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GAME: Your Story/WIP Out of Context

Here's a little snippet from a chapter in Dawn of Courage I've been working on today. Still not finished as my energy has been non-existent today, thus it might have errors, but worth sharing regardless.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” the spearman protested.

“All’s fair in love and war,” Van merely said. “Now to really hammer it home… Elemental Energy Fusion activate!”

He was engulfed in swirling energy, prompting Jamie to quickly grab his spear before the transformation was complete. Soon Van had become the Steam Engine Charger, much to Jamie’s shock.

“Can you stop a loco locomotive?” Van smirked.

Jamie growled, “I’ll gum your gears! Stone Spear!”

His spear became coated in Earth energy as he charged at Van. Before the attack could land Van lashed out both of his lances on his arms and hoisted Jamie up off the ground.

“Steam Burn!” the transformed Centaur stated.

He released white-hot steam from his partly mechanical body, making Jamie cry out in pain as it burned him. Van then tossed Jamie, causing him to land on his back. He started to slowly spin his wheels.

“Flaming Smash!”

He charged ahead, lances coated in flames, racing toward Jamie. The human spearman had just managed to recover before Van plowed into him, engulfing both of them in a fiery blast and sending Jamie flying.

“Ooh!” the referee winced. “That’ll leave a mark. Talk about getting burned. That Centaur isn’t lacking in horsepower, that’s for sure!”
Here’s another:

“(Insert words here) Chloe said, half asleep, half Chloe-panicking.”

I was writing an Pokémon anime school au fic and I read through the goh and Chloe chaos mini arc in it and I read their dialogue in their voices exactly. I’m never posting it cause it’s sort of old but yes
Here's a little snippet from my next project: Shooting Star Rider.

She hesitated for a second, a blush forming on her face, before she kissed him on the cheek. His eyes widened in surprise, clearly not knowing what to make of that.

“W-What was that?” Obsidian asked.

“It’s called a kiss,” Pride replied, a small blush on her face. “Never heard of kissing before?”

“No, I haven’t. What is it?”

Pride’s blush got brighter before replying, “It’s a sign of affection. People kiss each other to show affection to another, be it a family member, a friend, or a lover. Because you did something major for me I felt the need to reward you with a little something. Thank you.” She then thought of something, “You know, Obsidian, we’re very similar. We’re both foreigners from distant lands adjusting to a new life. We both have high expectations
by others on our shoulders. And we both are learning and experiencing things for the first time. We’re two of a kind. We understand each other. That’s something I find to be wonderful and amazing. It really puts into perspective the new bond we’ve just forged together. Thank you, Obsidian. You made me very happy today. One day I hope I can repay you.”
This one is from a script for a comic.

We’re stopping again?

You just said you were bored of walking.

Meddy: [Stands up.]
Yeah, but now we’ll take even longer to get to wherever we’re going!
I love writing Zinnia
Here's another snippet from a fairly recent chapter in Shooting Star Rider.

Shadow Rose nodded, “So I see. We’ll keep our guard up for him. Thank you for informing us, Obsidian, as we now know that the threat hasn’t passed yet.”

Necromancer added, “Indeed. And I foresee that the Berserker Viron will return sooner rather than later. But from what my mystical senses are telling me, it’ll be in an unexpected location with a new wrinkle mixed in.”

Daxter gulped, “That’s not good. We’d best be careful.”

Captain Typhoon nodded, “Indeed. Stay on yer guard and don’t get separated so that Viron scum can’t ambush ya. Now, team, let’s move out.”

The Cyber Agents nodded and started to make their way back to base.

Julia pondered, “Those three seem awfully familiar. I feel like we know them. But from where?”

Obsidian and Pride exchanged odd looks.

“Should you tell them or should I?” Obsidian asked, deadpan.

“They’re adults, they can figure it out,” she replied, also deadpan. “…Hopefully.”
Forgive the double post (though it's been a while since last time) but here's another snippet from Shooting Star Rider. Let's see if anyone can get the references in it.

Obsidian, who had landed nearby, said, “Tough luck. Try this on for size! Rose Sword!”

His hand transformed into a new weapon. It was a sword with a green blade with thorns covering it, ending in a rose-shaped hilt. He swung it, causing several thorns to be fired off like missiles, striking Chuster hard.

The mysterious voice growled, “Two can play at that game. Zap Sword! Combat Chip in, go!”

Chuster’s arm transformed again, this time becoming a new weapon. It was a cylinder-shaped sword similar to a rapier, with a Tesla Coil-like hilt, and was crackling with electricity. Chuster charge in and locked blades with Obsidian.

“What is it that you want?” Obsidian asked. “Why are you attacking the Nebula Transmission Tower?”

The mysterious voice replied, “I guess it won’t hurt to tell you. Not like you’ll be around for much longer anyway. I created a hypnotic show that uses Chuster’s electric powers. I plan to use the Nebula Transmission Tower to broadcast it all over the world. When Chuster hijacks the airwaves, I can broadcast the hypnotic show I developed in order to hypnotize all humans and Cyber Guardians. Then I will create a world where me and my mouse are king and all humans and Cyber Guardians will be forced into humiliating diversions!”

Obsidian quirked an eyebrow, “Doesn’t a place like that already exist? Somewhere in Orlando if I’m not mistaken.”
Here is a snippet from my New Years Coltar short/one shot I'm working on.

“Aaron, come on. You can’t just break out. Dad will be even most pissed off,” Erik Piscar said. His black hair stood on end, spiked at the front, with his braids running down the side of his pale face. A small stitched-up scar rested on his cheek. He limped over to Aaron and grinned.

“Still limping, I see,” Clarence said with a smirk on his face. “What was it you said to me? Oh right, I bet I could beat you in a pokémon battle with my eyes closed.”

“And then you kneed him in the balls when he closed his eyes,” Aaron giggled.
From the prologue I'm writing on and off :

"Seeing him acting like this... It doesn't befit how he had presented himself back in the F-Zero Grand Prix", the latter whispers to the bounty hunter. Falcon simply starts walking towards where the beast hunter had gone. "I think I'm starting to understand what's going on. Let's catch up to him", the Captain says to Guster, signaling the bandit to follow him. Antonio stands there for a moment, wondering if Falcon is good at reading people or if he has a degree in human psychology.
Another little snippet from Shooting Star Rider.

Just then an unknown voice stated, “Hey! You alien trash!”

Everyone turned to see a male punk walk up to them.

“Whattya want?” Pride snarled.

The punk replied, “You stupid aliens. It’s all your fault that we have to deal with these Virons! Earth was perfectly happy without you space debris coming in and causing us problems. You’re nothing but freeloading losers who are causing more problems than you’re worth. You should get off our planet and return to the asteroid you lowly creatures came from.”

He kicked a rock at Obsidian, who merely caught it with one hand and crushed it. Before anyone else could say anything Mack quickly stormed up to the punk and got in his face, his expression being pure hatred and anger.

“Now you listen here, ya varmint!” he roared. “Obsidian and Lyn aren’t causin’ no one problems! They’re refugees lookin’ for a new home after theirs was destroyed! Ya have no right to talk to them like that! Yer language just reeks of racism, and ya know racism is a terrible thin’! If anythin’, it’s because of Obsidian that we even stand a chance against them Virons! From what I’ve been told, the Viron King has always had his evil eyes on Earth but was never able to make a move on us! Obsidian is the reason we stand a chance, and Lyn joinin’ the fray has given us an even better chance of survival! So take yer disgusting racism somewhere else, as Obsidian and Lyn aren’t the problem! They’re the solution! How would ya feel if yer were in their shoes? Havin’ lost everything, forced to find shelter in a strange new world, workin’ hard to protect people. They’re the reason we stand a chance! People like ya make me sick! So go on! Git! And if I catch ya harrassin’ our new alien buddies I’ll twist ya like a wet noodle!”
Just an old snippet from Psychic Duelist Django I find fun.

“Finally, the time has come!” Vanessa stated strongly. “We will erase our past shame and finally beat you two! You don’t stand a chance against us!”

“Yeah! It’s about time someone put you two in your place!” Roger chimed in. “We’ll prove we’re superior to you and reclaim our glory!”

“Um, what glory?” Tempest asked matter-of-factly. “You two never had any glory under your belts. The two of you are like a bad penny, yet you never seem to learn. Guess we’ll just have to school you, like always.”

Django chuckled, “You two shouldn’t let your minds wander so much. They’re too small to be let out on their own.”

The entire stadium snickered at that remark, making Roger and Vanessa infuriated.
Lol, "Vanessa" is Iono's off-stage name in my fic, so I read that very differently than it was probably intended! (Although I suppose that's kind of the point of the thread. ^_^;;)

I have a lot of lines that are weird out of context, but I'm fond of this exchange in my S/V fic:

"Oh, blast it!" yelled the clerk, right on cue. "My Machop is stuck in the floor again."

"Um...excuse me?" Juliana asked. She tried to lean through the shop window to see what the man was talking about, but he rushed over and waved her off.

"Hey, hey!" he said. "You don't enter a person's store. It's rude. You read a list of our fine selection and order outside like dignified folk."
Time for a fun snippet from a recent chapter of Psychic Duelist Django.

Stewart then said, “Now, before we begin, let’s have a few words from a very special individual!”

A camera that was hovering above them focused toward the upper balcony, seemingly on Cody.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Cody said cheerfully.

“He’s talking about my brother! Not you, you nitwit!” Nicholas snapped.

Just as he said that Kain stepped up on the balcony that was just above the rest of the gang. The camera focused on him as he did.

“I knew that,” Cody said.
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