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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia - Endgame, Town + Informant Victory!

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Lol nope, assuming Eri not lying, Ex is hard cleared, at worst there is a 0.0...01% chance it is Human, Ex can never be unless there are 4 scum (nope).

I am willing to accept it is Jamie and not Mido somehow though.
I think ExLight is cleared but not hard cleared considering a potential godfather exists who would then likely also bypass my inspections as non dangerous. He may have figured I was the inspector and he thought it would be worth keeping me alone to check and clear him. If Eri! is a Godfather he is definitely hard cleared though.

Not saying this is the case, but in a world where both Jamie and Mint Elv are Town, then this is where I would worry about even though in-thread he has sounded natural and good.

Also, we have learned that there is no cop, and the same might apply to doctor, with Mint Elv being the variant like my role. Good thing I am Town here, otherwise I would have likely figured this out and used it to lynch all your asses.
Even if somehow Ex and Eri staged Eri lying about her scum claim, if we just flip Eri we will find out, I do not see the point...

Also sorry for being gone lots of hours, stuff came up.
Day 3 Start

Having dealt with one of their threats, the citizens of Mutsuba town wen to bed, feeling much safer than they previously had. Except one-- one was restless, though they weren't sure why. They left their home that night, wandering the town, looking for something, when they encountered two others in the streets.

Mitsuko and... who was the purple haired one? They couldn't remember his name at the moment, but they knew he worked for Zwijo. The two were arguing. They couldn't quite hear what was being said, but it was clear that Mitsuko was angry. It was unsurprising-- they'd all seen how upset Mitsuko had been not too long ago during she'd dueled Dinois.

After a few moments of them watching, the purple haired one-- who's name they remembered to be Myuda in that moment-- snapped and struck. In one fell swoop, Mitsuko collapsed.

The ran over, but it was too late.

Dear ExLight, you are:


Mitsuko Hiramori.

You are the so-called "Flatwoods Monster", responsible for spreading a number of rumors in order to protect the warehouse that you and Zwijo, for whom you had worked at the time, were working on your current plan. Later, you helped Zwijo in a bakery shop making curry bread to protect from The☆Luge's ability to freeze people. That was, until Zwijo vanished, abandoning you in Mutsuba Town. Despite being a former subordinate of Zwijo, his leaving is something you still hold against him.

After Zwijo left you behind, you continued making curry bread to help restore the people of the planet Pawtner, where you met Dinois, one of Zwijo's current subordinates. Dinois made a point of taunting you and rubbing in that you'll "never see Zwijo again".

Using your skill at making the protective curry bread, you are the Doctor. Each night, you may target another player to protect them from any players attempting to kill them.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats are eliminated.
ExLight has died! He was Mitsuko Hiramori, the town-aligned Doctor!

The restless former bystander stood in shock. In spite of her anger, they knew Mitsuko still care about Zwijo, still wanted to be on his side. The fact that Myuda would do such a thing in spite of that... They turned to him, anger in their eyes. The look on Myuda's face made it very clear he knew what was coming next.

Dear Mint Elv, you are:


Myuda Velgear.

You are from the Velgearian Cluster, and an ally of Zwijo. You recently infiltrated MIK to gain access to the Earthdamar on his behalf, which you were able to do in part due to your ability to manipulate people with the sound of your voice. This ability makes you the Roleblocker; each night, you may target a player to prevent them from acting.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when the number of Mafia aligned players exceeds the number of town players and no other threats remain.
Mint Elv has died! She was Myuda Velgear, the Mafia-aligned Roleblocker!

It is now Day Three. Day Three will end at 3 PM CDT on September 20th.

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VOTE : Activate Hammer Rules
VOTE : Eri!

Gg and sorry you had to deal with this Mido
Ex was Hiramori Mitsuko and town, wow, should have figured why he was so furious about my flavor solve
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