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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia - Endgame, Town + Informant Victory!

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Night 2 Start

Final vote count:
KingofDominaria (6) - Andoryu Teito, ExLight, Mint Elv, Minish, Mela, Quasar_Catfish
Eri! (3) - Princess Abigail, JamieIsBored, Eri!
Andoryu Teito (1) - KingofDominaria

Tensions were running high as the sun began to set, the citizens of Mutsuba town all split on who might've been responsible for Yuuna's death, before finally, someone stepped forward.

"It was my fault," they stated, simply. "Partly, anyway."

Everyone stood, stunned. Nobody had expected the responsible party to admit it-- if they were really responsible. After the brief silence, someone cleared their throat. "This," they said. "Is clearly a trick." Eyes darted back and forth, arguing whether they should sort out the one who'd admitted it or rid themselves of who they almost had the previous day.

Eventually, though, most people began to agree that this was as a matter of fact, a trick. What the point of it was, they weren't all sure, but finally, the tiny Velgearian they'd had concerns over was caught instead.

Dear KingofDominaria, you are:


Dinois Velgear.

Hailing from the Velgearian Cluster, you see yourself as Zwijo Zir Velgear's right hand. When the Mutsuba Town Spaceship landed on the planet Pawtner, you went landed there as well to slow them down and investigate their plans-- the latter, being key here, as you are the Rolecop. Each night, you may visit another player to learn the name of their role.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when the number of Mafia aligned players exceeds the number of town players and no other threats remain.

KingofDominaria has been lynched! He was Dinois Velgear, the Mafia-aligned Rolecop!

It is now Night Two. Night two will end at 3 PM CDT on September 18th.
1. dammit i had a feeling it would end like that. only one of us left :/
2. on a plus note, you will get the hungry like the wolf karaoke after all <3
And if we lynched KingOfDominaria like I was advocating over Captain Pikochu in Day 1, we would had this result 72 hours earlier.

This is the most obvious scum I have ever lynched, but made the hardest not because of scum, but because of the townies themselves.
I go back to work after my lunch break and this is what I come back to? Jesus.
If you voted for KoD with me in Day 1 there would be a lot less pages to read over of Mela panicking.
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