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  • Okay well thank you...you could just have Max with a Pokemoball or something and then a Budew or Murkrow and so on and then together again if possible...thanks
    Hi sorry to ask this but I read that you make gifs and I was wondering if you could make a few Dawn ones.

    And scondly could you make a few Max ones with Max throwing a PokeBall or somethng or holding one...then you see a ball flying and a Charmander popping out. then another PokeBall flying and a Budew popping out then another PokeBall and a Murkrow popping out. And then have a clip of Charmadner, Budew and Murkow togehter if possible? And then have a few other Max ones but not specific just as long as they have Max in, maybe running and on his own preferrably.

    Sorry to bother you
    Happy Birthday ^_^

    Decided to be generous and say that even though I don't know you. But you rock all readym Raichu all the way!
    Hi AJW12777!!! I'd be happy to be your friend! Also, do you have Wi-Fi and a Darkrai or a Shaymin? I'm willing to trade you my Phione for either one of those. :)
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