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  • (BMG can't handle our friendship!!)

    Awwwwh no, you were helpful, and inspiring too! Was definitely not expecting that much feedback and it made me happy! and awwwh thank you so much, Buoy! You're a wonderful writer and I know you're just getting better and better! and heuheu, very true, make the most of your time no matter where you are - explore, learn, meet friends and catch up with them, everything, the world is yours! You have the right spirit and your heart's in the right place, so go ahead and have fun!! (and lol I miss SUPEEER cool people like you! <3)

    Awwwwh that's so good though! Good exercise and a great way to literally throw your whole body into an astounding effort. Just make sure you rest up and take lots of breaks! and drink lots of water too! :) and awwwh haha, what sorts of things do you like to do / what interests you? and it's going quite well - cooking for myself in the apartment, meeting up with friends new and old, just chilling, writing n~n being a kid again; I LOVE the summer! so nice to not have to study and just read whatever I want. and nice to be introverted again, dreaming by myself, quietly writing and laughing to myself. lovely!
    haha, thanks for the beautiful and full replies! I do not deserve them ;~~~~~~~~~~~; I'm super sorry!! guess I get anxious or lazy or something but I truly do care!!

    and bwhahah Buoy I quit my job, it was really bad XD But I'm working a new job now! In the library handling audio/video editing and renting out cameras and really fancy technology to patrons. That's a lot better! And yay!! One day, you'll go, and in the exact location of that picture, and I hope you take another picture of yourself in it <3 WORLDSTARRRRR! <3333 And oh wow, Spanish too, that's awesome! I need to get some languages under my belt huh... I speak astrology, Engrish, gibberish, like 1% Korean and 1% French maybe at the same time for 2% nonsense :O you're the starriest star burning the brightest in the heavens! <333333!

    Ah, I totally understand about getting more time to do other stuff and exploring yourself out of that one system! it's good to get out sometimes, get some fresh air, see your handsome face reflected in the water. and rofl I lose so often what XD I've been trying harder since I have a gym now, but my heart's really in stories and role plays haha! And no worries! What is Pokemon, anyway? xD That strange little universe... there's so much more to explore and play and understand. we were born with a to-play and to-read list we will never finish.

    I'm so sorry for the wait!! Some crazy irl things happening - just moved into an apartment on Friday, been applying for jobs like crazy son, and I finally got a job as an environmental activist yay!! Anyway, when you talked about New Zealand being one of your travel destinations one day, I saw this and immediately thought of you <3 : woohoo! Thought you might like :) and right on! If you speak French and English, you've got so much of the world covered already *~* add in languages like Spanish and Arabic and you're ready for worldstar status!! just kidding you're already a STAR <3 and oh gracious that's awful!! Yeah, there are better things out there for you anyway!

    I feel you, I feel you! I joined PWN for URPG, and then felt like I suddenly had so much to do on there! and I sometimes hit breaks in my motivation for stories or other stuff but then there's always that crazy chat XD There's also a lot of discussion right now on improving URPG outside of battling, so that's been a lot of fun! You are very much missed ;~~~~~~~~~; And oooh I see! that's ok though - ewwie summer classes, who would want that anyway?! ;PP And I know!! it's so crazy; I remember you grading my first story and I look back on it like haha, what was I even writing ahhhh! And oh wowwwww! awwwwh my lil Buoy <333 growing up so fast! at least you have a full year before Uni! enjoy the last of childhood ahh! do rebellious things! do all the things! eat all the homecooked food!

    thank you thank you <333 I appreciate your support! how's it going?
    Oh wow! those all sound like such lovely places! I have buddies who live in France and they absolutely adore it! they visit England every few months too ^^ so magical to live in the core of a wonderland. and awwwh that's ok! Probably better for you anyway - lifeguarding can be so dangerous! being out in the sun the whole day!... yeah, wouldn't want that for you anyway! ;~~~~~~~; <33

    GRACIOUS! Such a long break! I understand what you're saying - I think I would get restless too! I'm off for three months and I already am restless hehe, I love being home but I need to feel like I'm doing "career" things ;P which isn't exactly the URPG. BAH! LOL. IN MY HEART. do they have summer classes over there? :) And that's totally ok - enjoy being home too! one of my friends is going to university this fall and he said, "my childhood feels like it didn't last long enough" and I was like awwwh ;~~~~~; everyone grows up so fast! you're already grown up!!

    Summer classes are like normal studies, just condensed into a six-week session :3 I was going to be taking a philosophy class on logic and one on the foundations of leadership, but I got a notice from my financial aid the other day that said that my classes costed like a hundred gillion dollars and I was like, what no! And then reality came crashing into me like a train and I'm going to have to drop those. But I'll still be going there early to get a job or an internship ^^ crazy how life does that to us, sometimes. closes one door but opens many more!
    Awwwwh haha yay! where else do you want to travel to? :33 I love their accents too! lol my brother and I tried to fake the accent the whole time we were there and people thought we were british xD and thank you so much <333 are you still working as a lifeguard?

    that's totally good too! school takes so much out of us... it'll be nice to just relax and watch movies! and explore, and do whatever your wonderful heart desires! I took summer classes to sort of get ahead - I don't really need to take them, but I also just wanted to live in an apartment with my friends for most of the summer xD I love being home but it'll be a good experience to live independently.
    Awwwwwh Buoy you must go one day! It's so beautiful out there :33 and bizarro land too lol, everything's opposite! the toilets flush up-down instead of swirling inward, they drive on the different side, people go to bottomless parties instead of topless parties, and EVERYONE'S really sweet! you would love it! and nawwwwww I LOVE YOU! <3333 I'm going back to my university in about a week or two to start summer classes! and hopefully I'll grab an on-campus job! =D

    How about you? any big plans? :D
    XD Family vacation! for two weeks - it was lovely! And oh no! I hope you feel much, much better soon! You deserve nothing less than the best, Buoy :3 And ALWAYS! I've missed you too! <333 you are missed by many!
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