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  • You think you're special? You're not. Everyone lies, everyone hides things... Nobody makes it through this life being completely honest.
    Hmmm... Maybe it's too big, or not the right file type? I'm afraid I'm not terribly well versed in the technical ins and outs of the forum, especially since we switched over. I'd send a message to someone with a bolded username. They'll know more than me.

    Sorry! Wish I could do more.
    Does the picture show up in the text box before you save changes or preview or anything?
    It shouldn't matter. The picture in my signature is hosted here. How are you trying to insert the picture? What I do is right click the image on wherever it's posted, click "View Image", copy the URL from that, and put that URL into the box that pops up when I hit the "Insert Image" button.
    Hey there. I'm still getting used to the new setup as well, but as far as I can tell it's not possible to insert a signature picture from your computer. Try uploading the picture to a filesharing site or imgur or something and use the URL for that.
    oh but they have an easy fatality activation in MKX if you buy that bundle <w< >w> MAKE ME
    Into a bunch of bad memers -w-;

    His eyes darkened, fangs grown out a bit more, but no real major changes outside of his personality and behavior.
    Nah, the one in my drawing is actually covered by the sleeve of his coat, though this is a very old design lol.
    But they're wonderful~ haven't you seen MKX's owo Still a scrublord D<
    EXACTLY lol. It's even worse because of how frequent it's used .-.

    He uses fire attacks, yeah, some really powerful ones. His demonic state however doesn't use just fire, but dark (or negative) energy. And his other arm is his demon arm, something more or less like this
    Pssh, no FATALITY, what a scrublord D<
    Oh god, everyone I know is obsessed with that dumb one -w-; It's kinda annoying lol.

    Shoot, m80
    x.x That... didn't help... *KO*
    MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! And that one, I just find stupid -w-; (And kind of an asshole move <w<)
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