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  • If you ever want to trade or battle again sometime, then just VM me. Thanks for the dragonite and take care of the shiny and flawless ditto.
    Just a quick question: where is Faraway Place in HG? And that's some luck, there's like a 0.000001 of a Pokemon being Shiny, flawless, and caught in the wild.
    If you're okay with it, I'll give you a junk Poke for your Ditto, then trade the Dragonite to your Pearl for your junk Poke.
    Ok i have the flawless ditto on my heartgold but i want the tru dragonite on my HG and its shiny. Thats how i caught it and i ran it through an iv checker and they are all 31 and i was shocked. Whats the FC you will be using. Oh is there any chance you can help me transfer the tru dragonite to my pearl? My pearl FC is 4984 5189 3769 and my HG FC is 1033 3546 3818. Whats the FC you will be using?
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