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  • I am in the mobile website if that's what you mean, and there's definitely no dropdown menu where u suggested.
    Hey I'm trying to start a thread in Muchlax's Cravings on my iPhone but I keep being asked for a prefix and there's no option to put that in.
    Can you help please help?
    Hey, I am trying to get a start in the world of trading for an attack on the Subway with my younger cousin, and we wanna experiment with IVs, EVs and all that jazz!! Only problem is we stink at it, that's why I joined this forum. I've not had much success tho. I came up with an idea that comes from the fact I buy both paired versions of all Pokémon games, meaning I have an unlimited supply of the legendaries. Because they are always very popular, I was wondering about setting up a situation where I can provide one person these legendaries & they can get me the Pokémon with IVs, nature, and all that jazzin return. I've spoken to Soulweaver about this issue, whether its "kosher" and if yes how I'd go about setting this situation up. As he is no longer staff, he could not give me an affirmative answer on these points and redirected me to you. Can you help please?
    Okay I will make it a shop as I do have high hopes in updating frequently and have fun doing this, so I think I will be able to. Thanks!

    I currently have a thread in Delibirds Deals, but once I RNG more pokemon, I was going to ask about making a shop in the Celadon Department Store. There used to be a thread where you get your shop idea approved but I can't find it?


    This is my thread, updating it every couple of days, but I was curious of what you thought as far as when it would be a good time turn it into a shop?
    I would also rather make a new thread rather than just move the current one as I would like to make more posts for structural and organizational purposes. Thanks for reading

    Hello. It's been a while I've been here, and I have never used the trading forum. I recently restarted my White, and I'm hoping to trade a Karrablast with a Shelmet and then back, to get an Excavalier. I'm not sure how to go about asking for something so specific. Do I create a thread, or what?
    EDIT: I have not seen a Shelmet in my Dex yet.
    can i have a request to have my thread Dr.Js Pokegen lab reopened? its not active on the actual thread but thats because i have been getting all of my responses threw via PM. you have helped me before and i need you to help me agin
    oh ok thanks. haha one of the mods just confirmed it and moved it there. hope i can get some more advice from you soon, you have been lots of help!!!
    i submitted a post for a store on the Celadon Department Store. i saw you were one of the mods, and i was wondering, what is the normal time inbetween submitting a post and getting an except or reject on it. i posted it sunday, mid day, and its monday morning. would i get a PM of Vm if it got rejected? if you could help me that would rock becuse i am always scared to talk to mods
    Hi! How are you?

    I kinda want to change my username, but I'm afraid that if someone uses my previous username, then I won't be able to change it back.
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