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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V: Synchro Dimension Mafia - Signups - 9/21/2016

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Jun 9, 2012
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Synchro Dimension Mafia

After the battle between Standard Dimension's You Show Duel School and Leo Duel School (LDS), LDS hosted the annual Maiami Championship. All You Show students did participate, with Yuya and several others participating in the Junior Youth Division of the Championship. But this would be no regular tournament, as there were invaders from different Dimensions that had to be stopped. The evil Academia from the Fusion Dimension, led by Akaba Leo, founder of LDS and father to LDS' current CEO Akaba Reiji, is trying to seal everyone into cards and unite the dimensions.

The 16 finalists of the Junior Youth Division participated in a Battle Royale in which they tried to hold Academia's invaders back, now including Yuya's former friend, Sora. The Standard Dimension duelists managed to defeat everyone, but there were several people turned into cards. Meanwhile, Yuzu Hiragi, Yuya's best friend who is important to Academia's plans, was accidentally teleported to the Synchro Dimension alongside one of Yuya's Dimensional Counterparts, Yugo.

The survivors were united under Akaba Reiji and given the name Lancers, short for Lance Defense Soldiers (LDS). The team's not yet used to each other, though, resulting in several fights between them. In the end of it all, all said fights were temporarily resolved for the great good. Reiji's now announced that they will be going to the Synchro Dimension to get allies and save Yuzu.

However, what's waiting for them in Synchro Dimension won't be pleasant at all. While the Lancers might get allies, they have to antagonize Academia, who are there trying to kidnap Yuzu and her Dimensional Counterpart, Serena, who's now one of the Lancers. And there's also the evil Jean-Michel Roger who wants to conquer the Synchro Dimension's City by itself...

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Synchro Dimension Mafia! This will be a 17 person mafia game (although roles may have to be cut down) involving three factions:

Lancers and Allies - The Town faction of this game. Their goal is to eliminate Academia from the game while at least one of their members is alive.

Academia- The Mafia faction of this game. Their goal is to eliminate Lancers and Allies from the game while at least one of their members is alive.

Roger's Forces - An independent but mafia-like faction. They have outside communication and know each other but their goal is to just survive until endgame. Yet they're still forced to nightkill someone each night!

There will also be a Visitor mechanic. Some people may have the Visitor role, which makes them visit a person of their choosing each night. This may not do anything at all, but when lots of people get to visit each other, it means they all are together; and when certain people are together, interesting things might happen...

1. Forum Rules and War Room Rules apply.
2. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night phases will last 24 hours. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes/actions at :00 count, those at :01 don't. If the host(s) are sure that they won't be able to update, they may extend the phase in question straight from the beginning.
3. Please be active. You may be subbed out at the host's discretion. If no sub is available to take your place, you may be modkilled.
4. Nameclaiming is not allowed. No quoting or screenshots of any conversation with the host. Spy results are an exception. This includes exact wincon wording and posting fake data that supposedly comes from said sources.
5. If you change your username mid-game, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention the host(s).
6. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: <PLAYER>". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: <PLAYER>".
7. Outside communication is not allowed.
8. Rules are subject to change. The host(s) will make sure to mention you if that happens.
9. Please, let's keep it civil. It is just a game.
10. Hyper-Majority rules are in place. This means that if, at any given time in a Day phase, at least 2/3 of the players alive are voting for the same person, the Day phase will end as soon as possible with that player lynched. Night phases may also end early if all night actions are sent and at least 8 hours have passed.
11. No loophole abuse at all, please. You may ask the host(s) if a specific action you are unsure over would be considered a loophole in private and they may let it slide. However, obvious loopholes that are clearly outside the nature of the game abused without informing me beforehand may be faced with a zero-tolerance policy.
12. The most important rule. Have fun!

1 @WolfOwl
2 @HumanDawn;
3 @jackatlasred;


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Sorry about the text color, this is what happened when I tried to color the faction names and just couldn't get this regular color right ever again afterwards...

yu-gi-oh! is invading the war room

we need to start another yugioh maf
Since there is not enough interest, I'm cancelling the game for the time being.
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