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  • Just want to say how that post about Paul and analysis made about character, its depth and role he played was truly brilliant. Enjoyed reading every single segment of it.

    This may come of as awkward, with me bumping like this but i just couldn't resist urge not to applaud you for that post. Moreover i like talking to new people and meeting them exchanging my own opinions and impressions about various things(including this show).

    Who knows, maybe we could even become friends one day.:p
    Ah alright, thank you for answering. Your posts are often enjoyable and quite analyzing giving lot of enjoyable and insightful material to read about, even though i dont always agree with everything you say. Like on Brock importance in Hoenn or characters stamina to last for longer like May or Misty for example(if writers cared to add more material for viable sequels or pick up on unresolved plots to those they write for that is).

    But thats fine because it would be boring if everyone agreed over everything reaching consensus. With diversity and myriad of different views opening gates toward more intelligent, peaceful and relaxing discussion.:)

    Peace man and if you ever want to have unbounding, civilized talk my doors are always open for you.
    Hi, sorry for random visit. But your posting style reminds me alot of someone else on serebii forums. Do you have by any chance account there?

    Simple curiosity, nothing else. I would've asked this privately though for some reason you cant receive PMs. Its probably turned of.
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