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  • But you also seem to ignore the fact that other people like me do not approve the Fighting/Psychic/Dark trio idea because of that immunity.
    The starter's secondary types are suppose to be immune to other types not used as secondary types from the other starters (Ex: Empoleon is immune to Poison for its Steel typing, and none of the Sinnoh starters are part Poison).
    Again, you have no idea what I'm talking about. All I'm talking about is that Infernape resists Empoleon's Steel typing, Torterra takes neutral damage from Infernape's Fighting typing, and Empoleon's Steel typing is SE from Torterra's Ground typing. There's no sign of imunnity from any of their secondary types.
    You don't seem to understand. Fighting/Psychic/Dark is actually a square because of Ghost, not a trio. A good trio involves something like Fighting/Rock/Flying, and it also has to be secondary types who are formerly physical prior to Gen IV. The Sinnoh starters are perfect examples because none of them are immune to any of their STABs, and they also take little damage from some STABs they have the advantage over (Ex: Empoleon's Steel typing is not very effective against Infernape's Fire typing). There's a reason why it's good to keep patterns: to show what's to be expected in the future.
    Uh no, see starters are not suppose to be immune to one their secondary secondary types, only little damage. If you look at all the starters in the their respective gens, none of them are immune to each other's STABs.
    You know there's an Elephant Seal. Besides, Fighting/Dark/Psychic is a terrible secondary type trio because the point of starter types is to take little damage from the starter types they resist, not immunity.
    The reason is because there are different species of snake, there's only one species of raccoon/tanuki and walrus. Plus the broken patterns are what made Gen V controversial in the first place.
    You can't use Dark and Psychic because there is a pattern for former Physical types as secondary types for starters. Psychic and Dark are former Special types (Have you not read Grass Type Trainer's post). You could've used Fighting/Rock/Flying for secondary types. Also the dual typings for these animals make no sense, because 1) clothing is really unecessary, 2) There's no reptile that could fit the Grass/Fighting combo, and 3) GF has already used the Raccoon/Tanuki and Walrus in Gen 3.
    Hold on, Jellicent has 100 HP and 70 Defense, which is somewhat like Emboar's 110 HP and 65 Defense, and since you've calculated that a non-STAB Wild Charge from Emboar will not fully OHKO a Jellicent despite its base 123 Attack, then that means Emboar could still survive a non-STAB SE move.
    Seriously, look at Camerupt. It's slow and frail like Emboar, and it's a low tier because of its 4x Water weakness. That shows you why Fire/Ground will not Emboar unless GF were to break their frail Fire starter pattern. Besides, your ideal base stats makes it too broken, because starter Pokemon are suppose to have total base stats around 530.
    Uh, Emboar is faster than Jellicent, and a Wild Charge can wreck him, since its defense is lower. I'm bringing to wonder that you're an example of a Smogon elitist, who are the type of people I want to gain respect with, but you always neglect me no matter what idea I bring. I feel like shedding a tear right now, because I'll be a good Pokemon trainer, and all the Pokemon in NU will be suffering for not facing the big boys.
    Why is it that no matter how many points you make, you always counter me with better points? All I ever wanted was to have people agree with my points for once, and I feel insulted. You broke my life!
    Arcanine w/ Outrage and Dragon Pulse makes no sense, so I don't see why not for Emboar with Dragon Dance. If anything, I think most Fire types should be able to learn a few Dragon moves, since Dragon types outclass Fire types as whole for having access to their moves, just like how Water outclasses Ice, which is why it needs a freeze equivalent to Scald.
    Crawdaunt isn't reptilian, yet it gets Dragon Dance, so what's your point? See this is why I get the impression that outclassed = bad Pokemon because of you.
    What about Samurott? He has as much potential to get out of NU as Emboar does. And again, 110/65/65 is just like 70/95/95. One way to help Emboar is either improve Flame Charge or give it Dragon Dance via Egg Moves.
    You do realize that hazard moves prevent players from constantly switching, so it'll force a theoritically Fire/Ground Emboar to face a Water type (It has access to Thunderpunch, Wild Charge, and Grass Knot) without switching. Emboar will raise his tier position if Smogon finds Infernape as broken as Speed Boost Blaziken, but maybe at UU since Blaziken was in BL in Gen 3.
    But they rarely used their Flying STAB, same with Psychic types, especially at Ubers. The only non-bulky Water type who is even in OU is Starmie, who is a Lightning Bruiser, which is part of what the metagame favors alongside of Tanks, and it too never uses its Psychic STAB. Besides, someone from SPPF, who is an expert on Fighting types, said that 110/65/65 is just like 70/95/95 as long as it's not a SE move.
    For one thing, Psychic and Flying aren't all that common in OU (no thanks to the dominance of Steel types), so a Fire/Fighting type has to worry about the same two types a Fire/Ground type will be weak to, because they're extremely common in the metagame as both Pokemon form and offensive moves. The fact that all Fire starters are frail is suppose to teach new players about the archetype these Pokemon can be based on type (Ex: Water as bulky tanks).
    You're still missing the point. Fire starters will always have frail defenses (if you look at all the Fire starters in the past five gens), so Fire/Ground will never be used.
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