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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia - Endgame, Town + Informant Victory!

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It’s currently a tie.

I am not going to break this tie.

Or will I?
It does that's annoying. Sorry for the off-topic was the last thread I was on.
THE most annoying thing ever

sorry i was later than expected, i did not think the test would take as long as it did.

without further ado! eri/milkshayke's read list... yay. (not including me, who i know is town, or raven, who claims indep) (i offered very base level explanations but they are nothing too deep, i did not have the time to provide better ones though i would have liked to. also in like five minutes i'll be leaving and not coming back til EoD)

zexy: such an obvious town read it is not even funny. perfect village game imo, he doesn't even come across like he's trying not to be suspicious. he just is NOT suspicious.
minish: i'm not repeating my earlier poi- oh fuck it. town slip that i highly doubt was deliberate + general townie behavior
abigail: also remarkably towncore to me, i really do not have anything bad to say about her reads
human: the larp is starting to become really irritating but he reads Chaotic Town to me. it took me too late to figure out that playing like a stark, raving madman does not mafia make...
potato: town meta town meta town meta. he is not it to me.
jamie: gambles that would make yumeko jabami blush not still not quite a scum read. i still think null leaning town. the raven escapades took you down a few notches but i am satistied with you for the time being.
quasar: null to me as of now. i think they are not a good choice for a lynch d1. i do not think it will benefit town and i have been convinced to leave them alone for now anyway. your feelings towards ex seem genuine, which worries me about him.
ex: mixed reads. i've seen some towny stuff from you and some scummy stuff too. i think quasar might be telling the truth about you also, you know them much better than i but to me it feels honest... it could be a case of bussing but i have doubts about that.
kod: very inactive and posts that do not contribute much of anything either. i don't know if seriously scummy per say but not a good look for him
pikochu: not very active and i do not like what i've seen. has never elaborated on his reads even when asked... generally some pretty bad takes (a lot of them being unrelated to me, jsyk. i don't omgus)

i'm sorry everyone vote: Captain Pikochu
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George chips.gif
Im happy to Wagon if you can provide a reason to one being better then the other to vote
You should really choose based on your own opinions. Don't worry too much about getting it wrong we still have min 1 more lynch before we're in trouble.
tbh i don’t really think that one is better then the other to vote but kod has pretty much not been active whatsoever so i think it could be a better Vote:koD
tbh i don’t really think that one is better then the other to vote but kod has pretty much not been active whatsoever so i think it could be a better Vote:koD
That dosent make any sense dose it sorry
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