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  • No.

    Nah, just but it to bed.

    I can't do that. You can send me a text whenever.

    I'd hit them with the hammer.

    I doubt that. I'd eat dinner first. Why would I call anyway?
    Are not.

    Well, I obviously would make sure I had none.

    Yeah, I will need a lot of sleep. Of course.
    Am not.

    I'd just go smash the toilet myself.

    Yeah, more or less. I'll be tired, but more money. I figured it'd be via PM.

    At least you still have a toilet.

    That's cool. I mainly meant, cause this week I work 37 hours, so my hours are picking up, so if you didn't have work every early day, and I was there.

    Well, I think if a tree is in my house it'd be covered.

    Right? And you'll be around candy. We really will gotta exchange numbers eventually cause of this.

    Well, we have home insurance, so it would have been covered.

    Still, either way congrats.
    Prove it.

    Not to me, my neighborhood, but yeah there was a lot.

    Really? Awesome! ^^ See what happens when we don't talk for days?
    No there isn't.

    Yeah, I lost power from Monday, until I was at work today.
    I'm just not hungry,

    I'll do it if needed.

    Yes, cause of the hurricane coming.

    Which he is learning.

    Well, they closed work tomorrow, so as long as I have power.
    Don't want it.

    I know I need to teach sit/stay, but he'll outgrow the biting.

    When do you wanna?
    Cookies, and tarts.

    But he'll learn on his own.

    Oh cool. Send me it for like a second tomorrow?
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