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  • I just noticed that your avatar and banner are of Dark Meta Knight, as opposed to a character from an anime that I have not heard of.
    I did the favorites-by-type thing again; the Centro generator specifically because with that one I don't feel like I'm forced to choose things I actually don't care much about.
    Hi here's how I feel about starters (or first partners or whatever)
    my-image (10).png
    A certain fire starter evolution here is a bit too low on this list for comfort, haha, but at least its Hisuian counterpart is well represented.

    Another certain fire starter evolution here, though? Damn, no mercy, haha!
    Not a fan of Kalos I guess? Pretty reasonable other than that.
    what did you think of the new cookie run kingdom update? I'm glad we're getting a backstory for black pearl, she's one of my favorite characters.
    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    I quite appreciate that Black Pearl's backstory is being revealed in more detail, too. Your prediction that I'd theme the corrupted mermaid herself, though certainly not accurate now; may come to pass sometime later.

    It may be predictable, but she is indeed my favorite Legendary Cookie. She's probably the current one that really gets to me. (Sorry Licorice and the CoD, Dark Enchantress is cool but yeah.)

    I want to use her on PVP teams again now that she's got her Magic Candy... ahem, Crystal Jam, buuuut man is she frail. A lot of PVP battles I tried with her or Sea Fairy ended up with the Legendary Cookie herself keeling over; mostly before she could even manage to unleash her skill. Oh well.

    The loading screen seems to imply that Frilled Jellyfish Cookie is the next coming banner and she's the cutest NPC of the story so far so that's also somefin to look forward to.
    oh yeah, she is frail. odd because she scales off of hp to boost her damage. I'm not really good at the pvp anyway, i really only win against teams that are underleveled and right now the meta seems to revolve around the hollyberry and capsaicin combo.. and capsaicin is the only character i don't have:bulbaFacepalm:
    but despite the flaws in her kit, i still love black pearl's design and personality. her, pumpkin pie and red velvet are probably my favorites in the whole game.
    I desperately wanted this to be my signature image, but no matter how I altered it it was always over the limit
    Because I had waaaaaaay too much time on my hands tonight, haha, I decided to give compressing this a go, despite me never even having dealt with GIF files at this level before. I went to and used its tools there.

    I had to resize your GIF quite brutally, I’m afraid, to around 177x128 in order to even begin to get close to below the 500 KiB limit. And even then, I found it extremely difficult to actually get it below that number, no matter what I tried.

    That is, until I found a magic setting that immediately cut the file size done by almost half by itself! Said setting was “Optimize Transparency” with “Fuzz” at 5%, which had almost zero visible effect on the image quality, to my delight! (Any higher than that most certainly was very noticeable, though, so that’s pretty much the limit for at least this particular GIF.)

    Before that, I also experimented with color reduction and I found that reducing the color count to 30 (out of GIF’s maximum 256) cut down the file size quite a bit without making things look too horrible. (Dithering, surprisingly given GIF’s association with it, actually made the file size larger, so I didn’t bother with that.)

    Thanks to those two settings, the only thing that I needed to do after that was perform a simple “Lossy GIF” compression pass at a super-low setting of “30” to get the final image down to around 487 KiB, just under the forum limit.
    Apologies if I compressed this GIF down too hard, but nonetheless, I hope that this helps you!
    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    Honestly, I'm kinda astonished that you'd go out of your way to experiment just to assist with something like this, but I appreciate it, hehe.

    I think this compressed version looks just good enough that I might actually use it; partly out of gratitude. Thanks ^w^
    After months, I've finally concluded my own file of Pokemon Violet.
    Waited till Pokemon HOME's update for it because I wanted to transfer my Pokemon from Scarlet and the like to brute-force Pokedex completion ASAP, but the timespan only made the adventure feel fresh again, I think.

    Meowscarada ("Dusty")
    Garganacl ("Saltbreaker")
    Scovillain ("Burnito")
    Revavroom ("Ghoulgalim")
    Annihilape ("Aeshma")
    Dondozo ("Tatseudo")
    I can’t help but star your posts whenever I see them even if they aren’t about me. They’re always so entertaining to read and I’m always excited when I look at my notifications list and see that you have posted. Thank you for being creative, keep up the phenomenal work, and I hope to see you around!
    i've been thinking of getting into touhou, any recs of where to start?
    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    This is primarily if you want to start with games:

    At any rate, don't worry about the early PC-98 games (Touhou 1-to-5), unless you really want to. They're very different from the Windows era onward for various reasons and while they aren't explicitly said to be such; many people essentially treat those games as if they're a separate continuity.

    That being said, from what I've seen nowadays people pretty much tell newcomers to start with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: the first game of the Windows era, and I'd say I second that
    Perfect Cherry Blossom (7), Imperishable Night (8), Mountain of Faith (10), and Ten Desires (13) are considered to be the easiest installments to play if you're really concerned about difficulty.
    If you're concerned about plot, then don't worry. The plot of Touhou games as a whole are usually self-contained... with some exceptions. In particular, Subterranean Animism (11) and Ten Desires (13) plots are affected/caused by the actions of characters from 10 and 12, respectively.

    If you feel like cutting your teeth with the official print works, then I'd say anything from the Sangutsei manga should suffice, since that series is meant to portray the daily lives of people in Gensokyo, (the setting of the Touhou Project). I'd also say Forbidden Scrollery is a good one; I personally enjoyed that one and I feel that one stands on its own merits as a manga too.

    Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-mysticism are worth looking into whenever. These two are essentially in-universe encyclopedias of the games' setting and characters written by an in-universe character.
    i'll keep that all in mind. thanks!
    Hi there.
    A part of me isn’t sure that I should write this, but my gut says that maybe I should, so…
    I just wanted to check on you, basically. How are you? Have you been feeling OK? Has life been treating you well?
    You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I just, I don’t know… worry about you sometimes. As silly as that mind sound from someone who barely speaks to you.
    It’s often hard to tell on the internet and all, but sometimes I get the impression that you seem kind of… sad sometimes, maybe? Or perhaps just down a lot.
    Or maybe that’s just how it appears; I don’t know.
    That said, however you’re really feeling, I just want to you know that I care about you and that there are others here who do too.
    If you ever need anything from us — whether that be a listening ear, a kind word, or even just a Bulbahug or something — just say the word and we’ll come running, alright?
    I want you to be happy in this crazy world of ours. Hopelessness is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone… I’ve been there and it’s a horrible feeling.
    We can’t get rid of all of your worries, but we’ll do our part, as best as we can.
    Seriously, if absolutely none of the above applies to you, then don’t mind me, haha. But in any case…
    …I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful day today, Chida.
    Hang in there!
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    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    I appreciate that you came to message me with something like this.
    Today wasn't exactly a bright day; in fact, I'd say it was one of 'these days'; which is something I feel like happens more often than I ever want it to be.
    It's certainly... turbulent; I won't delve it into much but let's just say being in a household that expects that I can just get a career because I graduated from college recently doesn't help my self-esteem and stress.
    You're not particularly wrong, most of my mood does teeter a bit to melancholy, both for the aforementioned reason and... a lot of others that range from personal to just other things.
    I don't think I exactly need a support team or anything, but I feel like a bit of support, like what you did just now; helps me get over it easier. I certainly won't be a stranger in case I need something, even if it's small.
    So... thanks for the regards.
    You’re welcome, Chida! I’m glad that my words made you feel at least a little better. I hope that you find a more consistent stream of happiness and confidence sooner rather than later!

    Thanks for the follow, and I’ll continue to see you around.
    Merry Christmas.

    Kinda wish I was feeling more enthusiastic, but what can you do.
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