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  • Hey there Red, it's been awhile, are you still up for that battle we talked about? I finally got around to completing my Red team on X, we should battle whenever you get the time! :)
    Pokemon GO is all that I hoped it would be and more. Lets hope trading, battles and legendaries come soon!
    Likewise, teams and such of HG/SS fit better with Yellow then FR/LG.
    That sounds like BettyN talking.

    especially lead-up to Archer becoming head of TR,
    He was just the interim leader, and we saw the lead-up in FRLG.

    and Mew/Mewtwo. Legendary Birds and Lugia connection would be great too.
    Those things would take a backseat in remakes because they were never the focus in the original games. Sequels would be a much more appropriate way to handle them with care.
    I've noticed that you seem to be on the fence about whether Kanto should get remakes or sequels. Why is that? I remember your telling BettyN that sequels would be the better option, but since then something seems to have changed.
    I didn't include either of them because it's an independent choice, but that's interesting that Origins showed Kabutops. On another note, did you try that brown bag yet? :p
    My idea for a FireRed playthrough as Red includes getting Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lapras, Snorlax, and even Espeon with the help of trading with LeafGreen and Emerald, I'll also hatch a Pichu with Volt Tackle in Pallet Town, then I'll migrate them all to a Gen VI game with customization and name that character Red as well. On top of those seven Pokemon, I'll also get Aerodactyl and Togekiss because you receive a Togepi egg in the Sevii Islands and get an Old Amber to resurrect into Aerodactyl, which are both Gift Pokemon and Red's existing Pokemon were based off of Gift Pokemon, so I figured perhaps one could say he has those two as well?
    The orange bag? I used the brown one from Lumiose, it's more of a tan/light brown and I think it matches the color of his original bag a bit better, and meshes with the red better than orange does lol. Do you also have the red sneakers? I think we have the same exact outfit otherwise lol
    Do you look like Red too? xD

    I actually have a designated Red costume in my Y Version, it's about as accurate as you could get with the available clothing.
    I like what you did to make your team as if you are Red. I wish I could say you stole my idea but I have no proof that I did a few years back anyways. Do you battle people with that team too, I wonder?
    You picked the right choice!
    But I think I should point out, as it says in my signature, that the entire Pokemon community is beautifully interconnected, and Serebii (Joe) himself even has an account here. Some others do as well, including WaterPokemonMaster from PokeBeach.
    So, I guess the the truth is, no matter which Pokemon community you join, you'll find people from other places. Which is pretty cool, in my opinion.
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