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  • Hi, I happened to be scanning over some of the forums (I noticed you in the "Legendary Pairings" or whatever it was again thread about pairing up the different legendaries, and I noticed your sig with the "Cresselia Cosplayer" on your Trainer Card and was wondering if you would like to join my "Hybrid Virus" Roleplaying thread. As I'm inviting you, I can probably guarantee you that you can be a Cresselia Hybrid.

    If you want to join just go here: bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=29676 and sign up, if not, well... I guess we could be friends or something. I assume, through your username and love of Cresselia, that you are a fan of Sailor Moon, and I sorta am one, though I haven't done much Sailor Moon-ish stuff in ages.
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