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  • That one Silver cameo was enough to get me going as a kid xD but yeah I'm sad Jimmy's journey didn't get to happen though I didn't mind their group dynamic, I mean it was one of those things that needed more work but you could work on it as it went. I do remember that once I had an idea for a fic that would detail Jimmy's journey but that it would also sometimes focus on Marina and Vincent.
    Tbh I always wanted like an anime spin off focusing on the protagonist from the Raikou special :c I really like characters inspired on the GSC characters.
    Well it is true that Alain is very much that archetype but at least he's different to what we usually get in the anime without being something like Paul from DP, true his character isn't that complex but he's more complex thatn most characters precisely because of his archetype.
    Well I had actually been thinking of giving it another go cause I thought it was getting a plot for once xD;
    Well I had actually been thinking of giving it another go cause I thought it was getting a plot for once xD;
    Yeah they're not exactly easy to get >.< I got lucky my brother who lives in the US bought me one for my birthday like 4 years ago, but now it's dead.

    Oh okay :eek: hope I can talk to you soon.
    Oh xD thank you so much really :eek: even if you don't it's still good to know I was able to get you interested at least.

    I did read some of Progressive's manga actually xD still need to read the rest but I haven't been reading much manga since my ipod broke down, I got so used to reading on my ipod that reading on my computer gets a bit bothersome.
    Also it's a link to the second story but you don't have to read the first one to read the second one.
    My favorite arc so far is the Mother's Rosario arc :eek: mostly cause Asuna finally got character developtment.

    Oh xD; I do need to change that, it's changed now at least (since you told me) but I don't know why the letters got smaller for that one though, I did make the RPG section link bigger so people would see it more but the fic one got smaller in comparison.
    True, the politics in Gundam would be kind of tiring to see in a novel format >.< it doesn't bother as much when it's people speaking it at least. I honestly prefer it a lot more to a lot of other mecha shows cause at least Gundam puts a lot of focus on its characters and themes. Plus they're 2D mechas xD I kind of hate 3D mechas.
    The first fic was mostly action and battle heavy but my second fic was more slice of life and focused more on expanding the character's relationships and roles. There's a lot of characters and I'm still trying to get the third one going xD
    Well, it's a series of academy fics a la harry potter kind of, but it's very heavilly anime inspired. It's about a boy that on his first year in the school ends up finding a never before seen Pokemon named Chigon and all the things he has to go through after that.
    Well Gundam stuff do get pretty political, though I myself don't mind, it is a sensitive issue though cause you can fail pretty easily with it. But I actually like SAO xD the anime at least, well, mostly at least.
    London? xD I've actually been there once and...yeah it was pretty freakin expensive.

    Holy crap me too xD I really like shonen anime mostly, though I also like mecha paritcularly gundam series, like I'm loving the latest one right now. Lately I have been watching some shojo and seinen though as well. But I love battle series even if they're really rare nowadays.
    I can kind of understand your writing style xD; I mean if it's what I think it is then it's kind of like mine? I'm not exactly sure if mine is like light novels since I've barely ever read them but whenever I write for my fics (particularly my academy fic) I imagine it as writing out things from an anime in regards to a lot of things.

    What type of shows do you watch anyway?
    And yeah translating would be a lot of extra work. I tried to translate my writing into spanish sinc eit's my first language but I just like to write in english better, it's a lot simpler for it at least in my opinion.
    Oooh you live in the UK? :eek: where?

    And yeah I figured you'd watch anime raw since you know japanese xD I mostly watch things subbed or dubbed when it's dubbed, though there was a time I watched a bunch of raw stuff but didn't really understand anything xD;
    It actually seems pretty coolx D i'm gonna need to note down all the hiragana though.

    Though on that note, did you ever think of translating it? :O
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