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  • I know, I was so happy I actually did a little happy dance XD My parents were looking at me funny

    Its in the UPRG story section if you wanna read it, its not that long
    My hand is gonna fall off x.x

    Let me guess, she hates it because it didnt obey her the first time she said "sit"
    Lol, I bet! Poor kitty had to improvise

    I wish I'd get a call about a job already! >.< I need cash!

    Was he the one who wanted the dog in the first place?
    Lol, wow! I've never heard of a cat doing that before, then again I've never heard of anyone forgetting to scoop the litter box either :p

    Yep, watch the vids on the same screen and still be able to chat :)

    I like dogs, but I hate it when people dont take proper responsibility for theirs. If the dog is causing a problem because of its behavior then its the owners fault for not training it, its not like its really hard, just takes a little time and patience
    I dunno, cats can be very determined when it comes to food. My cat has learned how to resort to begging on his hind legs with his paws raised XD

    Theres really not much to it thats different from meebo I think, though it is cool how when you post a link to a pic or video the thing actually comes up on the screen

    Ya know that would probably be a good way to scare people off, like "This is what my dog did to a couch, you dont want to know what it can do to you"
    Uh....I think that might have the opposite effect XD Maybe putting his food dish in a box?

    Yep, its pretty cool. It stinks you cant just go to a chat by typing in the name though (at least I think you cant do that)

    Your dog ate it? o_O How'd it manage that?
    I think it was the claws and the fact that his paws are so big theyre like little hand and can grab hold of stuff XD Poor kitty, cats usually love boxes to sleep and play in

    There are a lot of old faces still around too

    Huh? o_O
    It wasn't so adorable when I had to pry him off, he had one hell of a death grip on that thing. Lol, I bet after that he ran away everytime you brought out the cage XD

    I bet they remember ya, they remember me even after I go on long hiatus, so not doubt they'll remember you. Plus you and I pretty much started the URPG at the same time :p

    Ours does that to the couch, it looks like a wreck now XD Thank god it wasnt leather
    It was until I started the car, he grabbed hold on the front seat and hung on for dear life XD

    Its easy to figure out once ya get back into the swing of things. Sweet! :D You should tell me next time your on so that I can add you to the chats, I dont think you can enter the chat name and instantly join like with meebo :/

    Ours claw us, dig those nice sharp nails right into our legs. I have so many pants with tiny holes in them XD
    I know my cat has been going crazy in it (had to take him to the groomers), he loves the open space from when I folded down the backseat

    Yea, I'm just trying to teach it a lot of stuff at this point XD It should work, just go to that site, click "sign in" thats in the top corner and there ya go :)

    I like it when cats are talky, its like they say something, then you say something, then they answer you XD
    Yea, but I think it'd be cool to be able to comfortably nap in my car :p

    I'll have to check and see. Isn't that usually banned in most FFAs? Well Meebo is gone now if you were using that. I'm using AIM.com, just sign in there and it'll take ya to a page where ya can chat and stuff.

    Tabbys are good cats. I couldnt even if I wanted to, charity groups or something work there whenever the fair comes
    I wanna put my sleeping bag in the back so I can nap there XD Thats actually the only reason I got it, didnt care about nothing else

    Missy dont know protect or sub, cant remember if she can learn them or not :S Don't help that she doesnt have any stat up moves either. I'm sure you can find some, there have been a few people on AIM asking for basics and junk

    What kinda cat is he? Oh, ours runs from the 10th to the 15th
    I got it at a pretty good price, about 6-7k. And its blue! I love blue :D

    Yep, Missy is one of my best. :) I did, but at the time they were all protecting and subbing so I just spammed random people

    Aw, so young. My cats are all in "adult" age I think. Too bad there aint a movie theatre here. So a fair's going on there too? Ours is going on too
    I already have a car, I bought it before I learned to drive since I was afraid someone else would get it XD Give me one!

    Yea, their always fun. I got out like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning of the FFA since I was spamming people with burn, poison, and confusion XD

    Kitty! :3 I cant remember either. What 2 jobs do you have?
    Well I finished high school (totally cheated on the last few tests but I dun care since I was stressed for time), took the ACT and scored what I needed to to get into college (I was expecting to fail actually XD), am currently learning to drive (I kinda suck at parking :p), and also am looking for a job (I wish I'd get a call already, I need cash!). As far as I know the URPG has been ok, you missed the latest forum FFA though, its down to like 5 pokemon I think. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head, how have things for you been?
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