute! Hikari interacted with Satoshi's rivals so amazingly that I ship her with every single one. But her interactions with Jun were especially cute because she's so energetic and chipper -- and so is he. I especially liked when she mocked him during the Futaba festival arc. And I totally ship their parents too, so big win there.

HeatTagshipping - HikarixKouhei
Creepy, nerdy guy + girly girl. Plus it's already half canon. :p I find them SO cute.

Cavaliershipping - HikarixShigeru
This ship is a little bit different in the sense that I think that Hikari wouldn't actually be the dominant force in the relationship. I especially like it because Hikari seemed like such a fangirl. I can imagine her writing hearts on her notebook with Shigeru's name in them, or trying to come up with senryuu. Her fangirling over Shigeru's "poetry" was really adorable.

Againstshipping - NozomixShinji
Now, I feel like if Shinji could find out that Nozomi is now a Top Coordinator, that he'd respect her a little, at least. Nozomi clearly HATED Shinji, but I think this ship is viable based off mutual respect.

Respectshipping - SatoshixShuu
Speaking of respect, xp, another reason why I would like ^. Also, this ship is SEXY. And both of them can just be like Oh fuck Haruka let's just fuck each other. KYAA~

Appealshipping - HikarixNozomi
Their interactions were so full of touchy-feely-blushy moments that they're not even rivals, really, but BFFZsistuhs. It's REALLY cute.

I'd like to think that Shuu's primary coordinator motivations have something to do with Saori. If you get my drift.

Tensionshipping - ShuuxHarley
I can TOTALLY imagine Harley going REALLY REALLY uke for Shuu. *laughs maliciously*

I read a really cute fic with them in it once! :3

Curtainshipping - SumomoxReiji
It's awesome :3

Conjunctionshipping - SaturnxMars
I liked it because the fanart looks really good, but the way he held her back...

JohtoFestShipping - KazunarixKotone
Kotone kind of annoyed me throughout her run in the anime, but I still lovelovelove this pairing

Nevermets: all of my justifications for these are the same: they'd be awesome:
DentxKasumi, Waterflowershipping (ShuuxKasumi), Belleshipping (ShuuxHikari), Oystershipping (KasumixHikari), Mizuchi (KasumixIris), some others that I can't think of at the moment


I'll make a new list for PokeSpe/the Games but I think I would Go WAY WAY WAY WAYYYYYY over count limit. AHAHA.
Games (Note that for some of these I use the Pokespe names just out of preference, but I am talking about the game continuity here. xD)
BurningLeaf (Red x Leaf): This is probably my game OTP, since it's personal to me. I'm a girl and FR was my first Pokemon game and I had a friend who's a guy got LG a week or two later after seeing me play FR. We played them A LOT, so I got so attached to Red and Leaf. Heck, when I eventually got my guide for the games I wrote what we named our trainers on their hats on the cover of it. :p This was one of my first ships and I'm still into it.

Newbark (Gold x Cyrs): I got into this around the same time as BurningLeaf, but I'm not as much into it as much as I was. I was big on Johto at the time so it just clicked. xD I guess I could just imagine them hanging under the moonlight on Mt. Moon on Mondays. (... I think it was Monday the Clefariy came out, at least. xD)

SoulSilver (Silver x Lyra): This is the ship that made me appreciate Lyra more. After I beat HGSS, I was obsessed with this ship and drew it every night before I went to sleep. xD Like Newbark, I'm not that huge on it anymore. I still like it, though. I just loved that scene where Silver wanted to team up with Lyra. <3 Not to mention the Radio Tower scene. Awesome fan art helped me get into this ship. This is the only Player Character x Rival ship I like, unless the one listed directly below this counts.

Hoenn (Brendan x May): I wasn't really huge in this ship at first, I just went with it to match my usual Player Character x Player Character habits. After reading Pokespe, though, my FranticShipping kind of crossed continuities. :p The part where Brendan wishes you saw Rayquaza with him was pretty cute, though.

Fortune (Lucas x Dawn): Kind of like HoennShipping for me at the beginning, only reading Pokespe didn't really make it better. xD More complimenting my Player Character x Player Character stuff.

Chess (Black x White): ... Even though I was the one who initially posted that Black's name was Hilbert with that image since I got my game March 1st, I'm still not used to that name. >:C (Then again I'm still not used to Gold's new name and it's been over a year. xD) Ok, enough with ranting, onto shipping.

At first, I wasn't really sure on what BW ships to go with. I started to lean towards Chess with moar of my Player Character x Player Character ships, but I wasn't settled yet. Rocking fan art helped get me into Chess and I just decided to go with it by the time I got BW. Plus, I could just see them going along so well with Undella Town's spring/fall/winter music. :D

N x FERRIS WHEEL: Yes, I ship this. Since I'm a ChessShipper and I dislike FerrisWheelShipping, I had no one to ship N with. I just decided to go with N x Klink for the heck of it, but then I got into this with someone's comment while browsing YouTube videos. When you meet N next to the Ferris wheel, he says "I love Ferris wheels. The circular motion... The mechanics..." ... IT'S CANON, NOW BOW DOWN TO IT.

Beach(Hero x Partner PMD2): ... I have no idea what to think of you if you've played PMD2 and didn't baw your eyes out when the strong bond you formed with your partner just ended like that. Hands down OTP for spin-offs. (I also support the PMD1 version, but to a lesser extent.)

Rend (Grovyle x Shiny Celebi): Hey Celebi. You're blushing. You're not crushing over Grovyle, rightttttt, I'll believe that. :p Not to mention Grovyle panicking over what could've happened to Celebi in the last special episode.

Colosseum (Wes x Rui) Admittedly, I haven't gone back and fully played Colo until the end of the main game since it first came out when I was in... 2nd grade, when I obviously wasn't into shipping. Even then, though, I did imagine some shippy moments. :p I'd always imagine Rui (... or was it Wes) being trapped in that cage-like thing in the Under, and then the other using a Bayleef to save them with a vine.

Pokespe (Most of which you'll see are just the counterparts of my game shippings. xD)
Frantic(Ruby x Sapphire): Pokespe OTP. <3 It's canon. What else is there to say? :D

Lucky (Blue/Green (girl) x Red): I'm not as huge on this as its game counterpart, BurningLeaf, but I still thought their interactions were cute. :3

Commoner (Dia x Platina): Like its game counterpart, Fortune, I'm not that huge on it, but I still kind of like it.

Agency (Black x White): I just love that scene where White starts thinking that she says Black's name a lot. <3 Not to mention Black seems kind of like White's protector since she doesn't know a thing about battling. Not to mention there's still going to be a lot of hints since we're only so early into the BW arc! :D

I really have no idea how I'm going to ship up the Johto trio so I won't list anything. xD

Quest (Jimmy x Marina): Obvious Shipping was obvious. Even Typhlosion knew.

... Even though anime shippings in general are pretty much the most popular, this is really the only anime ship I support, and even then it's pushed aside for its game counterpart, Newbark, which that itself I don't pay much attention to. xD
Ontherocksshipping:(cress/Hilda)- after the game is over he wishes they had known she needed help so they could come and help her, I know it's not strong evedence it just when ever I play the games I over romanticize what they say to make it romantic

Soulsilver:(Silver/Lyra oppisites attract plus he took off her rocket uniform at the radio tower...

ferriswheel:(Hilda/N)- oppisites attract even though it contradicts my favorite ship (the first one) I mean he is black and she is white they were ment for each other though I still like her with Cress..

YEAHGOCRASHERWAKE(chasher wake/himself)- for giggles
Ikarishipping(paul/dawn)- the only anime ship I am a die-hard fan of. opppisites attract, I have to say I am a sucker for oppisite attract ships.

pokeshipping(ash/misty)- the one that started it all... It is ovious, I quote "Someday we will be married Ash" do I need to say more?

Contestshipping(Drew/May)-I mean again ovious he gives her roses for cryin out loud!

Adventure Manga
Teashipping(daisy/bill)- don't they live together now? Or am I mistaken?

whatever yellow and red is called- didn't she admitt to it? And the way he was carring her when they were turned to stone or whatever? Gotta love it.

whatever ruby and saphire is called- Again didn't they admit to it? If they flat out admit to it I ship it.

whatever green(the girl) and silver is called- they spent their childhood together escaped together something has to blossom.

fautherlyshipping (Falker and Janie) "when ever they think of their fauthers they think of there love" I give credit to Snoaz on fanfic,com for that one.

Pokemon ships

what ever victini/tepig is- that is how I ship it my game

HSOWA (skitty/wailord)- It's a classic and for laughs

whatever litwick and deerling is- how I ship it in my game
I've got four I adamantly support, listed below. In most cases I also support their signature Pokemon together as well.

Pokeshipping Ash and Misty just seemed to have a lot of chemistry and had a lot of great times together in the anime. They just seem perfect together to me, Misty being the bit of a hothead she is and Ash being the happy-go-lucky guy.

AlexandrianShipping Jasmine and Volkner are both soft-spoken but strong-hearted and the fact they both live in an ocean port near a lighthouse is cute, plus the fact Jasmine arrives in Volkner's city in D/P/Pt. They seem like they'd get along well and I like the idea of Volkner possibly giving Amphy to Jasmine. I also ship Luxray and Ampharos because of this pairing.

IgnitionShipping Volkner and Flint, just because they seem like such good friends and have been together for so long. They make a cute couple! Flint always seems to worry about Volkner and like to cheer him up, it's obvious he really cares about him. I ship Flareon and Jolteon together too.

Omertashipping Cress and Chili, not just because they're pretty boys but it just seems so perfect, incest aside. Cress is the cool, suave guy and Chili is an energetic radical. I love the combination of red and blue and fire and water also. I also ship their pokemon.

Volkner's a player. Or a threesome might be nice.
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