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  • Hey Ashfangirl17, I hope you're doing quite well. Do you mind if I congenially offer something to you in private? It's nothing personal, that I promise.

    I am also a great fan of shipping Ash with Angie, and would like to let you know the thread you started for it, is pretty alive again. Hope to see you there soon.

    Greetings, LusterPurge
    Hi! ^^

    I just wanted to say that, personally, I disagree with you about the second Riolu episode.

    Sarah's acting was really bad in today's episode (it seemed that way to me)! I mean, Sarah's emotion was so FORCED! And her acting seemed really unnatural! X_X

    If Veronica had voiced Ash in the two Riolu episodes, I know for a fact that she would've done a MUCH better job with Ash's emotions. In comparison, Sarah just can't do angry-Ash at all! Because, in today's episode, Ash wasn't quite as angry as he should've been....

    In the 4Kids dub, you could really tell when Ash was angry, because Veronica always made him sound a certain way (and for every emotion, Veronica would portray Ash a little bit differently with each scene). Basically, Veronica was really great at bringing Ash to life, and she knew exactly how to make him sound in each scene. Anyway, that's mostly why I was so disappointed with both the Riolu episodes. Because I'm very unsatisfied with Sarah's acting and her overall portrayal of Ash. I really miss Veronica! =(

    *sigh* In my opinion, it's almost impossible for Sarah Natochenny to portray Ash accurately (mostly due to her lack of experience in voice acting, and how she keeps making the same mistakes over and over again - pronouncing Pokemon wrong, too much emphasis on certain words, etc).

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant here. Heh, I would've sent you a PM, but it says that you have Private Messages disabled. ^^;
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