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GAME: Your Story/WIP Out of Context

A little snippet from a recent chapter in Psychic Duelist Django.

Astral touched his deck, “I’ll open things up. I Draw!” He took a different card from his hand, “I activate the Spell: Polymerization! I fuse the Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon in my hand to Fusion Summon Gaia the Dragon Champion! And I’ll put him in Attack Mode!”

Gaia the Fierce Knight (2300/2100) and Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) appeared on the field briefly before fusing together, becoming Gaia the Dragon Champion (2600/2100).

“Sheesh, what an opening move,” Jack said. “Astral’s already got a 2600 point beater on the field.”

Tempest nodded, “True, but you need to remember one thing, Jack. Not only is Gaia the Dragon Champion just a beatstick but it’s one thing to summon a strong monster right away. Keeping it, however, is the real task.”
I went looking through my partially done stuff for weird quotes and...hoo, boy...

"—otherwise, I’d have to convince Mr. Kincaid to stock way more aged anchovies than any sane grocer would dream of, on top of everything else I had to deal with on a regular basis."

"Personally, I thought fear tasted like ravioli."

"I held up my free hand and started counting off fingers. 'Let’s see, we’ve got haunting without a license—which I know you are, because your renewal paperwork is sitting on my desk right now…'"

“I don’t want to alarm you, but we have a hostile paisley bearing down on us.”

"Don’t waste time questioning HOW you got in a giant vat of spaghetti when you should be tying noodles to make an escape rope—”

"What do you MEAN you didn't hear?! We have the same brain!"

"Do NOT get existential with me at six in the morning!"
Time for a little snippet from a recent chapter in Shooting Star Rider.

Thomas nodded, “That’s a good point. But now we know that there’s a criminal organization on the loose.”

Julia heaved a sigh, “Which means we have other problems to worry about besides Virons. Just great. We’ve got enough on our plates already. We don’t need any more problems dogpiling onto it.”

Obsidian replied, “True, but isn’t that why you all banded together? To work together in stopping such threats? You want to protect those you care about, right? So isn’t that why you all joined forces in hopes of protecting this world from all threats?”

Pride nodded, “That’s true. That’s exactly why we, along with Obsidian, joined forces, as there’s too much at stake right now. We all need to work together in order to overcome these threats, and that’s what we intend to do. Right?”

The rest of the gang replied, “Right!”

Obsidian smiled behind his facemask, “Good. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, I’m off. I want to see if I can get any info on who Torchfire and Poison Ivy are working for. Give my regards to Obsidian, as it was his SOS signal that alerted me to the problem. Good luck and stay safe.”

He turned into a bolt of energy and rocketed off, to Julia’s dismay.

“Wait! Don’t go!” she cried. “I wanted to kiss you for all the times you saved me…”
Yesterday, I finally made some progress on the next chapter of a My Little Pony fanfic.

The guard tensed. “If you’re referring to the changeling, Her Majesty Queen Haven ordered us to bring her here.”

“You must be misremembering.”

The guard narrowed his eyes. Well, Plan A failed.

Good thing she had a Plan B.
A brief excerpt from what I wrote today, because I'm amused by the mental image, of which you can probably pick up enough of to assemble in your head.
Flarian squinted against the force of the winds blasting his face, his hair billowing back behind him. It was uncommon for him to fly under anything except his own power, and he was honestly not a fan. Digimon who couldn’t do it themselves, such as his current form, generally tended to be less equipped for the experience in terms of wind resistance, making it extremely uncomfortable. And honestly, he wasn’t particularly happy about being clutched like some doll, either.
The squirrel huffed, pacing back and forth. The language barrier sucked. Eventually, Pachi stood in front of him. He squeaked two syllables and pointed at himself. He repeated what he said. From the way he held the squeak, it was like it had a long E sound at the end. But it wasn’t Nori’s name, since the first part wasn’t right. Come to think of it, it actually sounded like…

“You? Pachi?” The squirrel nodded. That was why the squirrel pointed at himself. He was saying his own name. “What about you?”

Pachi shook his head. “What do you mean, no?” He shook his head more vigorously. “Do you mean, no?” He nodded, yes, it was no.

Nori chuckled to himself. This had to look insane. It arguably actually was. The language barrier really sucked.
I hope it’s ok to post from my one Shot for the contest
As they left Serena’s house, they noticed one of their friends was outside too. Calem was leaning against the railing of his porch, his head propped up in his hands.

“Oh, hello, you two.” He said, noticing the two were holding hands.

“Hello Calem.” Shauna said in a monotone voice. Serena said nothing, but felt herself blush.

“Have fun on your daaaaate!” Calem said, teasing them.

“It’s not a date, we’re just buying flowers!” Serena said, flustered.

“Sounds like a date to me.” Calem said, shrugging as he turned away to enter his house.

(Subject to change as I haven’t properly edited this yet but it should stay like something like yhis)
Here's a snippet from Battle From the Heart. Specifically, from "Turtwigs and Stones May Break My Bones".

Geo gave a defeated sigh, “Forgive me, Danny and Haunter. I meant no offense. I’m ashamed to admit this… but I’m afraid of Ghost types. It stems from an incident when I was six, where a Gengar threw me around with Psychic because I had plucked a Sitrus Berry to share with my best friend that it wanted. It was able to get the Sitrus Berry before roughly throwing me away. Then there were two more incidents where a local bully learned of what happened, ‘borrowed’ his father’s Gengar, and used it to bully and scare me. He was caught by his father and it never happened again, but since then I’ve been terrified of Ghost Pokémon.”

Danny looked concerned, “You were bullied by a Gengar three times? Does that mean you hate Ghost types? Will my Haunter be a problem for you?”

Geo gave a weak smile, “It’ll be okay, Danny. I hold no ill will toward Ghost types as a whole. Like with people, I know that I can’t judge someone by their category, but rather their individual selves and their actions. And, as shown with my mansion, I can get used to a Ghost type if around it long enough. You see, one of my maids has a Drifloon that she caught. He had a tendency to hug everyone. While I was afraid of him at first, over time I got used to him and was able to swallow down my fear of him. Now I don’t mind him and he enjoys hugging me. As such, I know that I can swallow my fear down when necessary, especially since I know that Gym Leader Fantina is a Ghost type specialist. It’ll take some time before I get used to your Haunter, but it’s not impossible, as I was able to do so with Clara’s Drifloon.”
Here's another snipped from Battle From the Heart. Specifically, "Rocking Rampardos". It's an example of some of the humor that'll be in the series.

“That’s two down!” Jodi smiled. “And Geo’s still got all three of his Pokémon and they’ve taken no damage thus far. This is looking good.”

Danny nodded, his expression hardening, “True. But Cranidos is up next. And that Pokémon is a tough nut to crack.”

Orion looked furious, slamming his foot against the seat in front of him, snarling, “Oh, come on! What is this!? Is he the protagonist of some loser’s fanfiction or something!?”

Jodi and Danny exchanged uncomfortable expressions.

“Should I tell him or do you want to?” Jodi asked nervously.

“He might crack…” Danny replied apprehensively.

Freya turned to them, “What are you talking about? What fanfiction? And what’s wrong with that Orion guy?”

Jodi replied hesitantly, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s nothing important. And as for Orion, he was clearly banking on Geo losing, so the fact that Geo is winning with his team fully intact is clearly making his blood boil.”

Meanwhile, Team Galactic looked at each other with perplexed expressions.

“What did that nasty guy mean by ‘fanfiction’?” Victor asked. “This isn’t someone fanfiction. This is real life. …It is, right?”

Vivi nodded, “Agreed. Does he think Pokémon battles are like a video game where they just stand around and take hits? This is real life! And this is certainly not fanfiction.”

“I agree, but it appears this Orion guy clearly thinks that he’s the real protagonist of his own story,” Weavile snarked. “And he can’t stand to think that someone might be doing better than him.”
"This is the one I like to refer to as the 'dying howler monkey,'" said Cloud plainly, gesturing to the now writhing Ace.

"I think he's having a seizure. Ace, are you having a seizure?"

He did not dignify Elly's question with a formal response. Ace kept squirming around on the floor in a manner that - as a matter of fact - was not wholly dissimilar to a dying howler monkey, albeit one singing karaoke.

Cloud shook his head. "He's not having a seizure." Elly shrugged in reply, trying his best to prevent his countenance from relaying his bemusement and/or concern.
"I'm gonna need to make more sashes," Izzy said to Umbreon, Jolteon, and Confetti. "What's your favourite colour?"

"Pitch black," said Umbreon.

"I dunno," said Jolteon.

"All of them!" exclaimed Confetti.
Here's another snippet from the most recent chapter of Battle From the Heart. Specifically, "Bibarel Chews On the Problem".

Danny clenched his fist triumphantly, “Yes! Now we’re talking! Bibarel, bite through that cable now!”

Bibarel nodded, opened his mouth, and bit down on the cable with incredible force. The cable instantly snapped, causing the trapped Pokémon to plummet. Bibarel’s body then became surrounded by water and he shot into the air like a rocket. He grabbed the net with his front paws and used the new move to lower the captured Pokémon to the ground safely.

“Bibarel learned how to use Aqua Jet!” Geo smiled.

Vivi grabbed Weavile by an ear feather, snarling, “What was that about needing a Bibarel’s jaw strength to snap that cable, Weavile!? Looks like they gained exactly that!”

Weavile said sheepishly, “Hey, don’t blame me. How was I supposed to know that Danny would end up with Justin Bibarel right when he needed it?”
His mom shut the door and moved over to the stove. "Kettle's still warm, I'll make you some oatmeal." After a very brief beat, she followed up with, "Are you sure this is fine?"

"It'll be fine," Nori told her, weakly waving a hand. "Mrs. Kurusu's one of the good ones."

"Way more casual than I was expecting for a priestess," she muttered a remark while pouring and stirring the food.

"Just how she is," he explained as he groggily gathered his clothes for the day. Just the first he grabbed, which was a pair of jeans and a blue shirt. "See her motorbike?"

"That was hers??" His mom paused, her eyebrows arching at the mental image of a ninety-year-old woman racing down the street on a screaming hog.

"I know, right?" he said as he stepped into the bathroom to change.
It's been quite a while... :bulbaLol:
Ash blinked. "Cookies?" He looked over to where his starter's gaze was focused and felt his own eyes widen at the large jar of chocolate chip cookies. "Oh, awesome! Cookies!" Then he paused and gave Pikachu a look. "Wait...are you trying to distract me with cookies?"

"What? No, that's ridiculous. Also, is it working?"

"Is it worki-" Ash sputtered. "No, it's not working! I'm dumb, but I'm not stupid! I think...but I'm not gonna fall for something like that!"

"Soooo..." Pikachu drawled. "No on the cookies, then?"
Sceptile decided to make the first move with a sigh. "Well, might as well."

"Seriously?" Ash raised an eyebrow. "You're not even gonna argue?"

"I am doing this in the name of science."
"What the fu-"

"Ash," Gary groaned. "It's a PlipPlup video."


"You don't know what-oh, of course you don't know what PlipPlup is, oh my god, Ash-"

"What's PlipPlup?" Ash repeated again.

Gary stared, then slowly turned away. "Ash, I can't teach you these things."

"...you're seriously the worst."

"You'll thank me later."
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