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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Mafia Won!!! This is My Domain

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Vote: Elieson

WolfOwl, you took suspicion off me in the previous vote. I owe you for that and I just can't seem to trust Elieson.

Sorry man

You're busted. Since no one even hinted at roleblocking me and there was a kill on the night that i was blocked, it means one of you had to have done the kill. Since WO couldn't have done it last night, and no one claimed involved with my failure on N1, all fingers point to you.

VOTE Bloodstained

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One step further

The only known non-factional kill died on N1, so unless i am scum and got hooked AND one of you two redirected Elementar onto himself, assuming he used his Judgment Vig card, I cannot possibly be scum. That is literally the only possible scenario, and since it hasn't been even hinted at, there's no other options to consider.

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I'm lying and wasn't hooked, and killed Elementar.

I am scum, was hooked, and one of you redirected Elementar's Judgment Vig shot onto himself, resulting in the only NK on N1, or just killed him outright

WolfOwl is scum and managed to kill on N1 and someone else killed HD on N2 (which I don't see either of you hinting at)

You are scum and totally have a valid and believable alibi

HD couldnt kill and had no life-altering scenario to his role. Garcher couldnt kill. Elementar likely wouldn't kill himself

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Or perhaps I haven't been able to do anything. Have I once bragged about or given any indication that I have secret info?
On one hand I feel a bit wary of the fact that Elie claimed to be rolblocked n1. However it makes sense for a new player to do it due to not fully understanding the effects, and also lying about it would be high risk being he didn't use an ability. Claiming to be roleblocked despite doing nothing: not only does that reveal a role locker, it opens up to a counterclaim in situations like now. Getting a message at all when he didn't use an ability seems strange itself. And I know he's not lying about his ability since I have the message of getting bricked.

He also just seems like his townself, so...

Sorry. Hope this is right but my minds logic is pointing this way.

Vote: Bloodstained
Does this mean I'm dead? I know 2 votes is hyper-majority, but when do they lock? Also, thanks a lot for throwing me under the bus, WolfOwl.
Let's end this

The monarch player just saw the last person being defeated as he got his deck ready for the last match. He just saw one person be dominated by the other. The other player just could not keep up with the next player.

Dear Bloodstained,

You are Cyber Dragons

You managed to pull the most awkward deck in this whole game. Your whole play style revolves around you having level 5 monsters in your hand that you can special. This is weird to say but you’re a fusion, xyz, and even a union deck at one-point. Despite that you’ve never gone into the synchro or ritual world. Powerbond used to be your best card making you have a giant 8000 beater. Chimeratech changed that so you could have more consistency, but now cyber dragon - infinity is you power card being able to take away monsters and well negating an effect a turn.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated.

Your top decks are

Cyber Dragon – Yeah this is it… a monster you can special. Actually it’s not all bad as you can see what action a user is using tonight. Just send me a rolecop: [username] and I shall give you the results of what action they are performing that night.

Bloodstained was destroyed he was cyberdragons part of the old-meta

With the last pesky meta gone monarchs could finally go all out. Monarchs won the role and started strong, one for one, throwing a mega monarch for edea into eidos, throwing a prime monarch they played pantheism, able to grab a domain they then preced to summon Ether and a regular monarch, the also summoned Caius from Ehter. The shadoll player having nothing to counter just scooped after the draw phase. The second duel started and the Shadoll player bricked, not able to do anything he put a few sets and ended their turn. the monarch player then preceded to killing the shadoll player slowly. Pantheism and Domain seemed to be their best combo and the shadoll player not being able to fusion just scooped after trying his best.

End Game has come
Dear Elieson,

You are Shadolls.

You are the only Fusion summon deck that actually uses a fusion card in this game of mafia. Not to say that you are the only fusion deck tho. You debuted in The Duelist Alliance booster. You revolutionized the fusion mechanic having your monsters gain effects once they were fused. Most of your monsters are flip monsters, with effects activating in the graveyard. You are also the first deck to be able to fusion summon from your main deck. Your best card is El Shadoll Construct a card that is now banned look it up.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated

Top deck

El Shadoll Fusion- A quick spell fusion, that’s all there is to say about this. Because it really does not much but keep your monsters safe or going for the kill, you get a re-roll.

Shadoll Fusion – A fusion card made to summon shadoll fusion monsters with monsters from your deck. This card can turn things around it can also allow you to gain any effect from your monster pool.

Shadoll Falco- This card can comeback from the grave in face down position it can also bring back any card in your grave in face down position. Because of this you can keep on irritating your opponent meaning that you’re able to tell what they’re doing, or just you’re tracker.

Shadoll Beast- This card destroys a set s/t if sent to the grave by an effect. Thus you can roleblock this turn.
Ellieson was Obliterated they were old-meta

The monarch player just said a huge I told you guys as the new-Meta players just laughed.

Dear Wolfowl,

You are Domain Monarchs


Congrats you are the winner of the YCS North American Qualifiers 2016. You are a deck which has been around the longest in the meta. You use a lot of tribute effects in order to overwhelm your opponents. You debuted 12 years ago in Ancient sanctuary with Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. You have risen and fallen from grace every few years. Your latest rise has been due to the release of the emperor of darkness structure deck. Your main Card is Domain of the True Monarchs.

Because your last return to grace you are in the current meta, meaning you are Mafia. Here is your corresponding mafia discord/skype/qt or not cause you're the only mafia.

Your top decks are

Edea the Heavenly Squire – Allowing you to summon another Squire from your deck. This night you get to roll another 2 times.

The Monarchs Stormforth – Allowing you to steal an opponent’s monster to summon your own for a tribute oh yeah and you don’t target. Choose a person allowing you to take their vote next day. Just vote in this thread.

.Domain of the True Monarchs- This card makes your opponent not Yu-Gi-Oh at all. They are locked out of their Extra and to boot you get an 800 atk. boost. If you roll this, every action this night is mute, except your own (and the kill) which you must submit.

Pantheism – Allowing you to throw a spell card to draw 2 more cards… if you thought that was it well you’re wrong. You also get to banish it in order to bring three monarch spell/trap cards to your hand. This gets you to choose between Stormforth and Domain as your effect this night.

You win when town is dead

Wolfowl won they were Domain Monarchs and part of the New-Meta

Mafia has won and thus the New-Meta reigns supreme.

I'll put all the chances and stuff here, along with the other roles that did not make it. expect it in a bit.
Here ya go the probs of getting roles and the chance of brick


· Deck – Top Decks, % brick – Special Characteristic

% chance of action

· Domain Monarchs - Top decks 50% brick- Better roles

1-20 Edea- you get 2 more rolls

21-30 The monarchs stormforth- Steal a vote next phase

31-45 Pantheism- Choose roleblock or deck search, brick if used night before.

46-50 Domain- block everyone’s actions that night

· PK Fire - Top Decks 30% brick -50% Immune to Raigeki

1-20 Fog Blade-roleblock

21-40 Boots- another roll

41-60 Terrortop odd nights- you can steal an opponent’s actions, even nights-regular block

61-70 Cir-immune to actions.

· Kozmo – Top Decks 30% brick -

1-15 Dark Destroyer- Silence

16-30 Wicked Witch- Immune to vig

31-45 Farm Girl- Silence

46-60 Tin Can- Choose a card

61-70 Dark Lady- Role Block

· Nekroz – Top Decks 30% brick – able to stop specific roles or decks

1-10 Unicore- Stop all monster roles this phase

11-30 Kaleidoscope - choose a type of deck to stop

31-60 Mirror – stop all re-rolls

61-67 Cycle- random monster action

68-70 Sophia- Vig

· Shadolls – Top Decks 30% brick -Immune to roleblock

1-30 Falco – tracker

31-40 Fusion- Choose a monster action

41-60 El Fusion – re-roll

61-70 Dragon – roleblock

· Tellarknights – Top Decks 30% brick – only outside communication

1-30 Vega: Start a chat with a person die if mafia

31-65 Altair: Choose a person to contact privately but their action is wasted

66-70 Capella: All communications are stopped for the night (even Mafia)

· Gladiator Beasts – Top Decks 70% brick – super strong roles

1-10 Raigeki – Unstoppable Vig kill

11-20 Pot of greed – Both roles

21-30 Solemn Warning – Unstoppable roleblock

· Bujin – Top Decks 30% Brick

1-10 Turtle - Immune to actions

11-30 Crane – Stops nightkill

31-50 Qilin - Roleblock

51-70 Hiruko – Blocks all Immunities

· The Six Samurai - Top Decks 0% brick – Can only use actions on even nights

1-50 – Reinforcement of the Army - Deck cop

51-70 Shiens smoke signal – Choose to stop all spell/ trap actions or monster actions

71-100 Gateway- both effects

· Cyber Dragon – Top Decks 30% brick

1-70 Cyber Dragon – Rolecop, send in person during the day phase

· Lightsworns 0% Brick

1-20 Solar Recharge – re-roll

21-30 Garoth – both lynchproof and bulletproof

31-50 Lumina – lynchproof next phase

51-80 Wulf - bulletproof

81-100 Judgement Dragon- Vig

· Dragon Ruler 50% brick

1-50 Element dragon – Bullet proof and doc
Congrats @WolfOwl !

Well @Elieson we've discussed that roleblocker doesn't stop factional kills before...

My thoughts on the game: the RNG was too much for balance to be a real thing, the players were too few and way too many roles had to be cut. It was ok enough for what it had to deal with, but that's all really.
Nice going, Elieson.

Granted, I'm at fault for not understanding much, too.
Congrats @WolfOwl. Well played.

@jackatlasred, did you RNG an ability for me before I died. Everyone, I didn't get to do anything night 1. I was told I died before I was given an ability. jack, if I rolled a bulletproof one, would I have survived?

I wish more people played. This game seemed like a great idea and had a lot of potential.
I'll put what you all rolled in a bit so that you can see.

Also thanks to you all for playing even tho you knew it could of gotten RNG crazy.
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