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  • Well, you asked if i was ready at 10, i responded yes and that i didn't have your code. You Posted during 11, saying you were ready. I said later durin 11 that i was online and waiting, to which i received no response. I never "Blamed" you for keeping me up. Only for keeping me waiting.
    You were on Bmgf the entire time, and failed make a a adequate response. If your going to take three hours, tell the person, they might have something else to do.
    And I'm not making such a "Big Deal" of it. My choice of words merely makes it seem that way. I could've cared less.
    You have Five minutes.
    Tic Toc Toc.
    -------------------------------------------------too late. Im out, you will now have to wait until I feel like fighting you.
    And next time, tell me if your online but not going to respond for three hours. That would have saved me so much time and sleep.
    Its been two hours. No i'm not on.
    But i am getting on. Might as well battle. Just using a spare team.
    If your not on by 12central, you will wait until another day.
    Well, I'm a little busy with something else, and these next couple of days are gonna be hectic for me. Are you good for Tuesday?
    Yeah, though hardly anyone else does these days. Getting a Gen. IV battle is dishearteningly difficult.
    I'm sorry i took so long to respond! @.@ been busy...umm how about on a sunday. you pick the time. (mind you I'm central time in the US)
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