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  • I haven't played a board game in ages myself! Though I was never one for playing along with others so I guess why I strayed from them. I was REALLY interested in connect four though a long while back. I think the simplicity and short games is why I loved it. And Dialga is actually a steel dragon type, the only one of it's kind I think. An arctic fox would be really cute actually!
    And Pokemon Bank along with Pokemon Transfer go hand in hand. Bank is $5 however, so you found the right one.
    What are you planning on breeding? :)
    Again way better memory than mine, I didn't remember the pug at all. xD
    Oh! So you're younger than me. Way younger. :p I had my dad buy me the cards before I played the games, my first game was Red actually.

    I have Spanish blood! But my Spanish is terrible. I understand it decently enough however.
    I never played Dungeons and Dragons, so I'm absolutely clueless about it. x) But you make a good point about Zekrom having a better typing! Unique typings in game are definitely a lot more intriguing. I wish there was more bug/grass types in fact. Or ice/psychic.
    Well I know that Poketransfer doesn't work if the Pokemon is hacked. But Black and White should work just fine, I transfer from those games actually.
    Extrasensory? :p Not a bad move for a Greninja, although psychic is a rather weak attacking type since it doesn't take down much at all. :/ Really? That's interesting. xD
    I just understood that he had dragon powers that he inherited. xD I remember no dog though.
    Haha. I think the plethora of water types is why I never used a water type starter until Froakie. Oh wow, so you started playing pokemon during gen 2?

    You speak spanish? :eek:
    Mhm! You can get one in AlphaSapphire, but since you have Omega Ruby you can only get Reshiram. So that's a bummer. :/ And maybe that Zekrom is hacked?
    Yea exactly it's a bit redundant, and personally I like variety. Variety helps your Pokemon last longer imo!
    Ohh Jake Long!? I forgot that was a cartoon. xD
    I always strive to have a water type on mine. :p Nothing wrong with that. xD

    You're welcome. :p
    Well, it's a blast from the past with lots of shovel puns. I can see why people can enjoy it. I've been a bit too distracted to really look into it, though.
    I've heard of it. Don't worry, from the amounts of praise everyone always heaps on it, your description is pretty neutral as far as ads go. :D
    Kalos feels like they reused the colors of the RBG generation really, I mean the Kanto starters all were given megas. But getting a red dark type, a blue fairy, and a green dragon did create some nice variety.
    Hardly ever is correct! :) Then they could use Jump Kick during crucial moments but it's a waste of a move slot imo.
    Still a better memory than me I say! Because I don't remember a crossover at all. o.o
    Yea I can agree with that sentiment. xD

    Nah, I kinda just read things as is at first.
    My thoughts exactly. :) That's actualy a good point, though past the starters I feel like that extends to a majority of other Pokemon besides the odd few. Because while Magikarp (and some actual carp for that matter) is red, Gyarados is blue. High Jump Kick has an accuracy of 90%, and it has a power of 130. There is a weaker variant in Jump Kick which has an accuracy of 100%, and a power of 100 but I feel like I rather risk the 10% chance to miss. I get that all too well, I can be reckless and a daredevil myself. :p
    Lilo & Stitch? Then I know exactly the movie you're talking about. Easily one of my favorites when it came out. I even watched the tv series as well.
    Okay that I can perfectly understand, I don't like Parasect design wise myself. But I don't think it's out right ugly like Bastiodon so I still happily use it.

    I didn't even notice!

    You're welcome. :)
    Ohh that I can understand, though I'm the type of person who doesn't speak unless spoken to.

    Not everyone finds them useful, but I completely agree with that. It's still a victory comrade! Oh that's nice. :D
    And still not a bad victory, I beat the E4 with my Mega-Lopunny. She's got Ice Punch, High Jump Kick, Protect, and Return. Although when her kicks miss I end up in a lot of trouble.
    Yep actually! I drew a Bulbasaur and showed it to her. xD But imo anyone can be an artist you just need dedication!
    That episode is why I love Paras actually. It's a good episode. :p

    Pff es okay. x)

    You're no bother Boshi. I like company, so fret not. If I take time to reply just keep in mind "Dolce is an airhead".
    Yet you started this conversation, and sent me the friend request. I don't think you're that timid! :)

    Makes sense to me. major reason I like grass types though is because of their weaknesses. I hate how they're under appreciated often because of that very reason. And I only trade too, it's why I'm a trade mod actually, I'm always in the section. But the elite four must have been a breeze with Tyrantrum. So I don't blame you at all.
    Oh wow, that's still impressive in my books. I think the farthest back I remember is my art teacher complimenting my artwork when I was 7 or so.
    I loved that episode! :D And Jolteon's speed usually is extremely useful. :3

    ...? o.o
    Yep, I mean I'm not shy by any means but it takes me awhile to think of something to say.

    Oh I get that, it's the basics for all trainers. :) Though Tyrantrum is my favorite fossil along with Arceops. I've got two Tyrantrum on AS actually. And wow you've got a great memory. I can't remember much from when I was a kid at all.
    Not bad choice either. I prefer Leafeon, and Jolteon myself.
    Es okay, I never know where to start with conversations either. :p
    And grass types mainly, normal types come second for me. What about you then?
    There's no rule against double posting in groups, but if you chose not to then that's fine too. ^^ The group is really whatever you want it to be, as long as you post by the global forum and social group rules.
    No, but I do recommend it since most people use the group to dump whatever they're thinking about for others to read or comment on.

    Although that's kind of irrelevant now since you already made one lol
    Rejected because I only want people who are DESPERATE xP

    Jk, It's not a selective group or anything, I just like asking those questions first. I'll accept your request shortly. When you visit feel free to make your own room by creating a new discussion!
    Hey, thanks for the FR!

    Also, noticed you were interested in joining The Wash. Sorry if this is late, I've been doing a really bad job of keeping up with requests lately. :p Before admitting people, I like to ask a couple questions to make sure they're in the right mindset for this group.

    1. Why are you interested in joining?

    2. Will you be active and regularly participate in conversation?

    Thank you!
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