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  • Alright I added your FC...if you're free right now I can give you Bagon! And yeah definitely, we'll work on advertising events on the Battle Center.
    Alright sure thing.

    Thanks, we'll try to do more tourneys in the future so look forward to those as well!
    Hey there, really sorry it took a while but I do still have your shiny Bagon from the Inverse tourney. My FC is 3394-3742-8499 and just get back to me with yours and I can give you Bagon. Congratulations again on winning the tourney!
    I'll be in the Other Metas room, you'll have to challenge me and bear with me not answering to any messages nor writing "gg" in the end, as I have been unlucky and my IP is banned for "spamming and hacking websites"
    Yeah, I am
    (except now you aren't online, and the cycle begins again ><)
    If you see me online, drop me a message (I'll do the same if I see you online)
    I can't battle right now, but I will be beginning with ~6-7 pm my time (about 12 hours from now; I'm at UTC+3) and for several hours after that
    Alternatively, I could battle tomorrow at literally any time barring 3-8 am (which is actually a day after tomorrow for you if I'm correct with my timezones)
    I just tried to, it seems that they're all down
    At least the default PS! page has blank space where the server list would usually be
    And, apparently, by "whenever" I have to mean "whenever [showdown isn't down]"
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