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  • I wonder why he said no... Anyways, just, be a little more careful next time, I know your new, but RPers on here are VERY strict.
    I have two of them, but they're dead now ;___; And I don't think you'd godmod anyway XP Hm... He... probably is, but I probably shouldn't get in on it, lol.
    What? Why did you say, 'oh' when I didn't respond. The answer is yes, we are refering to you, but, you are a great RPer, and just need to be careful about RPing here, since people (like me) take it very serious.
    It's the truth! *hugs back* (You can call me whatever you want ^__^ . I've... had a lot of names since I've been here, lol). That's a good idea... It took me like three weeks to write my first sign-up >_>...
    Hey, it's not like his RPG will be the last. You're still learning. There's nothing wrong with that. Heh, I'd actually say you're pretty good for someone who hasn't done it before... When I first saw your post I thought you were a veteran XD
    Hey, it's not like people are born knowing about it, ya know? It's no big deal... And... heh... it's your RPG anyway ;P You can godmod if you want, really...
    No offense to anybody, but I'm gone for a while. I gotta get feelin' better. I'll look around at my stuff occasionally, so if ya want me feelin' better, tell me so. Byez....... =(
    That's great! I'm sure people will join, I will as long as you don't copy any of my material.
    lol, were around the same age. Yes you can join. Please write in big paragraphs not 4 little words and a period. Thanks!
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