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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Mafia Won!!! This is My Domain

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It seems the meta stroke first. "Attack Aether" and the Lightsworn player was left with no lifepoints. "Damn It you're lucky I wasn't" said the Lightsworn player as he got his deck and left. With this one less participant was left in the game.

Dear Elementar,

You are Lightsworn,


The most annoying deck in history. You are composed of monsters that get effects when milled. These monsters travel through dimensions helping good win the battle vs evil. You have won many games and to this day you try and be in the meta. You have been chosen to represent good since the light of destruction booster pack. Judgement Dragon is your best card being able to nuke the entire field.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated.

Oh yeah this is kind of important. Since you mill so much you are doomed to die. You die if you don’t Vigilante kill after 2 nights.

Your top decks are

Solar Recharge – mill 3 to get a level 4. In this case you re-roll

Lightsworn Garoth – You are bulletproof and lynchproof tonight and tomorrow since you both mill and draw.

Lightsworn Lumina – You are lynchproof tomorrow since you get to mill at end phase

Lightsworn Wulf – I’ll just assume you milled this card and you survive the night so you’re bulletproof this night.

Judgement Dragon – A dragon that delivers judgement, reason no idea. You get a vigilante kill.

Elementar was destroyed he was Lightsworns part of the past-meta

"Who's next?" The Monarchs player said.

It is now day two, you guys have 35 hours till end day, hammer is at 4 since there are 5 left.

Phase should have ended 14 hours ago or so
"Another one is out" said the monarch player. The new-meta was thriving, and the old-meta was showing it's age. "In the end we will beat you" said an old-meta player. The new meta players just laughed and the tournament moved on with one more old-meta deck out of the picture.

Garcher has dies they were town and

Dear Garcher,

You are Gladiator Beasts


Yay you got the worst deck here. You were released in Gladiator assault and soon saw a rise. You are a battle phase oriented deck, one that completely excels in it, prob the best. You utilize a strategy called tagging out and contact fusion. Unfortunately, you’re in a format which doesn’t really use its battle phase anymore. Top decking isn’t really an option for you, but fortunately you can use banned cards as much as you want. Your best card is Gladiator Beast Heraklinos a monster that negates spell/ traps.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated

Your top decks are

Raigeki- yay a nuking that will allow you to win, oh yeah this is a vigilante kill.

Solemn warning- yay any card is negated, oh yeah you get to roleblock.

Pot of greed – Draw 2 cards. Actually, I don’t know what this does tho. You get both your roles

You have 24 hours to submit your actions.
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What if he didn't die from a kill? What if his abilities killed him? Elementar could have died the same way given enough time.
Exactly. Come back when Jack updates. In the meantime:

Unvote: Elieson
2. @Elieson
3. @Bloodstained
5. @WolfOwl

Dear Humandawn,

You are The Six Samurais


Most easily the most OP deck during it’s time here. You were just a search machine with your Gate and your reinforcement and well reinforcement of the army. Your monster effects were really good too, bad part is that there must be two of you to use them. You released in strike of neos and were the first deck to actually think about the main phase. Your combos lead to you being the only meta deck in your year of popularity. The problem for you was when gateway was banned as you lost your most valuable tool. As you can guess your most valuable card is Gateway a search card that can also add attack to your monsters.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated

Oh yeah and did I mention since you do have to keep field presence you do have to wait two turns to do anything… pretty important. You can only top deck every other night. Well fortunately for you, you never brick.

You top decks are

Reinforcement of the Army- add a level 4 or lower monster to your hand. Since it’s search you are the deck cop meaning you type a person I give you their deck.

Shien’s Smoke Signal – Add any level 3 or lower six samurai to your hand. Well you are waiting a turn so you can literally stop any action performed by one of the following : Monsters or Spell/Traps

Gateway of the six – You win this turn, literally… You get both effects (for the real effect you can look it up.)

With 3 people alive, 2 are needed for HYPER-MAJORITY.
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