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  • Send it when you can, no rush here. :) However I will let you know Thursdays and Fridays I have no assignments due. So those are the best days for me.
    It's all good, I kept you waiting for quite a while after all ;.; Hope you enjoy the Karrablast :) And thanks for the Shiny Geodude :D
    Oh, that's your OT, oops :B

    You haven't added me it seems, please add 0946 2243 9665 and I'll be ready if you're around :)
    Uhhhhhh, you might want to fix that typo there (pop*) DDD:

    Also, I'll be online soon, hopefully you'll be online as well :)
    That's fine. I'll just say it now Tuesdays are a no go for me since I have class assignments due that day. But any other day of the week is cool.
    Extra late response, sorry for the delay. I've got a Karrablast ready for you when you are :) What times are you available and what timezone are you in?
    Well, that was a late response now... I'm sorry D: I'd be happy to breed you the HA Karrablast free of any sort of charge. Just give me a little bit of time to get back to you with it >.<
    I'd happily give you all the snow here. XD
    But I'll hang around and check in often for you.
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